Friday, December 7, 2012

AAM Through Ron Head - Un-Conditional Love On Steroids

Archangel Michael Through Ron Head: You are Approaching Now a World in which You not only can Trust Your Creator, but Yourselves and Each Other

As Channeled by Ron Head – December 06, 2012

UniverseAbundance is our topic for today, but in a more basic way than we have discussed before. We are certain that every one of you who has even the most basic daily routine of prayer, meditation, grounding, or what some of you call earthing, is now very aware of the immense change in the energy you are immersed in at his time. Even when you think back a short period of time you must realize the change that has been happening.

This is the light, the frequencies, the energy of which we have been speaking for almost a year through this channel. It is the reason also that many unaware ones around you are acting rather strangely. Sooner or later, they will ask what is going on. Let us focus upon yourselves.

What can you do with this? Do you want a short answer? Very well. Everything! We chuckle. We see you want a bit more explanation.

This level of intensity is allowing you to feel the unconditional love of which we have spoken for so long. This is the ‘stuff’ of which everything is created which is created. Very, very complex or very, very simple… your choice. It is, therefore, what you are and what everything around you is. It is what the stars are. It is what sub-atomic particles are. And one step smaller, it is the field of energy from which those particles emerge and into which they merge once again. But what makes them become what they become when they become something? What causes the immense array of continual becoming that you observe? Why does it keep making what I am looking at? Why does it not change shape or color or move about? What has all this to do with me? Well, you see dear friends, it is shaped by consciousness.

Many scientists have said this for quite some time, but because they were unable to follow that up with an explanation of how, their ideas were put aside. You, however, do not need any approval from any scientific community. And you are the ones who do the assembly of this do-it-yourself kit.

But remember that it is a group project and come together accordingly. Actually, you are doing this quite nicely. Now, as the volume gets turned up even more, you must only observe what changes you are creating to confirm this for yourselves. If we had not told you these things, you might still be able to remain unaware of them. But now you know. And it is impossible to un-know a thing. So what do you do now?

In past times, this might have been problematic. However, as you have been going through vast amounts of clearing these past weeks, some of which is still going on, we are able to tell you that all you need do is simply join together and consciously create the world you wish to live in. You are approaching now a world in which you not only can trust your Creator, but yourselves and each other. At first, your steps may be a bit wobbly, but it won’t be long until you are running.

One last reminder, if we may. The more you see and give gratitude for, the more you shall receive.
We have given you much to contemplate today. Please spend some time doing that. Look at what is around you. Appreciate what you see. And then, dear friends, ask what it is that you do not yet see. What fun it will be when you begin to open your eyes. That is for another day.

Be at peace in your hearts. All will be well with you. We will speak more very soon. Good day.
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