Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jesus - A New Age Is Born Today

Channelled By John Smallman On December 21, 2012

Today is a day of great significance because you are waking up!  No longer will you feel beholden to the power and authority of corrupt organizations that have for so long held you enslaved to their unjust laws and regulations.  The energy that has been flowing strongly from the divine Love field over the last few years to assist your awakening process has intensified over the course of 2012, receiving enormous boosts on 11/11/12, 12/12/12, and with an even greater one today.  This energy is now flowing freely and constantly, and engaging very positively with your own energy fields, and each one of you adds your own signature to it as you wake up and consciously become a part of it.

You and your world will never be the same again, because the New Age has arrived, so REJOICE!
Some of you may still have issues that need your attention, but with the immense increase in the intensity of the effect that the divine field of Love is having on you all, you will find it really quite easy to disentangle yourselves from any remaining unloving attachments or painful emotional baggage that you have not yet fully released.  With your clear intent to do so, and with the loving assistance of your angels and guides, anything within your individual energy fields that is not in alignment with Love will quickly dissolve.  Relax and know that your true intent is instantly achieved.

Life has become for you an experience to cherish and enjoy to the full as the restrictions with which the illusion had enveloped you fall away and reveal to you the freedom that has always been yours, and discloses the myriad opportunities and possibilities available for you to explore with your rediscovered creative talents and abilities.

To interact and engage with others – family, friends, or complete strangers who are no longer and never really have been strangers – will always be harmonious and uplifting for you, now that the egoic competitive urges of divisive personal ambition that used to drive you have fallen away.  Any competitions or games in which you take part will be for the friendly amusement of all involved, and will lead to much spontaneous laughter.  You will do many things just for the fun of doing them, and there will be no background feelings of guilt suggesting that you should not be doing them or that you should be doing something of far greater importance.  Truly nothing is more important than to have fun, no matter what you are doing!

To do things purely for fun will provide for you a delightful, new way to focus on your activities, while at the same time adding immeasurably to the skill with which you engage in them.  Your days of drudgery and exhaustion are over because you have boundless energy with which to take part in life, and because the chores that caused the drudgery and exhaustion no longer fill your days.

A New Age is born today, and as you become accustomed to the sense of well-being and enthusiasm that it sparks, you will open yourselves more and more fully to the joys of living because there will no longer be an anxious but almost unconscious feeling that something will shortly occur to either dampen or destroy the playful feelings that you are experiencing.  Personal safety will not be an issue because there is nothing that could threaten you in any way at all.

You have arrived in the New Age where all that lies before you will deepen your sense of belonging and of joy.  Home is where the heart is, and now that Home and heart are fully at one, peace and utter contentment are eternally yours. Welcome back to the Home for which you have been yearning, and where you recognize yourselves once more as the divine beings that your Father created in eternal Love — to experience uninterrupted happiness.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
The next Jesus post is planned for Wednesday January 2nd 2013.

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