Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Message from Archangel Gabriel Channeled Through Shelly Young

Hallelujah ~ Channeled December 21, 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones, how pleased and honoured we are to be in your presence today. You have made it. You are here. What a remarkable thing humanity has accomplished! We are so filled with joy, filled with excitement, filled with overwhelming love for each and every one of you because you have created moving into the new age. We are so excited and so, so proud.

We invite you to take a moment to pat yourselves on the back. It has not been an easy journey, and we understand that. You have fought through the density. You have believed. You have waved your faith like a flag. You have been fearless.

You have shown courage and tenacity. You have been the wayshowers, the path pavers and the ones who will continue to lead the way through your brilliant examples, and we couldn’t be more happy for you because things are about to change in the most magnificent ways.

Most of humanity has been aware of this pivotal alignment that you are sitting in right now. Many, such as yourselves, have seen it for what it is, for being a brand new beginning, a new cycle. Just as you mark the solstice as being the end of the darkness, and the beginning of the influx of light again, so it is with this age. It is the end of the darkness and the beginning of the light, of The Golden Christed Age. You cannot fathom what that means but you will see soon enough, and it is wonderful, let us assure you.

Many have been aware of this pivotal alignment through doomsday theorists - those who were convinced that your world would cease to be. You had long shifted beyond that potential, but what it served to do was to get people to start thinking, to start asking those larger questions, to think beyond themselves, to think beyond the box. It got people to start considering ancient wisdom, and new thought ideas, the new spirituality (which isn’t all that new at all). Many asked, “Will I survive? If I do survive, what will that look like?” It has united people who now ask, “Here we are, now what do we do?” So many will be moving into creation thoughts, many will be saying, “Okay, I am still here...what do I do next?” And that is where all great creation begins, with thoughts and ideas. You will be supported in moving forward now that the pressure is off, so to speak.

But more important than that, there will be mass healing that occurs due to this alignment. Many of you on the planet are, of course, here to walk a spiritual path. Many of you have not attempted to do so since the fall of Atlantis. Many of you have had past life expressions where your spirituality ended with your early demise. Many of you carry deep wounds from such events and it has been incredibly challenging for you to come in and embrace this spiritual lifetime because many of you had vowed never to do that again. You had been cast out, you had been burned, you had been hung, you had been drowned, you had been stoned to death, you were ridiculed. So many of you carried a deep fear of this very alignment. It seemed that the deck was not stacked in your favour to come in and do a spiritual lifetime, again. Do you see? And now here you are and you are still alive! (Laughter)

You are through the alignment. You have embraced your enlightenment and the world did not end, and that singular fact will result in deep soul healing in masses on your planet. That will be absolutely instrumental in a massive shift of consciousness because the fear will lose its charge and many will embrace their true natures. We cannot express enough what a massive difference that will make on your planet.

And you have all been the marvelous examples that have led the way! The next wave to awaken have many masters on their paths that they can look to for guidance, so moving into their own personal enlightenment will not be the job that you’ve had. So what does this mean for you?

It means enjoying the fruits of your labour. It means looking forward to the shifting of energies that will be more and more supportive for you. It means sitting back and letting new ones do the heavy work. It means giving yourselves permission to BE and be understood in your BEingness. Imagine! It means rapid manifestation of all your hopes and dreams.

Many who have been resistant will be seeing how they are creating for themselves and will choose to finally embrace their creator self and move into a greater mastery of their thoughts and behaviours. And yes, some may need to energetically bottom out, if you will, before they embrace that change but they will figure it out very quickly. You can look forward to living on a planet where every person on it has agreed to grow. It will always be at the pace that is perfect for them. Sometimes people need to grow by experiencing what they are not before they figure out who they are and that is divinely perfect, but you can rest assured that each and every person on your planet is in forward movement.

This is what you have created. This is what you have anchored in. We encourage you to make the time to truly bask in the energies of the next few days, to truly open up and feel the wonder of this alignment. Many of you will have healings within your body and you may feel a sensation of coolness, heat or tingling. Many of you will be experiencing healings in your body because it will be the wounds that you are now healing from your fear and your pastlife memories. They will be spinning out of you energetically and healing to never be felt again as they no longer serve a purpose for you. There is a beautiful opportunity to absorb energies that you have not experienced thus far over the next few days. And then you can look forward to the influx of the Christed energy on your Christmas holidays and then you will be shifting into the new year.

So, we understand that you are sitting there saying this is all fine and wonderful but what happens next? Yes, your planet will continue to shift. Yes, you will continue to learn and grow. But what you will focus upon moving forward is sacred relationship.

Relationships will be where the great focus is now. Your relationships with your beloved Gaia, your relationship with the universe, your relationship with nature and living creatures, your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your loved ones. One of the most wonderful benefits you can look forward to is the creation of divine partnership. The twinflame couples will be coming together in earnest now.

There will be an honouring of the sacred ground of relationships regardless of what kind it is. And as you start to honour the power of love, unconditional love, allowing, accepting, supporting unity in your relationships, it will just be further reflected in a wonderful spiral that moves up and up and up and up.

When you are focused on love, Dear Ones, it is very difficult to create violent acts towards each other. When you are in love, you cannot feel separate. When you sit and bask in the abundance of the unconditional love that is your truth, that is your birthright, that is who you really are, you can only create more and more that expresses that. You have moved beyond the down point of humanity and now you are in the upward spiral of creation and of living blessed lives. You have earned it. You have created it, and we rejoice with you on this blessed day, for all that you have done, all that you have accomplished, and all that you will do moving forward in this new age. Hallelujah! This is what we will leave you with for today. Blessings, Dear ones.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

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