Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jesus - You Will Rediscover The Brilliant Truth Of Who You Really Are


Channelled By  John Smallman On December 19, 2012

Joyful amazement is shortly to engulf you all!  Relax, trust your Father whose only interest is your eternal happiness, because when you are happy you add immeasurably to His happiness.  Those of you who are thinking: “I’m not happy, so is God unhappy?” just have not understood that their unhappiness is part of the illusion, it is unreal, and so of course God remains happy.  He is always happy. When you awaken, as you will, you will discover that you are indeed happy and always have been, but at present that is a very hard concept for you to grasp.

The suffering, the pain, and the unhappiness that you are experiencing is part of these depressing games that you have been playing.  You have dressed yourselves up in costumes (bodies) that are completely appropriate for the dramatizations that you chose to direct and act in, and you really are excellent directors and actors.  The horrors of torture, killings, war, disease, and natural catastrophes due to weather, earthquakes, etc., are all part of this illusory environment that humanity’s collective intent has built up over the eons.  And you do experience intense pain and suffering within it, which is one of many reasons why you have had enough of the games and want to wake up.

Your decision to wake up is irreversible because so many of you are holding the intent to do so, and you are receiving vast assistance in holding this intent from those in the spiritual realms.  The dire situation of planetary disharmony that seems to have enveloped you, and that seems to have paralyzed or frozen your creative abilities that would lead you out of it, has gone on for more than long enough, your theatrical productions are coming to an end.  If you wish, you can applaud their realism; then it will be time to go Home.

When you wake up, you will joyfully re-establish long-forgotten relationships with untold numbers of like-minded souls who, like you, have been moving progressively forwards towards this moment in which you will rediscover the brilliant truth of who you really are.  You will be flooded with wonder as you experience an environment that is brilliantly alive and brilliantly lighted by the flames of Love that shine forth from all who are present.  The warmth of all-enveloping acceptance and the animated communication it inspires will be quite exhilarating – what a contrast to social get-togethers in the illusion where everyone is sizing up everyone else and seeking to gain improved status and personal advantage!

You are all one, and you will soon know this fact in the same way that you presently know your skin and its contents to be you.  There are no boundaries as you mix and mingle with one another in your divine Home, enjoying perfect peace and loving harmony.  You will find yourselves communicating, creating, and cooperating in the vast and infinite God-field that contains all that exists and is yet expanding constantly to include every new creation that you devise and introduce.

To be alive, to exist is an ecstatic joy that is utterly beyond the powers of your present, very limited imaginations to conceive of in any meaningful way.  What your Father has created, what you have created with Him, and what you will continue to create together will provide limitless inspiration and amusement as you explore the infinite possibilities that Reality offers for your eternal and infinite satisfaction.

Boredom, an amazing and incomprehensible concept birthed in the illusion, will most certainly never ever again be experienced, as you proceed with joy to expand your fields of knowledge in unimaginable directions.

You have an expression you use when things are going well for you: “Life is a breeze!”  In Reality life will be like an endless multitude of perfect storms that are you, and that you direct with tireless enthusiasm, experiencing the power and wonder of your own existence through the constant interplay of all their magnificent elements.  In truth, no more boredom, depression, or lack of motivation, but instead a constant, ongoing series of uplifting events orchestrated for the joy of all involved.  Could you possibly ask for anything more?  And if you do think of something to add to the constellation of delights that you are already enjoying, then you will be able to produce it instantly.

Your eternal happiness is God’s Will, and it will be achieved in every moment of your existence!
Your loving brother, Jesus.

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