Sunday, December 23, 2012

Steve Beckow - "I Got It!"

Posted By Steve Beckow On December 23, 2012

This is the only version of this document that is in the end accurate. All other versions may in the end contain some inaccuracies. This is a dynamic document. And this is revision 1.

Folks, I do need a few days off. I do need to recuperate. You can see the bags under my eyes in this terrible photo!!!!

If you don’t mind, I may take a break from whatever I can take a break from, from whatever I need to take a break from.

But I also need to take a break from being consistent.

I need to be allowed to do whatever I can without being told that I shouldn’t be doing it or that I should be doing something else I feel I can’t do. Or don’t want to do.

Yes, I should be doing what I can and I shouldn’t be doing what I don’t want to or can’t do. All of this is true. And all of this IS the new paradigm.
So much of it makes sense to me now but I’ll be darned if I can find the words to express it. Or express it fast enough. But I do understand it. I see it as a living entity.

No one is wrong and nothing is wrong. They are all parts of the one and same puzzle.

Keep going but make it your own now. And claim it as your own. What “it” is is all of this. All of it. All of it.

This dream is real. This dream is worth supporting. This dream is worth living.

I cannot do all of it. You must do part of it. Continue doing whatever part of it you love. Continue making your own whatever part of it you love, whatever part of it you own, whatever part of it you choose, whatever part of it you’ve made your own piece of it. That piece of it is yours and will always be yours. It has your name on it.

Every part of it is a hologram and it’s your hologram. It has the whole of it in it. It is the whole of it viewed from your perspective. The inner and the outer of it. The within and the without of it. All of it is yours and all of it is your hologram.

Yes, it is real and that of it that is real is real and that of it that is not real is not real. Both are true. And it is very hard to express it. I am at my wit’s end giving expression to it. Forgive what I do not say well. I will correct it. Eventually. Or I will not. That does not invalidate it.

And the fact that I (Steve Beckow) expressed it. So what! You express it. You take what I’ve said and publish it under your own name. You claim it. You say you said it. It doesn’t matter.

What I’m saying here is a paradox and each of us must solve it. I cannot solve it for you. SaLuSa cannot solve it for you. Archangel Michael, Saul, Sanat Kumara, the Divine Mother cannot – or will not – solve it for you. God will not. Adyashanti will not. The Buddha will not. Jesus will not. The Kalki Avatar will not.

Allow Ascension to be. Allow it to occur as it does. Allow those for whom Ascension is a part of their work to work it. Ascension is real and, if it isn’t real, it will be real because, in God’s universe and outside this universe, we will create it being real. By the law of Attraction. By the Law of Grace. By all the natural and universal laws and divine plan and the divine design of life, we will make it real. Because it cries out to be made real. It cries out for the building.

But I say it is real because I know it is real and I feel it down to my bones. I see it as plain as day and it won’t leave me, sleeping or waking. If that is not a definition of sahaja samadhi, then I make it a definition of sahaja. It’s a definition of sahaja for me.

A word is a symbol upon which we freely and arbitrarily bestow meaning. I say sahaja is that which is real and won’t leave us as being real, waking or sleeping, now and forever.

If this is Ascension, then I am ascended. If I fall back from it, then I fall back from it. If tomorrow I am not ascended, nevertheless for this moment I did ascend and I have ascended.  And this is a written record of what it looked like.

What’s happening is that we must make all of this our own now. We have been given it and then the pause button was hit. And the play button will not be hit until we hit it and keep hitting it and make it our own.

It is our play button and it has always been our play button but now we need to act “as if” we know it. And until we do know it we need to act “as if” we know it. We need to hit that play button and keep hitting it and keep hitting it, each and every one of us.

Think of it as the Company of Heaven having given it to us and then having taken it away. Well, they didn’t take it away, actually. They hit the pause button and then, as Archangel Michael has said so often to so many of us, they stood back and observed.

They stood back and said, “The human collective now must take over. We have told them they must run with it and they must.  If they take it up, they will have Ascension. If they don’t take it up, they will not have Ascension whether or not we do. We have given them what they need and now the rest is up to them.” And it is.

Every part of what’s been said is sound. What Matthew said is sound. What Archangel Michael said is sound. What all of the others have said is sound. It all fits. It is a puzzle and it all fits. And, as I said in 1987, when we see the puzzle, it becomes a picture. It is the puzzle that life is and it works and Ascension is a part of it.  You must see it to believe it and you must believe it to see it. You must know it. You must live it. You must love it.

What it is that is sound we must find out and we will find out as we go along. We don’t know the full mystery of it. We may never know it fully. And we may. I don’t know yet.

Eureka! Eureka! I have found it! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! To God is the glory!

Now you must find it and you must live it. And you and you and you. And Tim Cratchett and Bob Cratchett and Mrs. Cracthett and all the little Cratchetts – and Ebenezer Scrooge. And the 144,000 and the gatekeepers and the earthkeepers and everyone who’s here from wherever they have come from. Linda, Christina, Kathleen, Graham, Stephen, Anthony, Geoff, D’Arcy, Casey, Karen, Andrea, Suzi, Tom, Dick, and Harry. Who have I forgotten?

Test it out. Be a naysayer with it. Be a debunker of it. Attack it, defend it, love it and keep living it and I will keep living it. But you – just keep living it! Just keep loving it! Just keep growing it!

If some part of it I drop, please allow me to drop it. Don’t get discouraged if I drop it. It just means it wasn’t mine to develop.

If I drop it, it doesn’t mean you must drop it. Keep living it. It is real. There is something about it that is real and I support whatever part of it is real and whatever part of it people choose to keep going. It is real. It is real. I know it. It may be yours and not mine to develop, but it is real.

This is a Circle of One. And it will soon be a circle of many.

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