Thursday, December 20, 2012

Archangel Michael - Let The Celebration Begin!

As Channeled by Ron Head – December 19, 2012

Well, my friends, we see that with only two days to go, many, many of you are beginning to feel the very definite uptick in the flow most definitely. Quite a few have been awakened repeatedly during the night by rather pleasant physical sensations. You describe it in many different ways, but it is basically the cells of your body assimilating new energy, light, and information.

There is a great deal of information being given right now regarding what is occurring and what will happen between now and your New Year. Let us not repeat it all here. If you wish to find it, you will. It is not necessary. What you need, you will receive. Let us just make a few suggestions for you to hopefully follow during these next days. These also are not new, but they will prove beneficial to the extent that you are able to implement them.

First, your body, your cells, are undergoing some radical changes. They will need to be hydrated constantly. Please provide them with plenty of the purest water available to you. Blessing the water would not hurt either.
Also, to the extent that your commitments allow, please give yourselves plenty of time to be at rest and in prayer and meditation. Quiet time in nature is very much recommended. If you use visualizations of light, and almost all of you do, please work on intensifying them. The blue light of the Divine Mother or of myself, Michael, will help to keep you calm and peaceful.

Lastly, during the hours of 10:10 through 11:11, both morning and evening, join your brothers and sisters in meditation, visualization, and prayer. It is not necessary that you synchronize your watches, dear hearts. Remember, you are returning to the now time. Just intend to join together.

Let the celebration begin. We are holding your hands as you pass this marker.

In love and light, good day.
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