Friday, November 30, 2012

Archangel Michael Via Ron Head On Intuition

Understand, Please, That Your Intuition Is The Voice Of Spirit

  November 30, 2012 by Ron Head


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It is good that you opened yourself to the message from our dearest friend, Francis.  Please remain open to others.  We will continue to keep access to you clear as long as you keep to your preparation routines.

We highly value the reach and effectiveness of our trusted channels at this time.  They are performing wonderfully under very difficult circumstances.  Within short weeks now, they will find themselves suddenly with greater awareness, capabilities, and ease in their roles as all surrounding and inner resistance will be removed.  You will also very likely find it necessary to find ways to limit for yourselves the number of us whom you channel.  Even now many clamor to be heard.  That is the reason we often use the collective ‘we’.  And when we do not, often we identify ourselves as councils, collectives, federations, etc.  There is an agreement reached and a spokesman chosen to make these connections, else your budding abilities would soon be overloaded.

Also, while in the third dimensional environment of polarity, it has been advisable, indeed almost mandatory, for you to protect yourselves from negativity and interference.  You are soon to reach a point that will preclude such things as they depend upon the illusion and you will have left that behind.

SaLuSa, November 30, 2012

Channelled By Mike Quinsey
You are about to enter the final stretch of your journey, and very soon to experience a great increase in your levels of consciousness. Most people would agree that this year has passed quicker than any time previously, and after Ascension it will be even faster.

We would like to confirm again that progress is also speeding up where the many needed changes are concerned, and you will not miss out on anything that you expected. The timing has never been that critical, and for obvious reasons we look at the period immediately following Ascension. It is a time where our work and that of our allies will not be hampered by outside influences, and we can be more open about it.

After Ascension you will soon forget the past difficulties and delays, as there will be so much to interest you. Learning about your life in the higher vibrations will be exciting and uplifting, and joy and freedom will draw people together as true Brothers and Sisters. It is your natural inclination to share your love with others, but you have been taught that many countries and their people are your enemies. The fact is that the majority would live in peace if only there were no barriers erected between them. As trust is restored so you will see a great change take place in peoples attitude to each other. Sharing and love for what each other represents, will become the new level at which other cultures will be accepted.

GaiaPortal: Higher D Magnetic and Temporal Codes have Activated

By ÉirePort – November 29, 2012

Higher D magnetic and temporal codes have activated. Supreme sensations come rapidly to all Hue-manity. 

Humanity general also receives these, but activations occur later.

Movement to Higher D elevations occurs readily now, as old paradigm patterns dissolve. Illusion is no longer supported in any aspect and rapidly appears, then dis-appears, from consciousness. 

“Second-class” or lower choices are not supported, rather only those which are connected to Higher Self.

Gaia shines with the Joy of Highest Fulfillment. Be… at Peace. All… is well.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bella Capozzi: Message From An Un-named Being Of Light. “Grant Yourself Permission To Be Happy.”

Channelled By Bella Capozzi Nov. 28, 2012.

* This message came in at about 5:oo this morning, just as I was waking up.  I have no idea who it was that spoke to me, but I am positive that he or she is very loving and benevolent.  I went to bed extremely well-shielded, and even now I can still feel the glow of warm, golden energy that accompanied this short transmission.  I hope that in reading this message, you all will feel the love from this being, too.

“To understand who and what Creation is, you need only look within yourself.  It is the silence within.  The silence is your place of refuge apart from the noise of your exterior world.  When you discover the Silent Spot, you discover uninterrupted connection.  A connection formed not with a barrage of words and pictures, but in the contentment.  Why, child, do you deem it necessary to constantly think?

The acquired mastery of dwelling firmly rooted and stable and centered is to attain the sought-after level of consciousness you selectively term ’5D’.  The attainment of this next level of consciousness is so simple it is genius, and not nearly so complicated as you make it out to be.  Find it in a spark of creativity.  It lies in the compassion which spills forth freely from your heart, to those who are in need.  And there are so many souls in need.

Do unto others as you should wish others to do unto you.  Yet equally important is to do unto yourself as you would strive to do unto others.  Grant yourself permission to be happy, and proceed to live accordingly.  Authentically.  With a gracious heart.  

 Clear away what chains you up and holds you down, be it old programming and ideas or excess baggage from a long-forgotten lifetime.  Water under the bridge, it is, and it flows off into the nether-regions.

GaiaPortal: Elevated Aignments of Light Filaments Allow Coalescence into Gaia Beams of Light

By ÉirePort – November 27, 2012

Gaia PortalElevated alignments of individual Higher D Light filaments have allowed coalescence of these filaments into Gaia Beams of Light throughout the planet.

Connection with Essential Cosmic Entities finalizes.

Compression of Time-Illusion brings multiple energetic events into simultaneous manifestation.

Hue-manity awakens within all humanity.

Celebrations follow quickly.

Yeshua ~ Happy Journey, Dear Travelers ~ November 28, 2012

Channelled By Fran Zepeda On November 28, 2012


As you are speeding along your Ascension Path, the energies are constantly uplifting you. You allow yourselves to flow along the ever-increasing waves of energy that is your birthright and your salvation from the lower densities.

Your true essence is upon you. You live in it more solidly every day and you have your abiding Love and perseverance to thank for it.

Allow yourselves to receive, dear ones; receive the ever-increasing energies being handed to you, being lovingly handed to you by the Higher Realms, the realms you are becoming accustomed to as your new home. We welcome you. We await you. Nothing is in your way now.

Archangel Metatron Channel The Artifical Moon of Saturn & The Lunar Effect

This AA Metatron Channel Comes To Us Via James Tyberonn And Sheds Much Light On The Origins And Significance Of Moons In Our Solar System.  Much Here To Ponder As We Experience Today's Lunar Eclipse - DT the ET


Isn't it amazing that Arthur C Clarks 1968 novel, "2001 A Space Odyssey", listed Saturns 'moon' Iapetus as the target mission in discovering mans origin, many years before the Voyager &  Cassini Probes  brought back the images that have put NASA on their ear... ?

Visionary Arthur Arthur C Clark on U-Tube regarding Saturn , Iapetus & the Cassini probe:  

Iapetus - The Artificial Moon of Saturn

Donald Goldsmith and Tobias Owen (the latter, a NASA scentist) wrote of Iapetus in the book " The Search for Life in the Universe":

"This unusual moon is the only object in the Solar System which we might seriously regard as an alien signpost - a natural object deliberately modified by an advanced civilization to attract our attention..."

Richard Hoagland: " What we've got in Iapetus is a unique, extraordinary object orbiting Saturn,is  the singularly most important object that NASA has found in its almost half a century of looking! Possibly the "Holy Grail" of all our Hopes and Dreams ... the culmination of centuries of planetary observation & expectations. A moon , but a moon like no other known, one which has intrigued and mystified Earthbound astronomers for centuries ... which now, it turns out, is quite possibly a very ancient spaceship ... placed in orbit around Saturn for some reason a long, long time ago. "
The Artifical Moon of Saturn & The Lunar Effect

                                       Metatron via James Tyberonn
Greetings Masters, I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I greet each of you warmly, knowingly, in a vector of unconditional love !

Dear Ones, the changes taking place on the Earth, are prompted by changes taking place in the Cosmos. Every celestial body, every, planet star and moon in your Galaxy are in harmonic symphony, in support of what is happening in 2012 on your planet Earth. We have told you before that your religions have excluded the science, and that science has omitted the spiritual. Now in 2012, the two are joining full circle. Your scientists are beginning to recognize that there is intelligent design in the Cosmos, and your religious leaders are beginning to acknowledge that 'you are not alone'.