Monday, November 19, 2012

A Message From Jesus Via John Smallman

Jesus: Life Will Become a Joy

As channelled by John Smallman – November 18, 2012

Among the Light-workers and way-showers excitement is intensifying in anticipation of humanity’s imminent awakening. You are invited to encourage this because enthusiasm and excitement drive your intent, and it is your collective intent that will bring it to fruition.

It is your awakening and you are making it happen. You have limitless assistance from your guides and angels, but it is your decision, your intent that makes it happen. Allegory: you want to raise a corner of your car off the ground to change a wheel.

You do not have the strength, but you do have a jack.

You place the jack under the lifting point and pump the handle (intention to raise that wheel off the ground) and the jack (spiritual assistance from your guides and angels) will raise the vehicle effortlessly, and so your intent is achieved. Maintain your collective intent that humanity awaken (mass meditations are a very effective way to maintain and intensify that intent) and bring it about.

As you know, your untiring efforts to awaken yourselves and humanity and dissolve the illusion are greatly honored here in the spiritual realms, where, should you so desire, you will soon be able to join us and directly and unmistakably experience the wonder of God’s Love for all of His creation.

The divine field of Love, in which all of creation resides permanently, is also your eternal Home. It awaits your return patiently, knowing that you do intend to return and that you will return. When you do so it will be as though you had never left, which of course you have not. All are looking forward to enjoying the delight and wonder that lights up your faces when you awaken and the divine Light of Reality bathes you in the brilliance of Its glory.

It seems that you have been waiting for this moment for an inordinately long time, and within the illusion, where you have been sojourning, eons have indeed passed since you made the choice to separate yourselves from Reality. And within the illusion that is a very confusing and often misunderstood concept – a brief moment in eternity lasting for eons in time in the illusion. In fact it makes no sense at all, so do not even attempt to reason it out. Instead, focus on your intent for a grand awakening — and make it happen.

Collectively, humanity’s vision for the future is changing, and with that change in perception mighty opportunities are presenting themselves to you which, when availed of, will enormously benefit you all in ways you cannot possibly imagine. The new age will not only enable solutions to all the problems and issues plaguing mankind to be found and put into effect, but it will also provide new vistas of great beauty to explore as new concepts and creative ideas pop into your mind, suggesting further avenues of exploration to delight and amaze you.

The struggles and worries that have weighed you down, and made you frequently wonder whether there was any point or value in life at all, will be gone — never to return. Life will become a joy, filled with fascinating anticipation of future events and activities that will add immeasurably to the happiness that you are already experiencing in the present moment.

It will be the kind of life that your Father has always envisioned for you, lives resonating harmoniously in an endless variety of fashions to suit your every desire – peaceful relaxation by a quiet stream flowing through gentle meadows with shade from overhanging trees; vital and exhilarating living in the windswept spray beside a stormy ocean; life filled with the perfect melodious harmony of cooperating orchestras and choirs; life uplifted by the amazing fragrances of beautiful gardens; life inspired by the engaging flavors of new and intriguing foods; and myriad other enticements that you cannot yet conceive of. No one will be left unable to enjoy life fully in every moment, as anything of which you can conceive will be instantly created by your intent that it be so.

Truly, you have chosen a most propitious moment to experience life on Earth as humanity awakens from this long and exhausting journey that has entailed enormous anxiety, fear, and suffering for you all. The time for those kinds of experience is over, and you have made the intent to move forwards into Love.

It is the field in which all that God creates exists eternally, and the reason that you are not and have not been experiencing It is because of your choice to engage in the imaginary concept of separation from Him and from one another.

But Reality is all that exists, and God created It in Love for His own eternal joy and for that of His beloved children. And, of course, His children are far more in number than you can imagine. Humans are but a small group among the vast and diverse choirs of sentient beings who call Him Father.

When you return from your imaginary state of separation to your rightful place in Heaven your joy and that of all creation will be boundless.

Your loving brother, Jesu

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