Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bella Capozzi - The Pleiadian Archangelic Realm

The Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. “The Ascension Is Not An Exclusive Club.” 

          Channelled By Bella Capozzi -  November 16, 2012.

Ascension is happening.
It is happening everywhere you look, everywhere you go. You have need only to open up your hearts and your eyes to know that this is true. Be of a mind to see, but see with your true inner vision rather than with the limited perception you have relied upon in the past.

 When we say “see”, what we really mean is for you to feel. Intuit. Latch onto that initial first “hit” of information which comes to you and do not let it go. Hold onto it and mull it over for a time. Even if at first what you are sensing or hearing seems inapplicable to the current situation in which you find yourself, resist the old, conditioned impulse to disregard your guidance right away.

 Remember that all is changing now, and what that means is that it is time to re-evaluate the way you have perceived and approached your challenges in the past. Thus you must re-assess the means by which you shall henceforth rise up to meet them. Take a chance and act upon the guidance you’ve been given. In these times of the Ascension, even the seemingly darkest of clouds has a silver lining. You need only to believe that is is there. Seek out the good in each of your sisters and brothers, and dig deep to uncover the life-lesson in every situation. Reach out your hand. If nothing is ventured, then nothing is gained. Be bold.

Step out of your box and go out into the world. Go out as a friend, a teacher, a Wayshower, a bringer of The Light. Engage with the persons around you, and care not a whit as to whether they are “awakened” or not, or that they are at a similar “level” of spiritual enlightenment as yourself.

 Shield yourselves well, and in so doing know that whatever pain they are feeling or burdens they may carry cannot touch you. It is exactly this simple, really. For we assure you that despite any outward appearances, you are all loved equally and without reservation by The Creator. Bear others no ill-will and look upon them all with loving and open hearts devoid of disdain. If you find that you are perched upon a pedestal, then step down.

 The Ascension is not an exclusive club. It is not only for the ones who sit deep in meditation for hours on end per day, or even read or transcribe our missives. Not at all. Not all are on the same spiritual pathway, nor are they on identical timetables, whereby they step forth and outwardly awaken at the same time that you do. Allow for free-will to play out and for contractual variations amongst the masses. Acknowledge that what is left of the illusion of time has sped up to such an astonishing degree that most of Humanity is cramming entire lifetimes of experience into a span of merely months! So extend a hand in greeting, uncomfortable though it may be at times. Heal those you meet with a kind word and a smile.

You are the living, breathing embodiment of The Creator. You are here now, at this time, to do The Creator’s bidding – which is to lift up dear Gaia, and all who dwell upon and within her, to an entirely new state of being. Choose not to shift your consciousness out of 3rd density for scheduled pockets of time, but instead exist and be in a perpetual state of 5th dimensional unity and bliss. Be in a state of walking-meditation from this moment onward.

View the glass not as half empty but as completely full, and in so doing you shall cease to be affected by any havoc being wreaked around you. For there shall indeed be times of chaos as your world transforms, just as there shall be times of apparent stagnation – it may seem as though there is nothing important happening at all. But we tell you, do not view the absence of “events” as meaning that the Ascension is not moving forward. Rather, see this as confirmation that it is moving forward, that it is in fact already here! Your new world is one of tranquility and peace and simplicity. And on that note, we conclude this transmission until next we speak.

 Go forth in harmony.

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