Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Manuscript of Survival - Part 223

Let us explain. As many of you are aware, you are approaching the timeline many see as a divide between the old and the new, and even if some also think of it as the end of everything, the former is so much more true than the latter. For your world is not coming to an end, far from it.

Rather, it is finally gearing up to start anew. In other words, the systems churning themselves out into oblivion are certainly coming to an end, but your world is rapidly approaching the dawn of promise. We speak, as usual, in convoluted terms, but what we do, is simply to state what so many have done before.

Namely that this year is indeed the year of true change, and it will indeed be the one that will go into your history books as the year when humanity stopped going backwards and finally tok that decisive step into tomorrow.

You will find much around you that you will think is in dire need of rectifying before this year has run its course, and if you look on your calendar, you will be hard pressed not to think that you are in fact running out of time.

Well, you are not, and after what has taken place on your shores these last few days and weeks, you will never ever run out of time. For the wheels have started to turn at a fast pace now, and helped by the imminent injection of even larger amounts of energy, they will start to turn even faster.

 So do not despair dear ones, even if you at times feel despair welling up inside at the thought of so much that is yet undone on this planet. For now, the quickening will start to expand at such a pace it will be almost like a blur in front of your eyes. The energies will be pouring in at such a rate you will all be struggling to stay upright, or rather, afloat at times.

So prepare yourselves to be inundated with energy, but prepare yourselves to celebrate the selfsame fact. For even if your physical body will call for a time out many times in the last remaining weeks of this year, know that your planet will revel in every new round of energy that hits her.

For it will help to bring you all over that threshold that will finally ensure the perfect velocity for you all to literally break through the barriers that have been cementing you to so much of the old, and hurtling you into the wide open spaces of tomorrow. So take a deep breath and make yourselves ready for the waves coming in, for this time, they will pound you all mercilessly. Not to break you down, but to break you free.

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