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Wes Annac - The Ascended Collective

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The Ascended Collective: We See a Planet Brimming with Higher Dimensional Energy and Potential

Channelled By Wes Annac On November 20, 2012 
You are Starlights who have reached the realms of the third dimension and anchored Light purer than you could possibly imagine, and you have done this with the help of innumerable guides but it is important for each and every one of you dear souls to know that we did not act alone in seeing the ascension of your world play-out.

Of course, you did not act alone either and were given the assistance from your guide-collective that you sought but it has been you dear souls who have Created the most phenomenal and profound of impacts and effects upon the brimming surface of your third dimensional world.
We would like to take you dear souls back a bit, to a few generations ago within your finite concept of time.

Humanity was feeling and feeding for the most part, the densest of energies that could be manifested. Any attempted energy that was against the normal density which has been prevalent throughout various generations of your Earth history, was simply not allowed through and accepted by the general Earth collective as freely as the wonderful ideas and remembrances of the unfolding New Age on your world are at present. [This ascension] is being made known through willing hosts and instruments which are you dear Lightworkers, Light holders and of course, Light warriors.
Each and every one of you are making effects so profound upon the surface of your Earth and we do not just say this to those of you who are on the front lines of achieving the planetary ascension that we are all focused and intent on with every last bit of our hearts; we speak of each and every one of you who are just beginning to awaken and who are just beginning to open up and expand in yourselves, because your awakenings are much more important than you may perhaps understand.

Various facets of our collective have used terminologies before that display the perceived inability of many dear souls to grasp and understand concepts that may be outside of the fore of your current perceptions, and even when dong so it is vastly important for us to point out that your present and limited body-perceptions are illusory and hollow, and your true [inner] perceptions are expanding as you remember the infinity that you have always carried within.

Doubt is attempting to creep its way through the minds and hearts of many and we say with supreme Love in our hearts that you are being tested and you are testing yourselves, as you work through and transmute every last vestige of your former selves who have been locked and hidden-away within your subconscious for some time, simply awaiting their chance to express themselves and be surfaced so that they can be ultimately transmuted.

Some of you may be a bit confused as to the actual process of transmuting a vestige of oneself that is based in the lower dimensions, and we say that your mere going-through of any difficult events at this stage of the Earth-ascension game is seeing you transmute the vibrations behind each and every thing that you go through and this involves going through events in your lives that serve to expose those aforementioned parts of yourselves who are coming up for review and release.

We speak of each and every one of you when we discuss the continual transmutation process that is occurring at this time, because you are not just surfacing former aspects of yourselves; many of you are quite empathic and sensitive and are beginning to notice and pick-up on the vibrations of others around you and some of you may in fact notice a greater ease in many of those around you to begin expressing their emotions and true feelings.

This is because the Light that you have all solely brought unto the Earth, with the help from, us that you have been given; this Light is indeed permeating the surface of your Earth as well as the mind and hearts of every dear soul upon your surface and as many of you are acting as quite literal Pillars of Light and transmutation for all those around you and across your beautiful world to benefit from; you will find a greater ease within those around you in expressing themselves and subconsciously yet willingly having their own inner-held pains and fears transmuted, by simply expressing them to you.

Of course, there are some dear souls upon the surface of your world who are very closed-up within themselves and would not allow the vibrations driving an experience that they are still comfortable within to be transmuted, and all paths back to Source must be respected. We in the higher realms Love each and every dear soul on your world with the supreme Love of the Creator, because it simply cannot be any other way.

By now many of you dear souls understand very purely, the concepts of your Godliness and of your very structures and energetic frequencies which form and Create as well as sustain your conscious experience.

You are being led to see that your reality is a literal energetic hologram and as you begin to recognize pure octaves and stages of consciousness along this hologram wherein the energies and atoms that make-up this hologram begin to loosen and refine themselves, you subsequently begin pulling-in the vibrations from this newer and purer harmonic reality as you go through necessary growth lessons within your Lives that see you again, transmuting the former aspects of the denser plane of consciousness that you have discovered the newer planes from and that you are now working from to reach such higher and purer planes as you find the awakenings in yourselves that cause and enable such growth.  [ED. This sentence should win some kind of award...]

You dear souls are finding the newer harmonic realities within yourselves and while you have utilized plentiful outside sources on your world to gain an experience of enlightenment, we tell you that you have very recently reached a pure portal-opening that is not readily apparent or visible within your physical reality but that is seeing a rippling-out of energies so very pure that they are to turn your emotional, physical and energetic concepts in general, upside down.

Now of course, we do not say this to put any dear souls in any type of fear or apprehension, and you of course shouldn’t be [fearful] as at this stage of the game you are being guided more than ever by your dear guides and the guide-collective many of you have has in fact increased exponentially in the past few days of your concept of time.

We have always been within you of course but as you begin to find us in purer and clearer ways, more of us are attracted to you energetically as we all wish to help any potential source of Light that is developed upon the surface of the Earth, because you are all so very important.

But this shift point that we speak of, wherein an incredibly-pure gate of energy has been opened that is seeing your realities begin a very needed and very real alignment and attunement process. As a result your surface realities come ever-nearer to matching the natural fifth dimensional state of consciousness tha Gaia’s soul has existed within for some time.  This shift point has been reached very recently and you will all notice in the days and weeks ahead, the fruits of this inner shift within yourselves.

Now, of course dear souls, like all shift points that are to be utilized and felt within an open mind and heart, a conscious effort and intention must be made to see yourselves fulfilling your duties of assimilating the very pure energies behind this shift point.

We look to each and every one of you with a pure Love and respect for the continual difficulties that you have experienced. We have noticed a common misconception when it comes to the absorbing and assimilating of the Light energies unto yourselves upon very pure shift points and stages along your calendar that are to call for the delivering of much purer energy.

We have noticed that some of you dear souls are simply awaiting a point wherein a mystical type of heavenly energy will make itself known and you will find the bliss that you have always wished to find within yourselves and within your Earth community and collective. While we do wish you to know that this type of heavenly reality is on track to being delivered; you are manifesting and working with the timelines that will bring this reality to you. You are finding the strides and shift-points within yourselves that are enabling the transition to pan-out in your physical reality and in your inner-realms, which substantially surpass your physical octave of reality in purity.

As you dear souls are finding such shift points within yourselves, you are finding that your very perceptions are changing and the collective perception will undergo the necessary shift point that has already began to occur and that will manifest in earnest within a short time-frame according to your linear perception of time.

You are, again, enabling the shift points to occur but if you were to simply wait for such a point to come to you without performing the necessary inner-work within yourselves to find and feel these energies in the very pure ways that we know, oh so well, you dear souls wish to find and feel, than you will unfortunately not feel such energies within yourselves and some may take to a mindset of your entire unfolding pure reality of higher dimensional bliss being some types of farce. Why?  Because they personally have not felt the underlying and inherent, inner-held energies that one must access to find an open and clear line of connection to the energies that are bringing your ascension to you.

These energies that we speak of, dear hearts, are the energies of pure consciousness; the energies of the fifth dimension of consciousness as well as numerous other, further ascended pure realms of consciousness that lay far past the fifth dimension.

The pure intentions and foundations that you are displaying are allowing the realms of full consciousness to begin making themselves known in earnest but, as has been discussed before, you must first find the necessary awakenings within your hearts and within all of your chakras which you are beginning to open up, before the collective and physical effects make themselves known.

While many of you are indeed finding your potent individual awakenings and are discovering and dipping into realms beyond your conscious understanding and perceptions whilst within your illusory third dimensional reality, the collective positive effects that you are making during your processes are felt, understood and appreciated vastly by the rest of the enlightened Universe. The ascended collective of souls who looked upon your world and saw a planet which was indeed meant for happy, harmonious Living, but whose very energies had become tainted with the vibrations and intents of the dark.

We’ve seen your world and you have seen your world as well, in time periods wherein the Light energies were not able to make themselves known in the very pure ways that they are becoming known now and while there are still many naysayers, many detractors and many souls who wish to convince everyone of their own feelings about the reality around them; we say that you are all individual and you are all entitled to your own perspectives.  It is important that you allow others to have theirs as well.

Our scribe has experienced plenty of dilemmas on the internet, wherein he has experienced negativity and opinions expressed by others that were not in alignment with his own feelings and with the feelings of many who read our communications and assimilate the energy behind them.

Every dear soul is different and is experiencing a different perspective on your world and we say that your awakenings are being assisted greatly with the pure Light being given but there are some dear souls who are having trouble feeling the Light energies within themselves and as such, will take to expressing themselves in such a manner. We implore you dear souls to consider the perspective that we have offered within this communication; that of Loving and respecting each and every dear soul along their path because your beliefs literally Create your reality.

Whenever another dear soul around you seems to be very convinced of or seemingly entrapped within their own predefined perceptions and understandings of the reality around them, it is because they are Creating for themselves, the experiences that they wish to have and in many cases, such experiences of the reality around you are indeed predefined and the definition of one’s reality will vary with each and every individual upon your world, because you are all Creating based on your various different and wonderful perceptions.

Matters will unfold before you dear souls in your Lives that will test your resolve and faith in where your Life paths are taking you.

Many of you can feel lonely along your path and we wish for you to know that it is impossible for you to be lonely, for we are all with you and neither we nor you would have it any other way. You are continually guided, protected and looked after by each and every dear soul who is guiding you along your continual Life paths. The entirely of our collective is looking upon each and every one of you as well as your collective civilization as a whole, and we do not see the familiar and dense energies that many of you still perceive of when looking upon your Earth experience and those around you who you consider to be unawakened.

We see a planet brimming with higher dimensional energy and potential and we see as well, the brilliance of each and every one of you dear beautiful advanced Starlights who have graciously and Masterfully allowed yourselves to exist within a plane of reality that you knew would test you to your very cores. You have endured because of the very tenacity in your hearts and that we acknowledge, thank and honor you for.

Oh, if you could only feel the good that you have done! Your hearts would brim with joy and you would feel, even if only for a moment, the Love and the sense of accomplishment that we feel for you and that you rightly deserve to feel once again.

You left these higher realms knowing much, much less than you dear souls know now, having acquired so much knowledge during your lower dimensional Earthly adventures and travels. While some of you have only experienced the Earth for a small number of Lives, the vast majority of you have experienced thousands of Lives upon the Earth and there is no culture, heart set or mindset that you have not all experienced at some point during your continual Earth travels.

Everything that you have done has been for the purposes of allowing yourselves to experience every facet of the Earth school, so that you could ultimately take such vibrations with you and transmute them into wisdom as you steadily gained enlightenment and awareness and as this awareness has blossomed into a beautiful flower of ascension.

Your ascension experience has been continual and ongoing and while many of you can feel that you have somehow strayed away from your Earth processes or let yourselves or us down in any ways if you do not find yourselves feeding aspects of the Earth experience that you know are in your best interest; we simply allow you to feel your freewill-based feelings of unworthiness while reminding you that limitation is not a concept in the higher realms.

If any dear soul feels that they are funneling limitation through themselves because they stray away from their intended paths for a moment, a feeling of letdown ensues that can be magnified if the soul hosting such letdown allows it to. We say that limitation isn’t a concept in the higher realms because every fear that you have; about leaving your Life path and being away from the higher realms or about somehow letting yourselves or others down; these are all finite concepts and limited mindsets that come through you and attempt to get you to feed them.

As so many of you are beginning to sow the seeds of awareness wisely and develop the necessary emotional discernment in your Lives, you can recognize if finite, limited and negative mindsets are attempting to infiltrate your attention.  Then, you can rightly put an end to the influence of such energy by turning your vibrations away from them for such thoughts and feelings will try to convince you that you are merely a limited, finite human being.

It has been discussed before, the fact that you dear souls are akin to radios and can pick up [various] frequencies; only you dear souls are now picking up much purer frequencies than have been broadcasted as of late. You are transmitters and transducers of energy and you can perform any energetic task that you may see as impossible in this current energetic environment.

For instance, you dear souls can teleport instantly and find yourselves in any given area of Creation that you wish to, and your ability to perform this work yourselves is something that the Galactic technology which will be widely-spread amongst your society in the time ahead, will teach you to be able to access within yourselves.

Few have discussed the fact that your Galactic families' technology is meant to teach and help you to grow, and not meant to do every job for you.   In fact, while the assistance of Galactic technology will be utilized and appreciated, you dear souls will be the ones learning how to manifest what you need and how to utilize sound frequencies to heal your world as well as so many other things, and you will be assisted in doing this by the technology you will be given.

As this technology helps to expand your minds, hearts and your concepts of what is and isn’t possible, you will gradually be taught by the consciousness within this technology to perform everything that the technology performs. For instance, smaller scout ships will help teach you to utilize your natural abilities to travel with your crown chakras. Replicators will teach you to shape and mold transparent, changeable free energy in specific ways to produce whatever you desire in much healthier ways than such things are produced at present.

Every facet of Galactic technology will help you learn to perform the miracles such technology demonstrates for yourselves and we brim with joy at the vision of you dear souls working with and learning from the technology that will be shared with you.

This technology has been suppressed for a very long  time in your current society and as has also been discussed, your societies could have been benefitting from free energy-based technology as  early as the 1940s and the suppression of free energy has served to hold humanity back while the cabals back-engineered and reproduced in much unhealthier ways than the originals, much of the technology that is prevalent on your world today.

[A Galactic being then steps forth from the overall collective to speak.]

Many modern technologies that you dear souls would not expect have been taken and back-engineered from our ships and yes, our dear scribe is now picking-up on the energies of a soul who will be happy to discuss how the suppression of our technologies has led to a modification of the original technology that was taken.

When the souls you all know as the cabals back-engineered the many technologies, some basic and some more advanced, that they found in our ships; the technology that they took and back-engineered was given to humanity in much more unhealthy ways than the original technology was produced.

The dark’s technology and much of what you benefit from and enjoy on your world to this day is very unhealthy and serves to have quite negative effects upon your minds, bodies and spirits.
The very computers that you are reading our messages on would be doing considerably-more damage if your freewill was not limiting the worst of what your computers were supposed to deliver you.

We are helping as well to nullify the negative health effects from your computers, televisions and various other low frequency-manifesting technologies and we dissipate away any negative effects that are not directly in accordance with your freewill.

We do this along with the guides of each individual soul who is subjected to the lower vibrations manifested from your various devices and you dear souls are as well beginning to learn to shield yourselves in the supremely-pure energy of Archangel Michael, the healing energy of Raphael or any other facet of this collective of souls spanning entire dimensions, Galaxies and Universes who simply wish to help you dear souls to ascend and in the process, help you all to understand concepts that may be a bit more difficult for you to grasp.

Everything being given to you now will be given to the entire populace in the time ahead and your Earth collective will learn to work together and provide the tools that you all need to help run your world.

There are going to be so many lessons and much hurried busy-ness as you all begin taking back control of your world and our technology will help you to reclaim the necessary ability and capability to perform jobs that may seem hard at first, but that you will persue with passion and enjoy quite thoroughly. We speak of course, of the projects of rebuilding your world and returning Her to the pristine condition She was once in and naturally exists in.

There is and will be much work to be done but you dear souls will enjoy this work much more than you realize at present. Yes, there could be stress and frustration as you repair your world but you can take it all in stride knowing that what you are now and will be doing is cleansing your world on mass level; a level that will affect this entire beautiful Creation, The All That Is.

We Love you all so very much and we ask you, dear Lightworkers, to continue your Lighted efforts because every effect that you make upon this Creation, you are also making upon the collective consciousness of the Earth and this means that any piece of Lighted, channeled, written [or vocal] material you give out, regardless of how many times it is viewed or acknowledged physically, will have a massive effect upon an evolving collective consciousness who needs to be introduced to the concepts that so many of you are now bringing-forth with the grace and ease of the higher realms and of our dear Creator.

What you are doing is affecting the collective subconscious of the entire planet and we ask you dear souls to see and feel this as we make our final impressions for this communication. Do not ever let yourselves believe that you are not performing the miraculous work you now are, for this is why you are meant to be here at this time and this is why you funneled yourselves down quite heroically, to assist a struggling collective in realizing that they are God.

Thank you to the Ascended Collective, and to every facet of the Ascended Collective who has spoken.

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