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Steve Beckow - Questions on the Ascension of Parents and Children

Posted by Steve Beckow On November 19, 2012

I’d like to look today at questions relating to the Ascension of children. Some people worry that their children will not know about Ascension, that parents who stay with their children past Ascension will lose their chance, and so on. Archangel Michael has addressed these concerns and his answers reveal a fair, benevolent, and merciful order.

The first question is: are children below a certain age regarded as innocent and will they automatically ascend? Archangel Michael answers:

“Yes. Most children are of pure heart. They are of love. And that is particularly true of the children that have come in in the last 20 years. That is why so many of them are completely disillusioned and feel disenfranchised. They don’t understand what on earth they are doing here and how they got here.

 “Because they still have that core of innocence and of love. There may be some confusion, but they are still in that state of innocence. They are like little cherubs. So, under eleven.” (1)

I asked him further if this applied to children who had never heard of Ascension and he responded:

Yes. The issue isn’t intellectual. It is a heart decision. It is a heart knowing. Each of you on Earth have had situations where your guide or guardian angel has nudged you and you say, I’d better get out of here, this doesn’t feel right. And so you leave a place where, perhaps, danger is lurking. That is the sensation many of the children will have: “I don’t think I’m going to stay here; I think I’m going to go.” And it will be that simple. (2)

Is there a chance that a parent who cares for his or her child will ascend against their will and leave their child behind? Archangel Michael says no.

Archangel Michael: It is absolutely impossible.

Steve Beckow: So that, so the simple thing then is just to say, I don’t wish to ascend at this point?

AAM: You see, this is the power of no.

SB: [Laughter] Right.

AAM: No, because part of the ascension process is the act of will. It is the alignment of your heart, your mind, your spirit with your will, not just the will of all, but with your will. We are not going to override that.

SB: Okay, so that’s the brake.

AAM: That’s the brake. … (3)

I asked him if a parent who chooses to remain behind for the sake of her child lost his or her chance for Ascension and he again replied no.

Archangel Michael : They will ascend on the death of the body.

Steve Beckow: All right. So it’s not the case that there’s a window that briefly opens and then shuts and these people have lost out altogether?

AAM: Why would we ever punish? We are not in the punishing business. And we would certainly never punish for love. When one stays because their love and their caring is so intense, their commitment is so intense — that is always taken into account. They will have their chance. (4)

These answers are designed to allay the concerns of parents. What they point to is a benevolent order in which there are no mistakes and there is justice and mercy and allowance for special cases. I personally find that very reassuring and believe that that same benevolence and mercy would also extend to other cases not covered in this particular article.


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