Friday, November 23, 2012

Aisha North - The Secret Life Of Water

You are inhabiting a very complex structure dear ones, and it is mostly composed of the selfsame liquid component you see around you, namely water. This will come as no surprise, but what may come as a surprise, is the role this water have, not only within you, but also in your surroundings. You tend to look upon it as a necessary liquid, and without it, your Earth would be a scorched and desolate place, devoid of life.

Well, that is the role of water indeed, as all life on you planet is relying on this in some form or the other. Hence, the quest to find this precious liquid on other planets as well, as this would give a significant meaning in the search for extra terrestrial life. And the water is a life giving force indeed, but not only in the regulation of your metabolism. It is also a very important source of information, and this is what we wanted to share with you today. You see, the molecules comprising this liquid you refer to as water are so much more than a combination of different chemical elements.

It is also a dispenser of information, and this information literally permeates the whole complex structure that comprises not only your body, but your whole planet. And as you may know so well by now, water is indeed an element that is constantly on the move. It moves through your body in the form of liquid or as a gas through your respiratory organs, and it moves through you and out again via your digestive track, your lungs and indeed your skin.

And the same goes for your planet. She is indeed breathing it in and out every day, and she is also being inundated by these waters both from above and below, in the form of rainshowers, rivers and underground reservoirs. So water is inside and outside you, in many forms, whether it be in the form of a liquid, gas or even frozen solid as ice.

As some of you are aware of, we have talked about this subject before so much of this will not be news to you, but we have chosen to touch upon this subject now as you need to keep this information at hand in the times ahead. You see, the information carried within all of this water has also changed by now, as the water is also susceptible to the changes of frequency, and as such, it too has started to sing to another tune lately.

So remember, every time you connect with this water, you are also tuning into something that is giving you an important message, and even if this message is a subtle one, it will have far reaching consequences. For the message from the water is something you cannot escape, as you cannot even exist without it. As we said, you are largely composed of this element, but remember, this is also a volatile element in the way that it is never inert.

Even when it is frozen, there is still some part of it being slowly released, while on the other end, new particles are being attached to the rest of this body of water as this cycle of evaporation and condensation is a never ending one. And with it travels the embedded information, unseen by you all, and unhindered by any border or barrier mankind might construct. And now, the whispering of these infinitesimal molecules will become stronger and stronger, and the combined force of them will increase as well.

You have already seen this in the monumental storms crashing onto your shores, and you will see this happening again and again in this upcoming period. For with all of this ”liquid onslaught” in different forms also comes liberation from the old, as this water will not only cleanse away the dirt and grime that has accumulated for eons, it will also bring with it the new tune as it were and help you all sing it clearer and truer.

So for every drop of water coming down, a new connection is being made, and for every wave of the ocean sweeping onto your shores it is the same. Everyone and everything is subjected to this same stream of change, and this stream of change will gather momentum in the time ahead.

So bless the waters, because they are helping you all see everything so much clearer, and even if they seem to bring much destruction in their wake, remember it is only in order to make way for all of the new. And so this cycle will continue, as you have all decided to open up for this refreshing downpour of intelligence washing you all clean of the debris of yesteryear.

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