Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yeshua ~ Happy Journey, Dear Travelers ~ November 28, 2012

Channelled By Fran Zepeda On November 28, 2012


As you are speeding along your Ascension Path, the energies are constantly uplifting you. You allow yourselves to flow along the ever-increasing waves of energy that is your birthright and your salvation from the lower densities.

Your true essence is upon you. You live in it more solidly every day and you have your abiding Love and perseverance to thank for it.

Allow yourselves to receive, dear ones; receive the ever-increasing energies being handed to you, being lovingly handed to you by the Higher Realms, the realms you are becoming accustomed to as your new home. We welcome you. We await you. Nothing is in your way now.

Rejoice, for it is nigh; it is palpable; it is inevitable and it is yours to live in and enjoy, dear ones. Rejoice, for nothing can stop your Light Bodies from becoming fully engorged with Light, with Love in its purest form, if you allow it. For the time has come. Throw open your arms and hearts and accept it with abandon, dear ones.

Rejoice, for Love and Joy and Abundance are in your capable hands to spin like silk on a loom. No one can stop you now. Start choosing the colors of your fabric of Life and of your new creations so lovingly being formed and created in your capable hands and hearts.

Become like children again, who have just been presented in front of them massive amounts of modeling clay of all colors and textures, and start forming with sheer joy whatever you wish to create. Pour yourselves into it and watch what you produce.

You are masters in this co-creation and you are beginning to remember how to do it with such ease. Use your dreams as models and sculpt from that what you desire. Nothing is impossible, nothing is wrong. You see, since you create from Love now, everything you create is beautiful and joyous and valuable to all who experience it.

This is what you shall experience in the Higher Realms, each one of you creating from your heart’s dreams and visions what is sustainable and Beautiful and functional for all to enjoy. Each one of you has your own signature and tone and so the result of every one of you creating will be a symphony of beautiful music and colors and will produce such deep satisfaction and Serenity and Peace in a job well done, for all to enjoy and experience without limitation or withholding.

You, my dear friends, are the chosen ones; you have stirred and built up the Light to a crescendo now and as the influx of more Light and Love comes in, it is just necessary for you to ride it, swirl within it, encompass it, accept it, hold it and release it out to others.

You are beginning to experience what it will be like in the higher dimensions as the shifts become more apparent and felt. It is becoming your norm now. You are lifting and acclimating to the new elevation of your climb to Ascension.

Allow yourselves to incrementally experience the new energies as they come in while paying attention to the needs of your physical body, always grounding and always accepting the Light to how much you can hold, in increments as it is comfortable. You will see your capacity increase as the days go on and be so engorged with Light and Love that you will feel so transformed.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Pay attention to your feelings. Let them sit and simmer and then become encased in Love, transmuted into pure Love essence.

You will be astounded at your experience as you allow yourselves to let go and surrender to the pouring of energies into your Light Bodies and into your Hearts. It will be like “one size fits all” as you increase your capacity for floating in and being in and holding the Light.

Abide by your Hearts and begin to forget any vestiges of negativity that once was part of your world. Become like a new-born baby with so much to experience and explore and enjoy; let your curiosity and your innocence be your guide now. You are learning to let go and let that happen, with complete trust that your needs are taken care of. Just as a new-born baby knows and trusts, let that be your new knowing.

Scale yourselves down into the Divine essence at your core and build back up from that, shedding any impurities and negativities that are of your old way of existing.

Venture out now, dear ones, for you have a wondrous journey ahead of you. You have reached the Vista now and can see clearly what you have been waiting for, for eons. Be at Peace with it, be in Love with it - This is your new life. Immerse yourselves in the gentle rain of Love Energy coming down and swim amongst the soft waves as your new way of Being emerges, dear ones.

Your loving brother, Yeshua

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)

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