Friday, November 9, 2012

Aisha North - Surviving The Shift

The days are growing shorter and shorter in parts of your world, and with them, the length of the night is increasing. This added dose of darkness will seem for many to be heavy to bear this winter, as it will also bring with it much work. Let us explain.

As we have touched upon several times earlier, you are all becoming more and more involved in the work being carried out now, and much of that work is going on behind the scenes as it were. In other words, we refer to all of the toil currently being carried out in other realms than the one you see around you whenever you are ”awake”.

By that, we mean that whatever takes place during your so-called waking hours is a mere fraction compared to what you are doing under the cover of the night, when your body is quietly at rest in your bed, but your spirit is busy at work elsewhere. You see, contrary to many people’s perception, you are not confined within the boundaries of your physical body, far from it, and as soon as you are able to leave it behind on your nightly sojourns to other levels of awareness, you are also picking up the slack in so many ways.
Let us explain what we mean by that. As you might be aware of, this battle for rebalancing your world has become an intense one, and even if the battle per se has been won by the light, there is still much work to be done in order to rectify the imbalance that has left so many traces not only in your third density layer of consciousness, but also in the more unseen realms. And at night, when the rest of the world think that all those asleep in their beds are up to nothing more than sweet dreams, you are actually more busy than ever. So yes, the images and sensations that linger in your bodies in the morning after re-entering your physical body are becoming more and more insistent now, and rightly so, as the boundaries between the two states is thinning out rapidly. Hence, the increasing amount of information coming up to the surface after one of these nightly sojourns behind the veil.

The images are still somewhat obscured and do not give a detailed description of what you have participated in while you were ”asleep”, and the reason for that is a simple one indeed. Remember, the gap between what you have taken for your reality and what it really is when you start to re-enter the different layers that have been kept hidden from you for so long is an immense one, and there is no soul on this planet today able to bridge that gap in an instant. In other words, we do our best to ease you into your new reality, and we will ensure that you do not ”short circuit” in any way while being in transit between the two. But still, this will continue to be challenging in so many ways, and for many, it will at times feel like they are literally losing their sanity, and maybe even their health.

So make sure to reach out to each other through this, so you do not fall into the trap of thinking that you are going mad. For this is not for the faint of heart, and even if you all in your heart of hearts have been longing for the moment when you will finally see and experience all that you have dreamed of on ”the other side”, know that it will be more than overwhelming. And we do mean that in every sense of the word, for even if you all have some ideas as to just what is hiding behind the veil, it is at the moment more than you are able to ingest in one sitting.

But do not fret, you will have it all, and more so, but you will be served it in portions that are a bit more palatable, but still, we know that many of you can already attest to the fact that even some of these morsels are a bit hard to swallow. You see, you have started to enter this vast ocean of information, and swimming in it is much more challenging than a mere wetting of the toes while staying safely on the shore. The feeling of almost drowning in it all can be too much for many of you, so again we implore you to seek out some of your fellow swimmers as it gives much comfort if you are able to enter these – for you – uncharted waters in the company of some like minded souls.

We know this will sound a bit patronizing to some, but this is a reminder that what you are about to experience fully in a very short time from now, is nothing short of demanding on every particle of your being. We know that you are capable of taking it all in, but you are not capable of doing so fully just yet. Remember, the level of awareness we talk about is something you have been denied for many lifetimes, and as such, you have no clear idea of just how complex and all-encompassing all of this is. ”Life changing” does not even begin to describe this process, as it will literally turn everything not only in you, but also in everything you have ever been aware of inside out and upside down.

So stay calm by staying close to each other, and know that even if this feels more than a little bit daunting you will not drown, no matter how deep this vast ocean of energy will seem to you now that you are allowed to start to sample it more fully. After all, you were born to frolick in these waters just as we are, but it will still take some time before you learn to reclaim your swimming abilities again. In the meantime, we will do our utmost to make your training period as endurable as possible, but do not be surprised if you find it to be more challenging than you mayhaps envisioned. After all, we want you to be a fully fledged swimmer at the first available opportunity, so we will not shy away from challenging your limits in the days and weeks ahead.

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