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Suzanne Lie With An Up-Date From The Arcturian Mothership

Thanks To Dr. Lie For Another Blockbuster Chapter of the Hitchiker's Guide To Ascension - DT the ET

 The Mothership, Mytre & Kepier Part 4

By Suzanne Lie – November 18, 2012

Mytre, Kepier Galactic Meeting 2


Continuation of the Meeting of the Galactic Federation
The Galactics decided that they could no longer hold back from the needs of the brave for the sake of those who were still afraid.
Mytre Continues:

Kepier and I were so intently paying attention to every word that was said that we did not notice that the rows of seats behind us were silently being filled. It was not until my Arcturian Friend went to the podium and said, “Welcome Beings from Earth” that we turned to see how much the room had filled.

There were not just humans in this group. There were also those who appeared to be Whale and Dolphin Beings, fourth dimensional Elemental Beings and majestic Devic Beings who supervised the Elementals. All the difference races, and even timelines were included.

There was an ancient Mayan Leader next to a leader from the 21st Century. There were Lemurians sitting next to Atlantians and representatives of the animal kingdom in bi-pedal forms of their usual four-legged appearance. There were world leaders, scientists, religious leaders, and citizens from every culture and area of Earth.

Since this room was multidimensional like the rest of the ship, it expanded in size as more room was needed for the incoming guests. It appeared that the humans were only ushered in after the opening meditations were complete. Likely because of the humans, the Arcturian spoke in sequential human language when it introduced the members of the Federation. When the Arcturian presented a regal looking Draconian who stood up to reveal well over 10 feet of height, the humans fell into a hushed silence.

“Dear humans of Earth, we gather here today to release old conflicts that have arisen from the separation consciousness that has invaded your planet. Within this separation consciousness, your society devolved into the polarities of ‘Power-Over Others’ and ‘Power-Within SELF’. The Power-Over Others model creates a reality based on victim and victimizer, conqueror and conquered. On the other hand, the Power-Within SELF mode creates a reality of unconditional love and Unity Consciousness.”

“We have much to tell you about the nature of humanity and how it is interrelated with us, the Galactic Federation of your the Milky Way Galaxy. Your planet Earth has asked to become a member of our Galactic Community. Gaia, the Soul of Earth, has served many fledgling species from many planets and solar systems in our Milky Way Galaxy.”

“Now Earth is ready to ascend into Her fifth dimensional expression. She wishes to take Her inhabitants with Her, and all is ready except for some of humanity. Your present day human is a genetic mix of all the members of the Galactic Federation whom you see seated before you. This genetic mix includes the DNA of those you have considered your enemy, namely the Zetas and the Draconians.”

“In this meeting we will speak about your long relationship with the many different species of the Draconian Race. For millions of years many members of your world have battled for the right to have either Power-Over Others OR Power-Within SELF. These two battles raged for millennia. However, once a being found their Power-Within, they were no longer interested in gaining Power-Over Others.”

“Power-Over Others stems from a powerless, loveless childhood where survival was constantly a challenge as some one or some thing was a constant threat of suffering, injury or inhalation. The Draconian Society, which is a Reptilian world was, and is, based on the challenge of the strong surviving and the weak dying. There was a constant culling of their society so that only the very strong would live to adulthood.”

“They were hatched from an egg that is external to their mother’s womb and left in the sand to hatch. The first ones to hatch fed on the later ones that hatched. Hence, they became strong enough to dominate others. As soon as they had enough strength from feeding on their siblings, they left the danger of their hatching area. Then they sought a safer place to hide and feed until they were big enough to survive outside of their hiding place.”

“Because of this beginning they cared only for themselves and lived their lives in domination of others with no sympathy or concern for the weak. Some of the Dracs prospered and continued living via the means of dominating others. However, something very usual began to happen as they spent more time on Earth. There were also resourceful ones, who were usually the last eggs to hatch. The stronger ones had left, and the animals that fed on the eggs had had their fill.”

“These last ones to hatch were born to a scene of carnage and destruction. Some were so weakened by this vision that they died. However, others were filled with a kind of compassion for their dead hatch mates. The eggs of this group of Dracs had remained buried in the earth longer and had more time to mature within the shell. In other words, they were the first ones laid and the last ones hatched. They had more time inside the egg and inside the earth to mature. Hence, they had less fear when they hatched, as they were stronger when they left their shell.”

“These Draconians eventually banded together and established a secret society in which they could explore their great scientific, metaphysical mind and sense of humor. When this sub-species of Draconians took to the skies in their Starships, they did not do so with the intention of conquering, but with the intention of learning. However, because of their looks they created fear wherever they went.”

“Their plight caught the attention of us, the Arcturians. We could easily see into the thoughts and feelings of these Dracs and knew that they were the key to curing fear and conquest in this Galaxy. The Galactic War had raged on and off for many millennia with the Power-Over Dracs seeking conquest of all they explored. On the other hand, we Arcturians had been mentoring the Gentle Dracs and providing them with a safe environment in which they could come into their full Power-Within.”

“Because these Dracs looked like the conquering Dracs, they could infiltrate the warrior ranks to send us information and assist us to end the Galactic War. They were not happy spying on their own kind, but they did not like to see this devolution of the great intelligence and wisdom of their species.”

“Eventually, these Draconians ascended. They have returned to their multidimensional nature and serve within the Galactic Federation. However, they must constantly face the pressure of prejudice because of the violence of their species. We tell you this story now because they are the key to reaching the many humans who are still influenced and/or ruled by the instinct of their own Draconian DNA located in their lowest ‘lizard brain.’

“These humans live in terror of survival. Hence, they give themselves permission to harm others for the sake of their own safety. Some of these Drac/Humans are the victims of more dominant Drac/Humans. They have become subservient because they have not sufficiently connected with their higher cortical functions which can create a solution to their problems. Furthermore, they have become entrenched in the third dimensional illusions and dogma that have been disseminated to control the masses.”

“This segment of the population of Earth is not ready for Ascension, as they have been unable to move beyond the basic instincts of survival of their own self. The ascended Draconians, who have become members of our Galactic Federation, have learned to care for others in the same manner they care for themselves. In other words, they have learned to embrace love. All humans who can embrace love can accept Ascension.”

“Unfortunately, some humans have been so trapped in fear that they cannot recognize love, much less embrace it. When fear becomes the master, the source of power becomes external rather than internal. When the source of power is external, humans listen to those who wish to dominate. These humans cannot love themselves enough to allow their Higher Expressions of SELF to speak into their Heart/Mind.”

“The ascended Dracs can work within the ranks of the remaining Power-Over Others group, as well as within their enslaved population. Since these Dracs have ascended, they can create any form that is necessary to infiltrate the remaining segments of Earth’s conquer-or-be-conquered societies. These conquerors and the conquered have been locked in mortal combat for millennia and have traded places in many incarnations.”

“Once they have been the conqueror, they must take on a lifetime as the conquered to experience the return of their energy field. If the conquered are unable to find power within, they become fearful again. If they die in fear, they return to the loop of conquered or conqueror. In other words, they must find their Power-Within while they are incarnated in an earth body. This is where the ascended Dracs can be a powerful influence on Gaia’s humans who are trapped in the old story of survival.”

“As you know, just as many of you are direct descendants of the Pleiadians, Sirians and/or Arcturians, many of the dark Ones who remain in power are direct descendants of the Draconians. Many of the Draconian descendants are ready to seek the light, but they do not know how. Who can better assist them than fellow Draconians who have found their Power-Within? Furthermore, who can better heal the victims of the Draconian Rule than the Dracs themselves?”

“No one knows that these Dracs are different from the ones who have dominated them. Hence they think that since the victimizers can change, then they the victims can change too. Also, if the ascended Dracs can convince their human counterparts controlling the media to tell the truth, the masses will have an opportunity for education. Many people have been indoctrinated to believe that the mainstream news is the truth and do not want to confront the fact that it is mostly propaganda.”

“There are many Dracs in human disguise, just as there are many Pleiadians, Sirians, and Arcturians wearing a human form. However, we wish all humans to be free to reveal their ancestry as a spark of their Multidimensional SELF with whom they have merged. The Draconians were once mighty Beings before they descended into the third dimension and got the scent of conquest that devolved them to their animal nature.”

“Dear members of Gaia’s Earth, before we close our message, we ask that you FEEL our presence within your earth vessel. Feel our presence move deeply into your Heart/Mind. Can you notice how our information feels a bit different when it is centered within this hub of communication?”

“Sense how our connection with you is flowing up from your Heart/Mind and into your Brain/Mind to activate your Third Eye. Now, allow your Third Eye to perceive us within yourself as the unconditional love of pure Unity Consciousness. As the Dracs clear the way by assisting the victims and victimizers, we your Galactic Counterparts will be able to appear to you in this manner, which is more vivid than you have ever experienced.”

“Of course, we could have always communed with you in this manner, but it would have put our Ascending Ones into an energy pattern that would have made it too difficult to remain within your earth vessel. Your physical form is your deepest connection to Gaia, and thus, to the process of Planetary Ascension.”

“The calibration of the Ascending Ones with the body of Gaia is vital in order to create the entity of New Earth. Of course, all possible realities are already created within your fifth dimensional NOW. However you need to open a portal, a corridor, into that reality which already exists. This Corridor is best created with your consciousness, as your consciousness is the component of your earth vessel that can best transmute your reality as you move through your Ascension process.”

“What we mean by that comment is that only your Multidimensional Consciousness has the ability to create a higher frequency of reality as it simultaneously pulls your form into that higher reality. Furthermore, you will not be alone during your journey for you have the great mass of Gaia’s body and the Unity Consciousness of the other ascending humans.”

“You, the Portal Openers, are creating passageways from your physical reality into our Arcturian Corridor. All of you are fully dedicated to your Mission of Personal and Planetary Ascension. Hence, you are able to release your physical form to “die” to your physical world and instantly be “reborn” on the already existing New Earth.”

“Those that shed their earth vessel in this manner will go ahead to prepare New Earth for further inhabitants. Some of you will move into the higher planes because your Mission has been completed. These members of our Ascension team took forms to serve as “booster rockets” to open the first Portals. When they have completed their Mission they will move into whichever reality fulfills their Heart/Mind.”

“On the other hand, there are those of you who have come to deeply love your Mother Gaia. You have volunteered to stay with Her throughout the entire Planetary Ascension, as well as during the process in which New Earth is created. However, simultaneously to your creation of New Earth, New Earth has always existed. Just as you have forgotten and lost contact with your Multidimensional SELF, so has Gaia.”

“In the same manner that your human form has myriad expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, Gaia has uncountable expressions of Her Planetary SELF. Hence, as you connect to your Higher Expressions of SELF, you assist Gaia to connect to Her Higher Planetary Expression. Furthermore, as you assist Gaia, Gaia is assisting you. As you are re-connecting your individuated consciousness with your multidimensional of Galactics, Celestials, Ascended Masters and Elohim, Gaia is connecting Herself with Her myriad expressions of her Star, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe.”

“You are not creating these higher Personal and Planetary expressions, as they infinitely exist within the NOW of the ONE. You are re-connecting your consciousness within the great vastness of your pure multidimensional nature. As you know, every birth must be preceded by a death, such as the death of the amniotic sac, which preceded your first breath outside of the womb.”

“The death that you must accept is the loss of whatever unfulfilled needs you believe you must fulfill before you can focus on your Ascension. Your personal unfulfilled needs are extremely minute in comparison to the Universal Shift into higher expressions of Being. Also, these unfulfilled needs distract you from your Mission of being your Multidimensional SELF and tie you to a reality that is ending. Hence, you are denying yourself entrance into a reality that is beginning.”

“Of course, you can create these needs when you move into the higher realms. However, your choice to attend to your wounded ego rather than to transmuting your planet will lower your resonance to a frequency that cannot perceive the portals into New Earth. In order to release these old “needs” you will have to realize that YOU are VERY important! As we have just stated, there are many who are still unable to participate in Planetary Ascension in any manner.”

“Worse yet, there are still those humans on your planet who are working against Planetary Ascension. These lost ones have become lost in their small minds and smaller hearts. Hence, they can only think that the desire to control a reality that is of a very low resonance is more important than returning to a reality based on unconditional love. These lost ones are totally unaware that in order to hold on to their sense of control and power over others, they are denying their ability to experience unconditional love, bliss and joy.”

“In the same manner, those who limit their powerful Heart/Mind to the desires for third dimensional possession, fame and wealth are restricting their reality to a mere speck of the very SELF who can instantly fulfill their every need within a flash of the NOW. The multidimensional power of your higher expressions of SELF can easily replicate that which you have bound to your consciousness with your unconditional love.”

“However, all that resonates to a frequency below that of unconditional love is best released so that you can set free your attachments to your physical reality. Once you are free of the illusions of the third/fourth dimensional world, you can attach your consciousness to the ongoing process of Planetary Ascension. In other words, we ask that the needs of your personal self take the back seat to the needs of your Planetary SELF.”

“Your Planetary SELF lives in Unity Consciousness with all those who have chosen this commitment and who are focusing their attention on the unconditional love and joy of creating New Earth. We, the members of the Galactic Federation salute you for your great courage and sacrifice. We are infinitely with you whether you are in the most mundane physical task or visiting us here on the Mothership.”
Blessings to each and every ONE of you,

The Arcturians and the members of the Galactic Federation

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