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Suzanne Lie - Musings On 'Reality' Et Al


Good On Ya Suzanne - Very Nice Op-ED Piece! DT the ET

Comments on the Nature of Reality – Or Will the Real Reality Please Step Forward

By Suzanne Lie

I am having difficulty aligning my 3D self with my Multidimensional SELF. I know my 3D self is the lowest frequency of my Multidimensional SELF, but it is constantly “falling out of alignment.” The pace and structure of the 3D world is becoming increasingly burdensome and even foreign.

As my Core Self (the one I identify as me) is moving up the dimensional scale, I am finding it more and more difficult to deal with 3D issues. Going to the store, paying bills, running errands takes so much energy.

On the other hand, meditation is not a thing I do, but my state of conscious operation within this ever-changing reality. Many people have left my sphere of awareness. I know they still exist somewhere and sometime, but they are no longer members of my world.

I have no issues with these people. It is just that they appear to me to be in a different reality. What they perceive as real, I perceive as illusion, On the other hand, if they knew the real me, which they do not, they would think that I was delusional or a bit crazy. Conversely, more and more people are coming into my life with whom I am in alignment.

As I write this, I am seeing two levels of reality, the static third/fourth dimensional reality and the ascending realty. This is not about hierarchy. It is just that the ascending reality is at a higher frequency. Hence, we could walk down the street and barely notice each other.

I have been, and will continue, to research the nature of time and timelines. I have long known that the passage of time differs with our state of consciousness. 3D time is as slow as a snail, whereas 4D/5D creative time seems to last half the time of mundane activities.

Then, multidimensional time, the fifth dimension and beyond, is completely out of the time as I know it in my 3D life. Dewey Larson, the recognized expert on the concept of “time” said,

“Somewhere along the line, that which is true is being made to appear false, because that which is false is accepted as truth.”

That statement says it all for me. I am endeavoring to maintain a consciousness of peace and love.

However, that statement encompasses my greatest challenge, which is restraining my anger about the secrets that are being kept from us. I am also endeavoring to lovingly free my reaction to the naivety in which we have lived, and so many still live.

It is TIME for humanity to fully awaken, but every time, in our myriad incarnations,  that we “woke up” we suffered grave consequences. Hence, our genetic memory wants to hold back from knowing that which will make our daily lives even more difficult.

Of course, making daily life so difficult is a ploy of the few to keep the many in robot reaction. It is this programmed robotic reaction to obvious lies that allows the few to hide many realities, which would instantly change our lives. When we live in poverty, ill health, pollution and indoctrination, we separate from others because we can barely get along on our own.

It is the separation from others that allows 1% of our population to rule our reality. If all the Awakened Ones were to join together, even in consciousness, the few who are still holding the puppet strings over the many would be overwhelmed. However, we do not want to be the wounded victims who seek revenge.

We have learned in our awakening that we are the Masters of our Destiny and energy out is energy back. Therefore, when we bond our consciousness into ONE higher-frequency Unity Consciousness, we will send the puppet masters our unconditional love.

We will send unconditional love because we ARE unconditional love. We have become who we are NOW because we have remembered to love our selves unconditionally. Within this unconditional love our vision has expanded into the 3D Matrix to see that the Dark Hats, the Villains, are actors just as we are.

We are ALL, every single human on this planet, Multidimensional Beings. Some have become trapped in their disguise of being human. The greatest temptation for being trapped is the ability to have Power-Over-Others.

This Power-Over-Others activates our reptilian DNA and activates our Reptilian Brain. We have three areas of our brain, which denote the three states of consciousness, being and personal evolution.

The Reptilian Brain is the first part of the brain up from our spine. It is the first area of our brain that accepts our rising Kundalini, which is known as our “Sleeping Serpent.” When we allow our Kundalini to rise, we begin our true evolution out of our animal shell and into our true Multidimensional SELF.

Our Multidimensional SELF extends far beyond the limitations of the animal body that we are wearing. We are wearing this human/animal so that we can participate in this reality. Whenever we choose to visit and interact with a reality, we must create and wear a form made of the molecules of that reality.

When we visit and/or live in the fifth dimension, which is a realm of light, we will create and wear our Lightbody. Just as the brain of our animal body has different sections for different states of consciousness, the operational center for our Lightbody will have different sections.

I say “operational center” as our Lightbody will not have a brain as we know it, as the operational center will be shared between what we now think of as our High Heart and Opened Third Eye.

Our three brains control three states of consciousness and reveal our path of evolution:

Our most primitive brain is our center brain, which is surrounded by two other increasingly evolved brains. These two other brains are our Mammalian Brain and our Human brain, which is represented here as a monkey.

We see the dolphin in the frontal area of our brain, which represents our ability to function via the perceptions of our opened Third Eye. The Dolphin Brain is not a component of our original three brains. The Dolphin Brain represents expansion of our abilities into the fourth dimension. Our three brains offer us a choice of behavior.
  • Do we want to function from our Reptilian Brain where love is not an option and we are in constant combat to fight our way through life?
  • Do we want to function from our Animal Brain where love is an option, but too often secondary to the need for survival?
  • Do we want to function from our Human Brain where illusion reigns over Truth?
  • Or, do we want to function from our Dolphin, Opened Third Eye, brain?
There is also an option, which is that of Being our Multidimensional SELF in which we can function from our Heart Brain, which is the unity of our Opened Third Eye and our Opened High Heart.

These are real choices, and we must consciously make them. In fact, making these choices is the foundation of our process of ascending beyond all limitations of our physical brain and remembering that we are Multidimensional Beings who are currently WEARING the disguise of “being human.”

We chose to wear this disguise so that we could participate in the process of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

However, in order to participate in Ascension we must become aware that our choices do NOT begin in response to what is occurring in our external reality. Our choices of behaviour begin with our inner choice of WHO is at the helm of our life.
  • Is our Lizard Self at the helm?
  • Is our Animal Self at the helm?
  • Is our Human Self at the helm?
  • Is our Dolphin Self at the helm?
  • OR, is our Multidimensional SELF, who is accessed through the Dolphin Brain – in conjunction with our High Heart – at the helm?
The answer to these questions has a lot to do with how we manage our fear.
  • Do we attack that which we fear?
  • Do we run from that which we fear?
  • Do we confront that which we fear?
  • Do we see the higher expression of that which we fear?
  • OR, do we unconditionally love that which we fear?
Of course, the last option of unconditional love is the most difficult and most ascended response to fear. If and when we can remember to face fear with unconditional love, we are choosing to consciously connect with our Multidimensional SELF. Every time we make this choice, we give less and less power to our lower-frequency, lizard, animal, human self and give more and more power to our true Multidimensional SELF.

While in connection with our Multidimensional SELF, we have access to our Galactic and Celestial Family who are infinitely connected to us through our Opened Third Eye (activated and opened pineal gland) and our Opened High Heart. When we are plugged into this circuitry, our humanity becomes the disguise we are wearing so that our true SELF can participate in the Glory of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

We have the ability to choose our reaction to our reality, but in order to make a fully informed choice we must remember our true, Multidimensional SELF. When we forget our SELF, we become the animal we are wearing. Then, we are restricted to our animal – and human/animal – reactions. When this occurs, which it will when we are tired or stressed, we must remember to unconditionally love our self.

To be Divine within the challenges of daily life is our greatest challenge. We need to remember to live in a constant state of forgiveness of our 3D reactionary behavior. Children do not learn from punishment, which just pushes their behavior inside where it cannot be corrected. Our wounded inner self is still a child and needs our constant guidance and forgiveness.

When it becomes too difficult for us, which it has, is and will continue to be, our best resource is to call upon our true SELF in our myriad Higher Expressions. These higher frequency expressions of our SELF are free of the fog of challenge and conflict in which we are living. We are living in the depths of a dark forest and often cannot see our path. However, our Multidimensional SELF has the higher frequency perspective.

Our SELF can see where we are in space, as well as where we are in time. I am wondering if, perhaps it is not that we move into a different dimensional space, but that we actually move into a different timeline.

What do you think?

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