Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Linda Dillon - Israel and Palestine ~ Urgent Peace Assignment

Please, Please Do Your Best To Follow Linda's Suggestions And Everyone On The Planet Will Be Bless'd By Your Actions - It's Time To Reclaim Our Planet And Restore Peace To All Of Her Realm's
Yours In The Luminosity,  DT the ET

Linda Dillon asks our participation in meditating to shift the energy between Israel and the Palestinians.  Psychic Christina Mahler sends this along saying the same higher-dimensional being, Waka’na’taka, came to her as well with the same request.

Peace Assignment for the Middle East

Linda Dillon, Council of Love Newsletter, Nov. 19, 2012

Hi There,
Linda DillonI was awakened rather abruptly about 4:30 this morning. The kind of wake-up call when you know someone is in the house. My first thought was the Chiefs are back – but that’s another story.

As I cracked opened my eyes only one Spirit Chief stood by the bed – Waka’na’taka, former Keeper of the Keepers of Gaia’s Council Fire and now Earth’s representative to the Intergalactic Council.

He spoke to me right away: “You are needed urgently at the Security Council – come.” He never was a chatty kind of spirit. My first thought was that I was surprised that the Intergalactic Council had a Security Council – thought they were beyond that need to avoid and mediate conflict. Of course this communication is all telepathic so my thought was quickly answered. “Not the IGC – the Security Council – the UN.”

I recognized the tone of the demand so dressed quickly in my UFOG (Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies) uniform – which is unusual, although about a month ago I was informed onboard ship that I was being called up for service.

The urgency is shifting the energy between Israel and Palestine before we have an outright war. This had been a topic of conversation only the night before with my expressing that I basically can’t believe that we are on the verge of another war so close to Ascension. How can this possibly be?
Waka’na’taka explains:

“Most humans have strong opinions when it comes to the Israeli and Palestinian situation. These opinions are sometimes based in fact but mostly are emotional belief systems based on the old 3rd dimensional reality of someone’s right and someone’s wrong. This is not about the people of Israel or Palestine – this is about competing interests vying for power. Each holds what they believe to be legitimate concerns and injuries which of course have been by way of this ancient conflict.”

“This very dangerous and volatile situation is the human collectives, and especially the lightworkers/lightholders opportunity to step into focused action. Over many years, and particularly in the past 2, you have been penetrated with Love directly from the heart of Mother/Father/One. Your star brothers and sisters have sent you Love daily, hourly, and brought you to the healing ships. Yes, this has been in preparation for Ascension into the Christ Consciousness of Love but it is also so that you may co-create Terra Gaia.”

“It is imperative that each of you insert your elevated energies and Love into this situation. Each of you have grown your (auric) fields to enormous proportions – now is the time to use your fields to demonstrate and to see for yourselves how powerful you can be. We do not ask you to pick up a gun.

“Archangel Michael’s Legions of Peace are already present, as are the seraphim and cherubim. To fight a war, to take sides – that is of the old destroyed paradigm. What we ask you to do – each of you – is to expand your field to cover that entire region of the Middle East. To send your Divine Qualities, your energies of Love, Peace, Patience, Tolerance, and Forbearance to the Middle East – to the entire area, that it may be soothe the ragged edges of egos that would escalate this conflict to full blown war.”

“Legions of intergalactics hover over the area. Now it is time for each of you to claim your choice to stand with us in partnership to avert this catastrophe. You ask me how? Simply go into meditation and feel how large your field has grown. Then as if you were expanding a balloon, allow it to grow larger.
Bi-locate, send your energy, send your Love, but position yourself immediately over this area and feel that you are sending down into the Gaia, into the population mass, into the leadership, into the military, your ray, your Light, your Love.”

“If you are unclear as to what to send use soft pink – that is what your star brothers and sisters are sending and holding above this area. Stay there until this is completely resolved once and for All. It is time and this is a test of your readiness to truly live in peace and harmony, and, to demonstrate your committed partnership to the higher realms, dimensions and to Gaia herself. She cannot sustain any further devastation of human malice.”

I pass this request on to each of you – please share and let us participate and acknowledge our ability to shift energies. I am now at the Security Council which is meeting during the night, in secret. I will keep you posted – but please send your Love, your Light.

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