Monday, November 19, 2012

Saul: Big Changes Have Been Planned Which Will Permanently Alter the Way You Live

As Channelled By John Smallman - November 18, 2012

Awakening is on the minds of all you Light-workers and way-showers as the end of this earth year draws ever closer. You want action, impressive action, something very startling or at least uplifting.

Well, you will get it. Keep holding the intent to awaken; it is the driving force that is moving you homeward, and trust in God’s Will that you are going to awaken and in His promise that you will do so.

Even if you are experiencing doubts, release them — because deep within yourselves you know that they are unfounded, that they are just an aspect of the illusion that causes confusion and unnecessary anxiety.

Your homeward journey is nearly over, and your destination is clearly beckoning you onwards. All is progressing as divinely planned and intended. And as you have been told many times you just need to maintain your own individual intent, and when doubts or anxieties arise ask for assistance from those who are always on hand for that purpose – your guides and angels from the spiritual realms.

Love is the life-force; you were created from It and within It. But in the illusion, because of the barriers to Its presence that you erected, you do find it hard to connect to It in a positive way, one which makes you really aware of your unbreakable connection with It. And so you have to trust; and your angels or guides will confirm for you the validity of that trust. Just ask them.

As you pay attention to the unfolding dramas in world affairs – international, domestic, economic, and religious, and to the almost constant flow of new information being promulgated — you cannot truly imagine that nothing of major importance is occurring!

Your doubts most likely arise from your knowledge of human history, where you can see that there have always been wars, intrigues, political shenanigans, betrayals, and corruption, while also being aware of prophecies from a large number of sources offering the hope of better times ahead, but which so far have never materialized.

However, the numbers of prophecies, both modern and ancient, referring to this point in your human history as a moment for great change to occur far outnumber any of the vague and inept ones that were received or perhaps invented by those misguidedly seeking influence and fame, whose failure to occur disappointed so many.

Much research has been done by scholars all over the world that indicates pretty clearly that big changes are due and are essential for the benefit of the planet and all the life forms she supports — and that they are due very soon. And, of course, many spiritual channels of impeccable honesty and integrity are also reporting that change is in the air.

You are not being misled: big changes have been planned and are most definitely underway, which will permanently alter the way you all live and relate to one another. The signs are apparent everywhere. Pay attention to them because it eases your doubts by giving you indications in the physical environment that your hopes, what you have been praying for – a new age of enlightened thoughts, communications, and activities – is shortly to come into being.

The changes that are occurring across the planet are the forerunners, signifying that the new age is almost upon you. They will enable new systems that have been prepared for this time to come into effect. Troops will be called home from wars that need to be terminated quickly, safely, and effectively. Political organizations are in the process of being reinvented to deal with and provide for humanity’s real needs.

International business conglomerates will no longer be able to sidestep the law and shirk their responsibilities to humanity and the planet, and nor will religious organizations. You will all be involved in running and maintaining these new systems for the benefit and satisfaction of all. The small and extremely powerful groups with separate, self-serving agendas, which have wrought so much damage on the planet and on humanity, will collapse as their support is removed.

The massive and powerful intent that the majority hold for peaceful, harmonious living and for respect for all life forms will bring these visions into being, because the collective intent of humanity is enhanced by the divine field of Love enveloping the planet and intensifying daily. Nothing can stop, prevent, or delay the new age from birthing. It is a done deal.

Light-holders and way-showers, remind yourselves frequently each day that this is God’s Will, and that you are in perfect alignment with It. Your assistance is an essential part of this divine Renaissance, which is why you chose to be on Earth at this moment. When you pray and meditate you strengthen your own awareness and intent to make this happen, and you enormously help those who are still deeply asleep but who have a sense that something of huge importance is about to occur.

Everyone on Earth has a part to play and will play it perfectly, even though this may not appear to be the case. Do not get distracted by the fear-mongering that those in authority and in the media are encouraging because it is without foundation. You are moving forward as one, in peaceful cooperation, and the events that suggest otherwise are but the last futile writhings of a failed set of systems whose time is past.

Love is invincible, all-powerful, all-encompassing, and all-embracing, when It is freely accepted by open hearts, and the hearts of humanity are now opening in acceptance of their divine destiny to awaken into their natural and fully conscious state. Trust the divine plan and know that all is taken care of.

With so very much love, Saul

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