Thursday, November 15, 2012

We Will Take Care of the Rest – Archangel Michael via Ron Head

AAM At His Best Keeping It Simple, Loving And Sacred - DT the ET

Channelled By Ron Head On November 15, 2012 


We are happy to find you today in a rising state of peace and confidence.  You are beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together in much more understanding ways.  Some slight changes in the wordings of some of your favorite sources are showing you that there is really quite a bit of agreement regarding your near future that you had not previously perceived.  Add to this the magnificent step upward you have taken within the last week and we see a quantum jump in the light shining on and from your planet.

We urge you to place your focus upon that rising light and remove your attention as far as possible from the old concerns around you.  Walk through your days with the intent to remain connected with your highest selves, your highest dreams, and your highest intents, and your state of being will make upward strides which you will hardly have imagined.  In part this will be possible because you will have begun to see outward signs of change which have not been evident until now.  But mostly it will be due to your growing sensitivity to the immense love energies into which you and your entire world have become immersed.

This is compounded by each of you as your life is freed from its old bonds of fear and begins to feel its own power.  Do not fail to reach out whenever possible and join with those around you in love and friendship.  In so doing, nurture the changes in each other.  You will even find it possible to love the beings of those whose actions and ideas you do not particularly like.
As you discover that you are not your ideas nor actions, you will be more able to discern that difference in others, as well.  You each are, in fact, unique and necessary facets of the collective consciousness.  Who you are, in a sense, has come about because of who everyone else is, just as the life of the cells in your finger is dependent upon the life of the cells in your heart.

Your consciousness is expanding to the point of seeing this and far, far more.  You are on the verge of regaining the awareness you lost many millennia ago.  You are also moving out of the ‘awareness’ of the passing of linear time.  Right now it seems to you that time is speeding up and even out of control for you.  That elusive quality, patience, will be much easier to maintain when the indescribable state of ‘no time’ is reached.

There is so much that is about to change for you.  Yet no one has truly perceived the whole of it at this time.  It is almost upon you though, so just maintain your progress, your intent, and your loving care for yourselves and we will take care of the rest.

We love you dearly and continue to walk with you.  We will speak again soon.  Good day.

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