Friday, January 31, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-31-20

Keep Calm And Brexit

It Is Done!

Creator Writings illumines the Big Picture, regaining our Soul Sovereignty; Git Sum:

It's All connected by Unconditional Love, a.k.a Dark Matter; some scientists are Awakening:

Enjoy the Big 'Show' and this little Q video about destroying the malevolent Mockingbird Media:

Jon Rappoport is one of the best investigative journalists on this planet and Vaxatopia is his Forte:

Beneficent plant medicinals drive Big Pharma Crazy; Gaia's pharmacopoeia has no human Downside:

Some true Cabal colors are shining through the Magic Kingdom's false, child-friendly Facade:

Sandra sends this message into our inbox from her 5D Mount Shasta neighborhood; Surreal-R-Us:

GaiaPortal: Gaia Is Reborn

Channelled By √ČirePort On 1-31-29 @ 08:08 

Spartans retire from heavy works.

Supporters of Light embrace the climbers.

Angels enter.

Gaia is reborn.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-29-20

The Best Is Yet To Come! -Q

Dems Losing Their Sanity - Schiff Horrified As Russia-Ukraine Peace Upends Their Lies:

Wherein Dave finally groks to his core just how big Great Awakening is; Git Sum:

IPOT rocks it on the latest Q Drops and you there are cute puppy video clips to Boot:

You've now descended into the General Follies selection of amusing pieces
Thanks again to Suzanne Maresca at GAoG for baking up tasty Breads on a regular basis; Git Sum:

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-28-20

Pimping toxic vaccines on humanity is a $50 Billion a year cash cow for Big Pharma/Cabal interests; regularly staged false flag epidemics and pandemics are how they drum up business. They are bottom-line feeding sociopathic Satanists, just sayin.

Pandemic Pandemonium - Special Digest Edition

It's Angels and Demons time again; Bashar, Saul, Sue Lie and some surprise guests; Enlighten-Up:

The Arcturian Group Message, Jan. 26, 2020


Via Marilyn Raffaele

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Dear Readers, welcome to our message of hope and guidance. Much is soon to manifest that will cause many to question personal beliefs and those of the world in general.

Allow your spiritual journey to unfold without limitations that consist of nothing more than concepts and beliefs based on the experiences of others for every person’s inner journey is individual and authentic.

Allow, by truly accepting that you are not the person you believed yourself to be, but are a Divine Being, an expression of Source Consciousness who formed for yourself a physical body in order to work and live in the denser energies of Earth–a three dimensional interpretation of the real body, one of energy and Light.

You are more than ready to identify with the reality of who and what you are–Self sustained, Self maintained Divine Consciousness. Within “Self-sustained and Self-maintained” exists every Divine Reality, everything ever believed to be lacking– abundance, harmony, wholeness, safety, security, peace, completeness, intelligence, companionship–ad infinitum–just awaiting conscious recognition. This is the secret of life, the holy grail, hidden in plain sight where most never think to look–within.

Divine qualities have always been and can only be fully present within every individual simply because Divine Consciousness is all that exists, manifesting ITself in infinite forms. Beliefs of duality and separation have created a collective consciousness that believes itself separate from other people, animals, plants and all living things as well as from God. The ups and downs, good and bad experiences of daily living are simply duality in expression for there is no unexpressed consciousness.

This is the work–“What am I holding as truth in my consciousness?”

Disclosure Digest 1-27-20

A Bhuddic Download From

The Formless Realms To You

Lord Buddha doesn't call very often but when He does best listen up; short, sweet Ponderfest:

Anon digs on Kobe Bryant assassination paint a familiar picture, a deal with the Devil breaking Bad:

Patriot Redux by X22 Dave; enjoy some of the clearest Q decoding you can find on the Interweb:

Soy much for 'pure vegetable soy oil' drenched in glyphosate to rot my Brain:

This is critical reading for any anon seeking to understand the Zionist Death Cult Khazarian Mafia"

Hello! Major Nastiness Afoot On Social if you didn't already know; FU F9:

Morag dives deep into the explosive and unpredictable February Energies; grab yer socks Pilgrims:

Hmmm, we haven't heard from The Five Elementals in a while; Grok Sum courtesy of Sue Lie:

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-26-20

Gong Hei Fat Choy!

(Live Long and Prosper)

We follow up our Chinese New Year of the Stainless Steel Rat with the following Astrologicals:

The Chinese bio-weapon developed for Hong Kong and Taiwan, escapes to plague the Mainland

Big Pharma execs won't be doing soft time at 'Club Fed'; git yer Shawshank Depression right Here:

So real, so surreal...all at the same Now Moment; git yer Grins On with this tantalizing Trio of Trivia:

Lisa be talkin' 'bout her Big Momma and Lordy she do ramble on some; Glossary is on her Website:

Massive cloud reefs over the Colorado Rockies yesterday; Kansas went bye-bye, just look Up:

After chopping wood, carrying water and posting my blog I think, only fools use Zen as a buzz Word:

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Cure For Cancer, Dead Politicians Walking And JFK Jr On The Radar

By Utsava, The Swiss Psychic 

On 1-24-2020

(This video is available on

This article is a bad attempt at soft cancer cure disclosure; the real cures await in the wings...

Digital Digest 1-25-20

This Blog Honors Transparency

Here's the back story on the good folks at Gab from Neonrevolt; is it time to get your Gab ON:

Ed Buck is now the ultimate toxic tar-baby for Cali corrupt politicians; photos at 11:11:

The French trying to keep the lid on the ongoing 9/11 Truth-Out; fuggedaboutit Frog-o-crats::

Jon Rappoport Raps it down; in this latest Vax Bundle the whole sick satanic agenda is Exposed:

For you Morag fans out there here's her latest Andromedan Directive, for your further Edification:

Watch President Eisenhower accurately predict the future at the end of his second term; Mike Drop:

Davos Follies roll on with in-your-face POTUS rips globalist with some unvarnished truth; Kekfest:

Tulsi Gabbard goes full Warrior Queen on Killary by filing this milestone lawsuit; good Medicine:

We haven't heard a credible message from the Forces of Light in a few lunar cycles now; Git Sum:

Friday, January 24, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-24-20

Welcome To The 

Age Of Aquarius

This Aquarius New Moon Eco-Astrology Report from Stephanie Austin MA is a Humdinger:

This notorious Alphabet Frankencorp seems to be using the same Arkenciding M.O. as Killary; Oy:

Free the People and give Dave a listen, this X22 Report is particularly Eloquent:

Science meets ‘fiction’ and starts waking up to co-existent yet invisible biospheres; Nanu Nanu:

In Channeller's Corner today we have quite a cute coven of cosmic communicators: Grok Sum:

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-23-20

Bon Voyage Mr. C

Terry Jones, creator of the genius Mr Creosote sketch, drops dysfunctional avatar in Britain:

Persuity perusal of the Senate Schiff Show and it's true significance; well worth a Listen:

Just a reminder that food is our first medicine; perhaps it's time to git sum Good Food Stuff!

This tried and true Navy aphorism splashes the front pages as the White Squall fast Approaches:

Yup, the new Sheriff lays down the New Earth Vision for the pit vipers in Davos; Ponderfest:

Three digi-chuckles from the irreverent folks at the world famous Babylon Bee hive; Kekable:

We wrap it up today with an Angelic threesomeas posted on the GAoG site; Git yer Wings On:

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Saint Germain: You Have The Power Of A Thousand Suns

Channeled by James McConnell On 1-12-20

I am Saint Germain.   I come to be with you in auspicious time, in these auspicious moments that you have arrived at.

For all is happening exactly as it has been foretold for eons of time.  Not to the point of catastrophes and devastation which would lead to the ascension of man.  But the absence of this devastation.
To the calling of all to come forth, all of you, the already awakened ones that are the forerunners, all of you now, to come forth and to share your heritage with each other and with all of those around you that are open to it, that will listen to you, that will welcome your thoughts, your ideas, your ideal.  Certainly not all will.  They are not meant to.

But you are here to anchor the light and to share the light.  To share your love.  To open up within yourselves everything that makes you who you are as a creative force, and a creative source within each and every one of you.

And that creative source within you is now creating the New Golden Age, this Age of Aquarius.   
We are not creating it, the Galactics are not creating it–you are.  You are the creator and the created.

You speak of the Solar Flash and The Event, how it is coming, and how it is to become a part of the expression here on this planet, and to raise the consciousness everywhere.  But I tell you now, as Saint Germain, in many respects it is already here.  It has already arrived.  Not the full blast, you might say, but many of the precursors, those waves, those events that you have been told about before have been coming, building to the grand event, building to the grand Solar Flash.  The Solar Flash that you can now be able to withstand.

Disclosure Digest 1-21-20

Breaking: Virginia False Flag Fizzles

It seems appropriate to begin with a short Second American Revolution promo video from the Chans:

Thank the Brits for this FF primer-all the news and pics the LSM won’t show you; Ponderables:

There will be increasing protests World Wide as The Great Awakening inexorably Ramps-UP:

I call this the Sovereign Individual Bundle; best not to tread on any of Us. Capisce:

A special selection of Soros funded shenanigans - destroying civilization with your tax Dollars:

Your HS 'superpowers' will do much more than finding parking spaces; gracias Saint Asphaltia:

Multiple Mike's Latest Transmission

Via Mike Quinsey On 1-17-20

The big clamp-down on members of the Illuminati continues and inevitably takes time as thousands of individuals are involved. There is no quick answer as matters must be handled in accordance with the law of the land. Be assured that things are on the way to reaching a conclusion, but even so there are other matters that must also be attended to.

Originally it was intended to release information little by little but in view of the delays experienced a complete disclosure is now envisaged. It means that as so much has been held back, the changes to come may well be overwhelming. Your whole way of life will ultimately change for the better as things such as free energy will put a completely new way of life into being.

The Alliance is prominent amongst those who are pushing for changes to be introduced, and are now in a more powerful position than the Illuminati, so progress has become well advanced.

The period of moves to introduce the changes is well advanced , but bear in mind that it also covers events that will affect the way big business is being run and it will be some time before such matters settle down. In essence it is the size of the changes that are taking so much time to come to fruition.
However, in the end you will be more than satisfied and after such a long wait all will be to your liking. The old days of lack and bad distribution will disappear and smaller units will ensure that all will equally benefit from the changes.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-19-20

 Pepe Needed A Break

Now He's Back - And Still Bad

In spite of all the Lamestream Media BS torrent, Creator insists that All is Well: Ya Think:

And when you create some time to listen to the Silence you get much more Sane In The Brain:

The owners of this place will need to re-brand when the ugly truth about Hussein emerges:

It’s good to trust the Plan, after you’ve read and understood it; dive into the grokfest Pilgrim:

The Hive Minded Ones know good shit when they inhale it; nothing to see here, we're just Polinating:

Sorcha Fal gives us some insight on the Opening Episode of Season Four of the Trump Presidency:

Legal lines in the sand are being drawn all over our slowly awakening Constitutional Republic:

POTUS/Q+ is busy protecting the Constitution and, by extension, the future of the Human Race:

 Thanks to Bro Beckow for wrangling these classic channelled nuggets into a cohesive Message:

Cosmic Light Codes - The Language Of The Multiverse

Via Morag O'Brien On 1-18-20

Cosmic light codes are energetic frequencies carrying data. The vibrations they carry have the potential to upgrade our mind-body-soul beings.  Celestial alignment opens gateways, inter-dimensional portals that allow cosmic light-streams to permeate earth’s atmosphere. All is created in Source. Subtleties, complexities and nuances speak of a game creator of immense, infinite humility, love and intellect. 

The soul journey is one of incarnation, expansion and evolution. We ascend by aligning our internal cellular frequency to Gaia’s ascension field. We do this by detaching from low vibe places, people and things. We elevate our daily lives to spaces of calm abundance in spiritual practice. 

Calm is a high vibration, cabal engineered fear disrupts our bodies natural alignment to peaceful settings by generating stress, anxiety and tension, low vibrations. Stress ties our soul up in knots, blocks our heart and lowers our ability to expand our intellect. We become cogs in the wheel, machinery hooked up to a system engineered to keep us ignorant, obedient. 

The matrix is a mirror, an inversion of higher realms in the multi verse, there are complex subtleties to its dynamism. The machine can not rise. It is constructed in lower realms and its intention is to maintain lower vibrations. Cosmic light codes break us out of the matrix by elevating us to frequencies beyond the bandwidths the matrix operates within.

GaiaPortal: Fields Of Higher Dimensionals Are Viewed And Accepted

Channelled By √ČirePort On 1-20-20 @ 10:10
Fields of Higher Dimensionals are viewed and accepted.

Flourishes from the Archangels capture the attention.

The outer elements are dropped.

Inner Beings rise.

Mountains are moved with a blink.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-17-20

Vamoose Banditos...There's A

New Sheriff In Swamp City

There’s a new Sheriff in the USA - Sorcha’s on the case, telling it like it Was, Is and might yet BE::

As the big push to force vaccinations on the sheeple ramps up, the backlash begins; 'bout Time:

Home grown solutions sprout up in scenic, stoned Colorado; all along Us Hippies had it Right:

As our Ascension into higher frequencies accelerates these numbers appear much more Often:

Revisionist Cabal histories are being outed with increasing frequency and Volume:

Jon does a wonderful job of bringing vast conspiracies into the Light to be Healed:

We close with a Shamanic journey to Uluru, Gaia's Earth Star Chakra; watch the Boomerang:

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-16-20

Stay Humble, My Friends

Sorcha nails it again; a good track record in these strange, yet oddly stimulating Times:

What Is Really Happening In Australia? - David Icke, Morag O'Brien and Dana Mrkich fill us IN:

Please take five to enjoy this great little video: Q - Killing The Mockingbird; (P.E.T.A. Approved):

This second-level Bernie campaign shows his true intentions for our futures; Booooom!!!

"I Impeached The President And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt" cried pitiful Pelosi: Yukfest:

The 9D Arcturian Council sez that Chakra Detoxification is Not optional; best go with the Flow:

The Themes for 2020, according to Archangel Gabriel, are: Expansion, Trust and Embodiment:

GaiaPortal: Cosmic Dances Erupt In The Light BEings

Channelled By √ČirePort On 1-16-20 @ 07:07
Cosmic Dances erupt in the Light BEings.

Central presence is embraced.

Inner Beats are heard and followed.

Resonance with the Galactics is felt.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-15-20

It's Time For A Real Deep Dig!

In 2011 The Alliance collapsed our Denver D.U.M.B.; here's the updated list with recent Deletions:

OMG, finally the ugly truth about weaponized climate change science is creeping into the BBC:

A few recent tid-bits regarding the very bad habits of the Medical Mafia

Khazarian death cultists are still masquerading as ultra Orthodox Jewish communities; OyVey:

Wow, a bio-degradable (yet wholly inhumane) way to produce bio-available protein from Plants:

According to Brenda Hoffman we have shifted our Core Consciousness from fear to Love; Git Sum:

 We close with a word from The Folks Upstairs, courtesy of Aussie channeler Galaxygirl;

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Message From Matt Kahn

By Matt Kahn On 1-11-20

It’s important to notice how the inner-workings of spiritual love are different from expressions of personal love. In personal love, you often invite others with whom you resonate into the depths of your being for further communion and connection. Spiritual love contains almost the opposite movement. Instead of attempting to bring each and every person into your heart, it is an opportunity to allow the love you have within yourself to radiate toward those whose journey could benefit from greater blessings.

To bless from the heart of spiritual love is merely the assertion that those who hurt others do so instinctively because of unresolved pain— a depth of pain they may be unaware of in an effort to avoid facing it by spreading domination, manipulation, cruelty, or harm. In the subconscious mind of an unconscious being, as long as they constantly play the role of 'the hunter', they believe they are free from remembering what it’s like to be 'the hunted'. It’s a simple equation of hurt, so not to be hurt again, and dominate, so not to be dominated again. Such an understanding doesn’t validate their behavior on any level, but provides a bird’s eye view into how deep into the predatorial darkness the survival mode can go.

No matter how furious or incensed these actions make you, the blessings of spiritual love suggest: “I send you this light because I respect the evolution of your soul too much to help you avoid your history of pain by condemning or criticizing your actions. May you be blessed with light, so to break the cycles of abuse, so no other person, including yourself, may be hurt moving forward.”