Friday, January 3, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-3-20

LightWarriors Activated World Wide,

It's Game On, Folks

This is the party we came for, if you think you're relegated to the bench please read on; Grokfest:

Sorcha rings 2020 in with this troika of tragi-comic intel reports from deep within the Kremlin:

Satanic and in a real Panic, Disney didn't invent pedophilia but they market the hell out of it; Basta:

Inquiring Minds want to know: If we reject morally flawed politicians, who would we vote For:
Organ harvesting to feed the Medical Mafia with meat is an old cash cow for Team Dark; No More:

Liquidity problems in Big Pharma land; how to pay their massive advertising bill - raise Prices:

Attempts by [TD] to slip the 4Th Reich in through the back door will be Terminated:

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