Friday, January 17, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-17-20

Vamoose Banditos...There's A

New Sheriff In Swamp City

There’s a new Sheriff in the USA - Sorcha’s on the case, telling it like it Was, Is and might yet BE::

As the big push to force vaccinations on the sheeple ramps up, the backlash begins; 'bout Time:

Home grown solutions sprout up in scenic, stoned Colorado; all along Us Hippies had it Right:

As our Ascension into higher frequencies accelerates these numbers appear much more Often:

Revisionist Cabal histories are being outed with increasing frequency and Volume:

Jon does a wonderful job of bringing vast conspiracies into the Light to be Healed:

We close with a Shamanic journey to Uluru, Gaia's Earth Star Chakra; watch the Boomerang:

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