Monday, January 13, 2020

Pleiadian Medical Team 1/10/2020


Pleiadian Medical Team via Galaxygirl 

Hello friends, we are one of your Pleiadian Medical Teams that are uniquely assigned to you. We offer a variety of healing modalities and we visit you when you remember to request a visitation, an appointment. We are here to gently remind you that you have tremendous support and love made available to you and that you need not feel so isolated or alone.

We are infusing the vibration of “home” within these words for so many of you have felt adrift, apart from this vibration in your current incarnation. We find that the word “home,” which we wish to transmute and elevate, can be tremendously cleansing, healing, uplifting. It can also be maligned when immersed within a challenging 3D plane of existence.

We are your Pleiadian Medical Team. We are sending you the energetic frequencies of showers of light over your crown. Showers of light is a powerful visualization and we encourage you to use it when you are showering for starting and/or ending your day. For the light codes coming into your frame in this now are much akin to a shower or sprinkling of light and these sprinkles of light have become a steady stream of light. The Schumann resonance appeared differently on your spectrographs for this reason. For the vibration of “home” is being coded into Nova Gaia. The vibration of home is being awakened within the star seeds. For you will be able to feel your way there to the higher plane of vibration in this way.

We are your Pleiadian Medical Team. Many of you have been having very strong ascension symptoms and are feeling quite flat out. We see some of you fighting these realignments, no, not purposefully, but simply because you have been programmed to resist, to be suspicious of change and of goods things. That “waiting for the other shoe to drop” feeling must be purged. You are purging it. We see many good things coming for the very near future of humanity, especially for our ascending ones, and we want you to know that it will not always be so harsh. But it has been harsh for some time and you are road weary. Rest.

We, your Pleiadian Medical Team assigned to you, wish for you to envision yourself cocooned within a light bubble that is shimmering and alive with the word “home” in it. We think this will help you not feel so isolated. Think of all of your higher dimensional blissful home experiences as right around you, as a thick warm blanket always there for a hug to encourage you ever onward.

We wish to gently remind you that ‘ever onward’ is a concept that is part of the ascension process, that it is truly a never-ending cycle of experience, but to not be discouraged by this and to know that all is coming into fruition quite rapidly for you now. This bubble of light of “home” vibration will serve as a shock absorber for the turbulence. Remind yourselves of home, of the angels – and Pleiadian Medical teams! – that are ever nearby for your continued support and care.

Self care is extremely important at this time and we see many of you are dehydrated and running on fumes. Please drink more water. Please seek out more dark greens. Smoothies, chlorella, liquid fasts, of course veganism will become the norm. Perhaps it is time to begin to experiment with this mindset more fully. Become fully aligned with the blessing of the plant life that surrounds and is available for your deep cellular nourishment. No matter where you are or what food is made available to you, you can always transmute it to a higher frequency as well, dear friends. You have that power, and we suggest that you use it.

We love you most fully, we are your Pleiadian Medical Team. Peace and rest to you, friends, and remember the vibration of home, of your higher dimensional realities, are surrounding you now. Be comforted.
~ galaxygirl

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