Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-13-20

Friday The Thirteenth Comes On 

A Monday This Month, Go Figure...

Ring of truth here; Moar breadcrumbs for the nocturnal bakers, toiling away over sweaty Keyboards:

Era of Light Report 1/11/20: Galactic Assistance, Spiritual Electricity, Ascension Energies; Git Sum:

Sir Patrick Mack of IPOT fame does Detroit Dig in two parts; well worth your time and Attention:

A voice-channelled Cosmic tech-talk from Kryon to shift your perspective on Quantum Physics:

Hmmmm...Twitter Diplomacy is having positive stuff, for whirled peas, habbening in Iran; Inshallah:

Swamp draining at it’s finest - outing [DS] sleepers stone-walling Bad Orange Man Septic Services:

Disclosure is a real bitch and Cabal Klownworld is having a real hard time accepting Exposure:

Here's a good one by channeller and astrologer, Bracha Goldsmith - Pleiadian Message: 2020-2021:

AA Gabriel sends some Love and Understanding to us via sacred scribe, Shanta; Ponder On:

We will all become accomplished Masters of forgiveness and compassion by the end of this Rodeo:

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