Monday, January 6, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-6-20

Another Stormy Monday...

Wendy gets the broad strokes of the human/ascension experience; get a grip on your Trip:

Whoops there goes another Plutonium plant; git sum Funky fast lasers to clean House:

Ritual abuse epidemic appears as AAM & Co clear away the 'smoke and mirrors' Camouflage;

There must be a slew of guardian angels in Ricky's entourage; thanks to NZ Sierra for Noticing:

Rudy drops major booms on Dan’s show; runs 35 minutes and is worth a watch; Grok On:

Muslim mythology in service of the Team Dark Agenda; wise up to the ancient Dogma Scam:

Bottom line feeding corporate bacon breeders disdain healthy livestock farming; Bastardi:

Python alum calling the rampant PC BS as he sees it; maybe binge-watch Time Bandits and Brazil:

We trust that this Hint from Big C will be your 'permission slip' to hammock Out:

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