Monday, January 20, 2020

Cosmic Light Codes - The Language Of The Multiverse

Via Morag O'Brien On 1-18-20

Cosmic light codes are energetic frequencies carrying data. The vibrations they carry have the potential to upgrade our mind-body-soul beings.  Celestial alignment opens gateways, inter-dimensional portals that allow cosmic light-streams to permeate earth’s atmosphere. All is created in Source. Subtleties, complexities and nuances speak of a game creator of immense, infinite humility, love and intellect. 

The soul journey is one of incarnation, expansion and evolution. We ascend by aligning our internal cellular frequency to Gaia’s ascension field. We do this by detaching from low vibe places, people and things. We elevate our daily lives to spaces of calm abundance in spiritual practice. 

Calm is a high vibration, cabal engineered fear disrupts our bodies natural alignment to peaceful settings by generating stress, anxiety and tension, low vibrations. Stress ties our soul up in knots, blocks our heart and lowers our ability to expand our intellect. We become cogs in the wheel, machinery hooked up to a system engineered to keep us ignorant, obedient. 

The matrix is a mirror, an inversion of higher realms in the multi verse, there are complex subtleties to its dynamism. The machine can not rise. It is constructed in lower realms and its intention is to maintain lower vibrations. Cosmic light codes break us out of the matrix by elevating us to frequencies beyond the bandwidths the matrix operates within.

Lightbody activation underpins all light codes, as does divine intervention and ascended beings. Specific coded sequences will show up when we are experiencing a surge in those signature frequencies. 

The dark matrix and the old 3d matrix use numbers and language as an illusion to cloud truth. Spelling, words are spells. Language carries energetic vibratory codes as do numbers. Our guides and higher self will try and draw our attention to number sequences by using the inherent machinery of the matrix to their advantage. 

Digitization means we are surrounded by linear numbers, time, calendars and computers. Numbers appear on transport, highways and byways, cities, churches, towns and steeples. We see numbers everywhere in the matrix. The light matrix was successfully plugged into the mainframe in 2019, Source is speaking to us from inside the matrix. The universe is all numbers, coded data, binary and quantum.

Light Codes are cosmic waves of high vibrations, carrying specific codes for upgrades. Number sequences are a language many of us are learning to speak. A language of the multiverse, levelling everything, ensuring we are all on a fair playing field. We see through the darkness by looking out for and responding to number sequences when we awaken. 

For many it starts with 1111 and progresses from there. Some of us have personal number sequences we have been seeing since childhood, specific guides calling cards. Similar to white feathers, our passed ancestors, number sequences are communicating across the realms all the time. Our team on the other side, can help guide us through the maze. They can see the labyrinth we are in. Our higher self knows the cosmic alignments that will activate gateways flooding Gaia’s plane with activation data. 

Our higher selves can help position us for maximum integration of upgrades, magnetizing downloads to us and ensuring we remain in higher states of being. All if this is us breaking free of the matrix. All of this is Gaia’s ascension, we are her passengers. All of this is a great war for the hearts, minds and souls of humanity. We wise up, gen up, wake up and learn to speak the language of cosmic codes, numbers of light, recalibration and divine alignment.

Assimilation is easier to handle when we have a better understanding of why our third eye is tingling or our calves are aching or our head feels foggy, focused or floaty. Similar to the teachings of astrology, light codes embedded in our consciousness, we will imbue their meaning in an organic osmosis of expansion.

The more conscious we can be, mindful, grounded and prepared, the easier it is for us to navigate this profound process we are in. We stay on our cosmic surfboards by learning the language of Gaia’s ascension, speaking numbers, immersing ourselves in this new smart world and making it work for us. It’s all in our gut, instinct, intuition, these are our quantum senses, the bandwidths of existence in higher realms. 

Stay calm, be open to the world communicating with us, seek meaning, research and listen to Self. Our higher selves get closer to our lower self consciousness with every gateway of assimilation, cosmic recalibration, we embrace. We free our mind, drop into heart and learn to love and nourish our soul. It’s a beautiful magical world out there cosmic surfers, we adapt to new customs of self care, self love and self knowledge to inhabit the new earth. The rest takes care of itself. 

In love and light beautiful people.

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