Monday, January 20, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-19-20

 Pepe Needed A Break

Now He's Back - And Still Bad

In spite of all the Lamestream Media BS torrent, Creator insists that All is Well: Ya Think:

And when you create some time to listen to the Silence you get much more Sane In The Brain:

The owners of this place will need to re-brand when the ugly truth about Hussein emerges:

It’s good to trust the Plan, after you’ve read and understood it; dive into the grokfest Pilgrim:

The Hive Minded Ones know good shit when they inhale it; nothing to see here, we're just Polinating:

Sorcha Fal gives us some insight on the Opening Episode of Season Four of the Trump Presidency:

Legal lines in the sand are being drawn all over our slowly awakening Constitutional Republic:

POTUS/Q+ is busy protecting the Constitution and, by extension, the future of the Human Race:

 Thanks to Bro Beckow for wrangling these classic channelled nuggets into a cohesive Message:

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