Thursday, January 2, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-1-20

Welcome To The Rip-Roaring Twenties!

Yup, we actually made it through 2019 without an overt civil war breaking out; Surprise, Surprise:

Grokfest for Anons from Neon Revolt; the rabbit hole is self-revealing; pay Attention: 

Morag offers an extensive dialogue on Awakening to the New Energies, for your further Edification:

007 was the quintessential Cabal hit man; cucked British courts trying to renew his license to Kill:

Metro NYC Manchurian sleepers awaken to cause a FF antisemitic crime spree; Klownsville:

The Lamestream Media appears to be in its death throes; may humor help speed its Demise:

Vaccines “preventing every bad thing" is a toxic Big Pharma dis-info meme exposed by Jon R.:

Git sum New Years Greetings from Suzanne Maresca over at the GAoG blog; Amen Sister:

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