Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-15-20

It's Time For A Real Deep Dig!

In 2011 The Alliance collapsed our Denver D.U.M.B.; here's the updated list with recent Deletions:

OMG, finally the ugly truth about weaponized climate change science is creeping into the BBC:

A few recent tid-bits regarding the very bad habits of the Medical Mafia

Khazarian death cultists are still masquerading as ultra Orthodox Jewish communities; OyVey:

Wow, a bio-degradable (yet wholly inhumane) way to produce bio-available protein from Plants:

According to Brenda Hoffman we have shifted our Core Consciousness from fear to Love; Git Sum:

 We close with a word from The Folks Upstairs, courtesy of Aussie channeler Galaxygirl;

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