Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Arcturian Group: Your Consciousness Of Oneness

Channelled By Marilyn Raffaele On 1-12-20

Dear ones, you intellectually understand, but must actually accept that you are so much more than you have been led to believe. Throughout lifetimes humans have been manipulated and taught that they are little more than animals deserving of and needing harsh treatment and incapable of making proper decisions and must look to those more qualified to tell them what is right or wrong or how to live.

Because of this, many unconsciously still carry old energy from those lifetimes in cellular memory. As long as these energies remain active they can and often do manifest seemingly out of nowhere as experiences of either overt aggression or its opposite, powerlessness.

As old and dense energies clear both personally and globally, some are re-experiencing deeply buried energies of fear, aggression, or powerlessness and not understanding why. Because low resonating energy cannot align with the higher, these must be cleared. This often takes place through dreams but through experience and emotions as well.

Allow the clearing process to take place without resistance or the belief that these things are who you are. Negative emotions, thoughts, or feelings are never who you are. Allow them to move through and out without attaching power to them.

When mankind was much less evolved, rules and guidelines were important and often necessary for staying alive. However, mankind has evolved beyond those times and many of these guidelines have become obsolete and no longer necessary. More and more, the concept of a “ruling class” has devolved into being simply a means for power over others.

Beliefs in duality and separation have and will continue to perfectly manifest pairs of opposites as long as they continue to dominate collective consciousness simply because consciousness is the substance of form. Mind, being an avenue of awareness, interprets what it sees according to the state of consciousness of the individual or collective.

Demonstrations and actions hold an important place in helping to change world awareness, but unless guided from within to bring your light to some situation through participation, most of you will not be called to demonstrate and protest. Those awakened and evolved usually serve on levels more in alignment with their state of consciousness, bringing Light to the outer scene through silent alignment with “God alone is. ”

Pre-birth, every individual chooses the experiences he needs, and is spiritually prepared for in order to learn and evolve during his time on earth. A person with a weak and powerless personality, who has always allowed others to run his life may feel ready and thus choose experiences that will force him/her to empower themselves.

Example–After having never held a job, always looking to others, and believing self to be a victim, he/she may be forced into empowerment after finding themselves in “do or die” situations following the death, abandonment, or withdrawal of those who have always enabled them.

Loving occasionally means allowing another to fall flat on their face. When you continue enabling someone who has had many opportunities, you take away their job, which is to learn and grow.
Those new to life on Earth get a great deal of assistance when choosing life experiences and are guided to choose only what is not beyond their ability to complete. Those more experienced and evolved make the majority of their own decisions along with the others who will be involved. “Older” souls are well aware of where they have failed in the past and what they need to learn. However, all choices are lovingly guided and approved pre-birth, based on each soul’s readiness rather than their enthusiasm.

You have entered a time in which many are opening to deeper levels of awareness through painful and intense life experiences. Most are as of yet unaware that they themselves chose these or similar experiences either simply for the experience itself, or to force themselves deeper within. “Wake up calls” are often necessary for those who are spiritually prepared, but who refuse to budge from their three-dimensional comfort zone.

Most are unaware that when they realize some new facet of truth, they are in fact simply remembering it. Truth is, always has been, and can only be already fully present in the Consciousness of every person. It does not flow from some outside source for there is no outside source. All truth flows from where it has always been just awaiting recognition–within– even though it often appears to come from a teacher, book, class, channel, or practice. Evolution is simply remembering. At no time have you ever not been the fullness of God expressing ITself.

You who read these messages are ready to release yourselves from all remaining self created prisons of illusion. The world is not an illusion as many have been taught and believe. Rather the three dimensional concepts of the world are the illusion. A tree may appear to be an inanimate stand of wood to three dimensional consciousness but those able to see higher dimensional energy see the Light of Life flowing in, through, and around every branch and root, connecting it to every other tree. “Tree-huggers” are not hugging a piece of wood, but rather are connecting with the one same Divine life essence each holds.

Learn to look beyond all appearances, large and small, good or bad. God is not just in good appearances and not in the bad ones. Both are mind interpretations flowing in accordance with the state of consciousness and conditioning of the observer. Because there is only ONE consciousness, everyone in alignment with the conditioned collective sees the same thing. This is what is meant by “You must come out and be separate”.

When you react strongly to some negative appearance, you feed it energy allowing it to continue. Stop feeding world concepts based in duality and separation. Honestly examine your belief system in order to understand if or how you may be doing this. Rest in your Divinity rather than your humanness. You are ready. Understand and accept that everything reflective of duality or separation is nothing more than a mind formed illusory corruption of some underlying reality.

Everyone comes to earth for the experiences they have chosen based on what they have not yet experienced or need to learn. However, once on earth this is forgotten as the person sees and experiences physical and emotional struggles, as well as success. Both are tools for learning but become obsolete and no longer necessary once a person attains a consciousness of Oneness and the non-power or reality of appearances.

This is not to say that “problems”completely cease upon awakening for as long as one is living in the three dimensional world, the pairs of opposites will present themselves. However, those living from a higher level of awareness will find them occurring less frequently and usually for the purpose of drawing attention to some ingrained belief needing to be recognized and cleared. You will find yourself intuitively guided to the “right” person, business, or service capable of assisting with the problem if you allow and trust your oneness with harmony and wholeness.

Cease endowing “problems” with power. Ask yourselves, “What is this experience teaching me? What am I believing that is causing me to feel this way? Is this belief true in the light of the truth I know?” You will discover that a great deal of what the world has labeled good or bad, acceptable or not acceptable began as nothing more than popular opinion given credibility through acceptance allowing it to become a rule, law, or societal norm.

It is time to let go of everything false and rest in the the truth that all is and can only be whole and complete because nothing exists outside of the ONE. “Well, things don’t look so whole and complete.” you say. Three dimensional appearances will always appear to defy and take president over truth simply because at this time the majority remains capable only of comprehending the material–that which they can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. This is why the journey of every aspiring master is difficult especially in the beginning.

Never deny appearances but rather simply acknowledge them for what they are and do what you may be guided to do to for self or the others involved. Do what needs doing, but do it with the detachment that comes of not giving appearances power for good or bad.

Occasionally a misguided truth student will consider it spiritual to simply spout “God is all.

Everything is illusion.” and do nothing during difficult times. Pretending to have attained a consciousness of the absolute while it remains only intellectual knowledge is three dimensional thinking. Yes, know the truth, but then take whatever actions you are guided to take which more and more will become inner actions.

This type of thinking frequently occurs around health issues. A serious student does not address some issue in the belief that he must hold to absolute truth or spiritual fail by looking to some outside medical assistance. Assistance is offered on all levels and it is all spiritual. Know the absolute and bring it to conscious awareness, but then take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take without assigning power to the situation. You will soon discover that the sky does not fall down nor there is there any spiritual regression.

Some of you may be called to work in the outer scene, to take a stand, lead some group, and solve world problems but most of you at this time are doing spiritual work by living each moment in silent awareness of One Reality always expressing ITSelf. This work is not for the faint hearted because you are not yet the majority and it can be very tempting to simply “go with the flow” of majority thought.

As you live from your highest level of realization in each now moment of every seemingly ordinary day not hoping, seeking, looking for some future event, or miracle from on high, you will begin to witness personal and global change that is inevitable. Ordinary, familiar, and commonly accepted beliefs within governments, organized religions, health fields, education, finance, etc. will begin to change and evolve into higher and better form.

In the meantime let go of expecting and looking to this or that to appear and save the world. These types of beliefs were born from the old belief system enmeshed in separation. You are the change you hope to see and have been seeking for lifetimes. You are the Holy Grail, God and Savour but have not known it. You know it now, so allow these old concepts to fade into the nothingness that they are.

Live each now moment in conscious union with your Divine Self, while allowing the “heathen to rage” however it pleases. Consciously live the events, chores, joys, and disappointments of each day from center, from that silent, secret, and sacred place of Oneness.

This is Lightwork–you being YOU. No group of ascended masters, evolved extraterrestrials, angels, or gods somewhere in another dimension can do the work for you. It is why you chose to be on earth at this time.

Allow your Consciousness of Oneness to express ITself as you.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/12/20

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