Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-27-20

A Bhuddic Download From

The Formless Realms To You

Lord Buddha doesn't call very often but when He does best listen up; short, sweet Ponderfest:

Anon digs on Kobe Bryant assassination paint a familiar picture, a deal with the Devil breaking Bad:

Patriot Redux by X22 Dave; enjoy some of the clearest Q decoding you can find on the Interweb:

Soy undelicious...so much for 'pure vegetable soy oil' drenched in glyphosate to rot my Brain:

This is critical reading for any anon seeking to understand the Zionist Death Cult Khazarian Mafia"

Hello! Major Nastiness Afoot On Social Media...as if you didn't already know; FU F9:

Morag dives deep into the explosive and unpredictable February Energies; grab yer socks Pilgrims:

Hmmm, we haven't heard from The Five Elementals in a while; Grok Sum courtesy of Sue Lie:

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