Thursday, January 23, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-23-20

Bon Voyage Mr. C

Terry Jones, creator of the genius Mr Creosote sketch, drops dysfunctional avatar in Britain:

Persuity perusal of the Senate Schiff Show and it's true significance; well worth a Listen:

Just a reminder that food is our first medicine; perhaps it's time to git sum Good Food Stuff!

This tried and true Navy aphorism splashes the front pages as the White Squall fast Approaches:

Yup, the new Sheriff lays down the New Earth Vision for the pit vipers in Davos; Ponderfest:

Three digi-chuckles from the irreverent folks at the world famous Babylon Bee hive; Kekable:

We wrap it up today with an Angelic threesomeas posted on the GAoG site; Git yer Wings On:

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