Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Disclosure Digest 1-8-20

More Proof That We Are Truly

Living In Most Interesting Times...

Bad boy Ricky Gervais has just red pilled plus/minus 40,000,000 people and Counting:

Stephanie Austin does a masterful job of framing the imminent Eclipse into the Big Picture"

My Arcturian cousins seem to have a thing for shower manifestations; upgrade your MerKaBa:

New Cambridge Analytica documents reveal a huge 'global network' of voter Manipulation:

KayRay at Era of Light posted this little op-ed recently and he shows signs of incipient Grokking:

Mobbed up Chelsae gets her vigs from being on Boards and pimping Books (that don’t sell): Kekfest:

Yup, folks it shure looks like there'll be a gol durned showdown at the BS Corral any day Now:

Our Lady of Mount Shasta is still on Retreat yet was able to smuggle out this missive; don't Miss It:

Comforting words and concepts from Brenda H. and her Orbish Crewe, for you and you and You:

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