Saturday, February 27, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-27-21

Get Ready For Some...

Let's begin today with a Three Witches Bundle led by our dear friend, Sedona Sandra - grok Sum:

The Ascension Follies are kicking into yet another High Gear; grab yer socks and read some Sorcha:

We must Understand the Scam in order to Defeat the Scam; now, try following the objective Science

The truth of Big Pharma/MD-Mafia causing Iatrogenic Homicide instead of practicing Ethical Triage:

Great confusion among the Low Vibe Tribe; ancient spells being broken as the Sheeple Awaken:

Magenta skirts another bout of multi-dimensional laryngitis to bring us this important '9' Message:

Dr. Peebles (gotta love that handle...) drops in for a bit, courtesy of channeller Natalie Gianelli

The Loosh Tapes Transcribed



Ivo Of Vega

Channelled By Sharon Stuart, 12-21-20


ivo of vega eraoflightdotcom“I’ve been thinking about “loosh”, what it is, how it is manipulated and created and consumed by the dark ones. I don’t think people really understand how pervasive this is in the reality of life on this planet.”

Me: That’s a comment from a friend with the request that we channel on this subject. We’ve touched on it in many video’s, but hey, Ivo, let’s lock and load, give everyone the straight goods on what loosh is and what effect it has on our world. And yes, lock and load refers to guns but it’s something my mind is picking up and I think is cool, against my better judgment. That’s the conflict of the soul versus the ego, and right now the ego has to have her little things. This one will probably go the way of the dodo, but right now it’s doing its job: creating internal conflict within me. I figure if you’re in inner conflict, you’re doing pretty good because it’s your soul and your ego trying to gain mastery over the expression that is you. What’s better is to give the soul complete control. So why is there conflict then? Conflict creates loosh.

Everything seems to create loosh, except for unqualified love.

Ivo: Very well, my love. I will explain what loosh is.

All energy is alive. All energy vibrates to a frequency. Energy is life and energy supports life and life utilizes energy. When you eat food, you are eating energy. Well, except in cases where you are eating dead food, such as meat, then you are eating low energetic substances, in fact, rotting substances. However, your refrigeration processes and preservation processes maintain this flesh long enough for you to ingest it.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-26-21


 Kamala's New Air Force One Paint Design


Stephanie Austin leads off this Three Witches, Full-Moon-My-Sign Bundle; a ponderfest fer Sure:

The sick [TD] agenda for humanity laid out in an X-Files episode from 2016; Disclosure & Exposure:

Today's Satanic Transgender Clown Show Bundle begins with a great Tom MacDonald rap Video:

A timely troika of teasers from the good folks at GAoG; if ya got a few nanoseconds to kill, git Sum:

And lastly please enjoy these seminal ruminations from The One Who Thunk It ALL Up:

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Your Quote Du Jour...Mazel Tov!

 Om Nama Shivaya!


"Peace among religions is a precondition for world peace. But religions, as religions, can never be at peace with each other. To enable religions to be instruments for peace we need to enable, first, religious communities to progress from religion to spirituality. For the world order to be one of peace and justice, for the global village to be a theater of right livelihood, it is imperative that a new and proactive spiritual vision commensurate to the challenges of the emerging world order be enunciated without delay.

The challenge is to make “right livelihood” a universal goal. Recognizing this value in a symbolic way through an award like this is a significant step in the right direction. This is not, however, our journey’s end. We must not rest until right livelihood is within reach of every human being upon this earth we love and cherish. We all have a role to play in achieving this goal."
- Swami Agnivesh

Disclosure Digest 2-24-21

Snow Flakes, It's Time To 

Wake Up And Look Up! 


Our Patriot's Grab-bag bundle has a bit of everything, like an ECETI Update & an Elon Musk Reveal!

When this Cry turns into a coast-to-coast Chorus we’ll finally begin reclaiming our Country; Oorah:

Straight from the ancient hills and hollers of good ole Tennessee; git yer Quantum awakened w/ Gillian:

The last of the great Beat Poets, Lawence Ferlinghetti has died at 101, just two days after a covid Jab

Short and Sweet (what else from an Archangel?) Gabriel sorts it out quite nicely; props to Shelly:

Even Creator knows that the Night Time is the best time, for Whatever blows your hair Dry:

Monday, February 22, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-22-21

Springtime For Terra Gaia

Is Just Around The Corner...

It’s raining Boeings in Holland as the Slo-mo Self-destruct of Seattle seems to be speeding Up:

Creepazoids in the [DS]CCP world are still trying to co-opt our Divine DNA to make superior Orcs:

The Marathon of Madness - Kill-rooms in Disney World’s invisible-green Underworld, babies in Subs:

It's time for a Fun, Moon flower update and the latest on the kick-ass CME hitting Earth right Now:

The Three Witches Bundle brings you missives from Shelly, Maria and Jenny; it's a Grok-A-Thon:

The Patriot, Citizen Journalist And Light Worker Tool Bag


 By James Gilliland, Star Lord, 2-22-21

There are some energy waves coming in that are driving the dark hearts rather mad. They are pulling out all the stops invoking and sending everything from demons to creatures through ritual to maintain their diminishing control. When you are exposing and going up against the tyrants realize many are no longer human. This is why they can do so many inhumane things much of which the average human cannot even contemplate. You are not just working against some very evil people you are up against unseen negative influences as well. 

It is not uncommon for the dark hearts to use spells and hexes against light workers.  The Satanic/Luciferian rituals are real, it is an unthinkable abomination what they are doing to children. It is the ultimate slap in the face to Creator. The sex and child trafficking are also real along with harvesting organs and blood and “Adrenochrome”. It has become epidemic within almost all institutions and industries. It is time to wake up, end the denial and take back your planet.

Just as these fallen humans and other unseen negative entities are real, so are the positive seen and unseen entities in greater numbers and powers. We can be a victim or stand tall in our own divinity. The positive higher vibrational beings are here to liberate, empower and awaken Humanity and the Earth in a plan that goes all the way back to Creator. Some have incarnated from these higher planes, dimensions and civilizations  while some are raising their frequencies merging with their higher dimensional selves. Some are being initiated, having visions-dreams of beautiful loving beings and receiving guidance through these tumultuous times.

On the other side of the coin some are having nightmares, being psychically attacked, put in hellish situations, having lovers, friends and family turn on them and feeling totally alienated. Hopefully this newsletter will assist you in understanding, depersonalizing these events and help with tools to get us through these trying times. The prophecy of End Time Madness explains these times.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-19-21


 Don't Wait For An Intermission,

This Show Is Just Getting Good...


For Denise LeFay fans here's her latest collection of multi-dimensional mind-droppings; Ponderable:

RDS is very good at de-coding the spook stuff yet is obviously uncomfortable with Spiritual Ascension:

Higher Ed. in the West is a Joke; Pimping freshwomen as the new 'woke curriculum' -triple Blech!

Disney Corp. is truly the heart of Satanic Darkness and it Oozes out of everything they produce; Basta:

Today's triplet of thought-trinkets from the enhanced Merkabas over at GAoG; ponder on Pilgrim:

Creator makes it all sound so simple; is this same Being who created this very complex Universe?

GaiaPortal: Partners of Duality Unify

Channelled By ÉirePort On 2/21/21/ @ 02:20

Partners of duality unify. 
Melchior elements sing.

Spatial components delineate the martyrs.

Forgiveness marks the time.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-19-21

Space Force Gets Me to Mars In An Hour...

This one we'll call the Awakening To The Matrix Bundle; coming to your Senses is hard Work:

Contrary to popular belief Comedy isn't dead but it has suffered greatly under Scamdemic Restrictions:
Israel has by far the most Brainwashed and Confused population on the planet, Oy Vey Bist Mir!

A sampler of fine articles from the Radiant Beings masquerading as editors over at GAoG; grok Sum:

Saint Germain: Endings And Beginnings

Via James McConnell  On 2/18/21


I am your Saint Germain. I come at this time to continue to assist you in all that you are doing at this time, and all that you are doing to find yourselves out of this illusion of separation, this illusion that you yourselves long ago were part of creating.

You created this as a collective.  And as a collective, you can now move beyond this and change this.

Yes, there are those that are attempting to hold onto the status quo, attempting to hold onto the life as they know it to be, which is the old 3D paradigm, the matrix.  They attempt to hold onto it in every way that they can, every way that they know to do.  Using that same old playbook over and over and over, which has worked for so many years and years, thousands of years even, it has worked.

 But their biggest fear was always that the population would awaken and no longer follow their playbook, no longer follow their programming.  And that is what is occurring now.

People are awakening everywhere.  Consciousness is rising everywhere.  Vibrational frequency is increasing everywhere.

And those that continue to remain in the darkness, continue to hide themselves in the shadows of that darkness, can no longer do so.  They cannot hide anymore from you.  So therefore, they have arisen from those shadows and shown themselves to be exactly what they are.

And you see them now for what they are.  In many cases, soulless beings that have attempted to hold control over the population of this planet.  For this is the planet where they have attempted to do so.  They have attempted it at other planets as well.  But they have fallen upon this planet, Earth, Gaia, for so long now, attempting to hold on to it as their own, to control it.  But as you know, this is not being allowed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-17-21

 Fearless Leader Asks

The Burning Question,

Can You Handle The Answer?


As Above, So Below, ya Know...Galaxies have Auras too, just like us! Who'da Thunkit?

This bundle has turned into a bit of a F_F_ Primer for newbies; oh gets a lot Weirder:

I love a thorough, no punches pulled Lightworker curmudgeon; time to git sum Gilliland!

A must view Gene Decode video on DUMB Dungeons from a year ago; many more blown Since:

Mmmmm, excelent work, my Padawan; continue your spelunking in search of the White Rabbit:

Git yer Neo-Feudalism straight from a bastard Rockefeller’s mouth; this will melt some ‘Flakes:

Don't miss 'Giddy-yup Daddy...Sledding Texas Style' and other PG rated delights; not for the Timid:

That donkey-pal Swiss miss Utsava be messin’ wit y’all’s heads again; that includes ole Ron Head:

We have crossed Oceans of Time to get to this Moment, only to find Creator patiently waiting for Us:

The Hathors: Sync Up With Higher Consciousness

By Peggy Black and the 'Team' 

On 2-15-21

We are here. We are here to support and inspire you to your highest and best. You are still witnessing the huge shifts and changes in your reality. You are also witnessing the vast differences of opinions and attitudes. You are witnessing the anger and the chaos being created in the collective.

Everyone is feeling the distress and anxiety of their reality. This year has been a tremendous challenge on everyone. With the pandemic, the shut downs, all the normal markers have disappeared. What has been left is a sense of void, a sense of mental fatigue and emotional uncertainty.

We are here to invite you to own and recognize once again that you are divine multidimensional beings. Yes all your normal markers have disappeared, however you now have the opportunity to shift into your higher state of creating. Realize that you are in the midst of a mass awakening of consciousness.

When you lose all your familiar markers of your normal life, you have the opportunity to review you life and call forth a new reality. You have the opportunity to call on more light awareness, which is new data and information for you to incorporate. You can step into your power.

The old energy is collapsing; the lies, the manipulation of events has been meant to activate your anger, your fear. We are inviting you to step outside that box and observe rather than react. It is the reaction that holds you hostage to the events. When you go into fear or anger you are creating more of the same in your future. You know these truths. Everything is energy and vibrations.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-16-21

Remember, The Orion Dark Sun Cabal

Was Once A Galaxy-Wide Abomination


This just in from Fleet Command - operational situation planet-side rapidly approaching Peak BS:

The open Rebellion against the [DS]Scamdemic rules and lock-downs is rapidly spreading; Basta!

Trump has already begun his 'Do You Miss Me Yet' Golf Tour; thousands cheer him on in Florida: 

No longer the stuff of comic books, the [DS]CCP deploys engineered super soldiers in Tibet:

The Alliance is taking down the merchants of death; think Med-Beds and real Cancer cures - Oh Yeah:

Thanks to Little Fidel/Trudeau it’s easier and cheaper to visit Havana than Montreal; Mojitos Anyone?

Yer daily Troika of Trivialities from the hard working drones at the Babylon Beehive; time to yuk it Up:

The folks over at GAoG are consuming Red Pills at an alarming rate, playing catch-up to Reality:

Creator has graciously agreed to take us on Home with some uplifting Closing Thoughts; ponder On:

Arcturian Group Message From 2/14/21


Via Marilyn Raffaele On 2-14-21

Welcome, dear readers. Know that we are here to guide and assist, but never to force for only you yourselves can acknowledge and reclaim the innate power that throughout the course of many lifetimes you ignorantly allowed others to take from you.

The time is now to be what you always have been but have not known you were. It is time to stand in your identity as a spiritual being formed of Divine Consciousness no longer subject to the third dimensional nonsense and false claims that feed a sense of inadequacy and prevent you from trusting in your ability to make wise choices and decisions.

You have traveled through many lifetimes and have experienced all skin colors, both genders, and most three-dimensional experiences. Because of it, you have reached a place of wisdom and spiritually-evolved awareness that in turn has left you at a fork in the road of your evolutionary journey. You have done the work required to bring you to this fork and now you must decide.

Path 1. “Should I continue believing that others (family, friends, experts, newscasters, government, religious doctrine) know what is best for me even when or if it does not resonate with me? Do I believe that I am unable to make wise decisions for myself? Do I believe that I am powerless or that victimhood serves me by providing comfort and attention?”

Monday, February 15, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-15-21


Nothing Can Stop What's Coming


A Spamdemic de-code by Brah Gilliland, man's got a way with a Rant; git sum anti-viral Verbiage:

Trump Wins Again! after show trial Donkeys get themselves Trapped in corner like dying Animal:

The Myanmar Back-story thread from Gab; very little is what it appears to be, Frens:

‘Zombie Angelina Jolie’ monument sold off for $35,500 in Russia, where they know from Daemons:

Apparently the UK gets academic freedom of speech right; it’s time to liberate The Commons: Ayup:

Yup, we be floatin' like a Big Mike butterfly and Stingin' like a righteous Babylon Bee; yuk-it-Up:

Presenting Lorie, Shanta and the Hathor Sisters...what a lovely and enlightened Trio of Truth-Tellers:

Let's bring a merciful end to this meaty digest while Creator still has a few Comments for us All:

The Voices In Mike's Head Git 'Er Done...

Via Mike Quinsey On 2-12-21


Being given details of what is happening in the broader picture is largely for the need to keep certain activities as secret as possible to protect the Forces of Light. Much is happening that you are unaware of and protecting you from the activities of the dark Ones is a priority.

They may have been weakened by your activities to arrest many of them, but they still pose a threat as they have no regard for Universal Law and your lives. In this respect we protect you as far as possible and we are gradually depleting their forces. In the ultimate there will only be one winner as the Forces of Light will reign supreme.

For so long we have been waiting for an opportunity to openly meet you, but as you know for our safety and more so yours we need a situation where we can be confident that our plan will not endanger you. The dark Ones are by no means as powerful as they were largely due to our presence, but even a few can present a danger to great numbers of you. We take no risks and have the patience to wait for the right opportunity to overcome them, which is inevitable. It has taken a long time to get this far, and we have no intention of rushing matters when we are so near to a great victory.

You too are on the path to achieving a great success, even though you are presently in a confusing situation wondering if you will ever get back to something like “normal” – yet you will even though it is going to be much different to what you have been used to.

Even now you are beginning to see that great opportunities are arising out of the changes forced upon you. When you can go forwards there is no gain in going back to the old ways; they are finished and served their purposes very well.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-14-21


 It's Time To Git Sum 5-D Planet Earth


Scientists discover the embarrassing reality of Gaia’s planetary Flatulence; it’s The Quickening - Duh: 

The pathetic Capitol Hill 3-ring Circus is still rumblin' and a stumblin' towards orange jumpsuit Land: 

Eastern Orthodox Putin 2.0 is doing a bang-on job of advancing the imminent Liberation oh Humanity:

The Alliance has a cucked-spawn of goombah Albany lobbyist by the short & curlies: Cuomo Crapola:

Lisa Renee reports that Negative Alien customers pay top $ for human DNA samples for making Orcs: 

If you want to avoid a melt-down later Please familiarize yourself with the Facts of Satanic Pedophilia:

Thich Nhat Hanh take: “The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment.”

Suzi’s Comfy Corner bundle is sure to amuse, diffuse and suffuse your short little attention Spans:

The Creator Of All Of The Above would like a few short words with you; an offer you can't Refuse:

A Kat-Scratch Synopsis Of Charlie Ward, Nicholas Veniamin, Gene Decode & Michael K. Jaco Intel

This is some excellent work by Kat in organizing this momentous de-code (by a stellar crew of  true 'insiders') to help us all grasp the Galactic Scope of the Liberation of Gaia and All of Humanity. 
(Ed: in military-speak Foxtrot, Foxtrot = FF = False Flag event)

Posted By Kat On 2-14-21

Friday, February 12, 2021

Disclosure Digest 12-12-21

Maskopia Retardensis Syndrome...

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

The Banana Republic show trial of Trump to hide Biden war moves Flops in the Ratings; Kektick:

The Farce Majeur bundle looks at the ongoing political pantomime of the Biden Faux-Administration:
The CCP is a creation of the Cabal, so racism & insensitivity just come Naturally: git sum viral Stuff:

In search of some real proof-of life for the clones and doubles currently being publicly arrested; Kek: 
An elegant great Reveal by the Tuckman, certainly got Stevo’s attention; redpills Away:

This Three Witches Bundle honors Lorie, Shelly and Utsava in their efforts to help us All: Ponderfest:

Famous last words strike once again straight to the Heart of the Matter; Grok On:

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-10-21

Big Pharma lashing out at any critics often by Arkenciding them; drone strikes Next?

The hidden up-side of the China Virus Scamdemic by Dr. Mercola; wakey, wakey Sheeple:

Mrs. Mercola is a rock star, chronicling over over 200 docs, killed for bucking the satanic death Cult: 

Uber-props to Our Lady of Sedona for all of her Luminous Generosity, Long may she Twinkle:

The Star-Child Who Came In From The Cold: