Monday, November 30, 2020

PC-R: Opportunities For This Moment

Via Patricia Cota-Robles On 11-28-20

As the Earth passed through the 11:11 Gateway on November 11th, our Father-Mother God Blessed Humanity with a powerful influx of Light that allowed every person’s I AM Presence to accelerate the process of Healing the residue from the painful misperceptions and distorted beliefs our fragmented and fear-based human egos have used to manipulate and control us for aeons of time. The Company of Heaven said that on a global scale for literally hundreds of millions of people this Gift from On High created a tangible shift of perception that has catapulted them into a new Heart-based perception of Reality. We are being told that this shift of consciousness has changed the course of events for this Planet in a most positive way.

In addition to those who instantaneously experienced the benefit from this influx of Light, there are those who are experiencing a more gradual Awakening. These are the precious Ones who are more entrenched in their misperceptions and are desperately clinging to their distorted beliefs due to the fear-based habits used by their egos to manipulate them in the past. The Company of Heaven is assuring us that this is a temporary situation. The I AM Presence of each of these souls is gently and lovingly enveloping them in the Flame of Illumined Truth which, at this moment, is the predominant influence being used to quicken the Awakening of these Sons and Daughters of God.


Now, our Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light serving the evolutions of Earth are sending forth a Clarion Call invoking the assistance of Lightworkers around the World for the next critical phase of Humanity’s and Mother Earth’s Ascension process.

Disclosure Digest 11-29-20

Welcome To The Eclipse Vortex,

Please Take A Number And Have A Seat,

The Wait Will Be A Short One...


Behold your special Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse EcoAstrology Report:

The entire planet is Awakening and throwing off team Dark Oppression; Ready, Aim....Fire!

Coloradans begin rousing themselves from Lame-Stream Media kool-aid induced passivity; grok On: 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-28-20

 Is This Starting To Look Familiar?


The White Hats are actively dis-coagulating earthbound Dark Sun black goo AI; drip, drip... Drip: 

Many Circuit judges working for POTUS to speed cases up to SCOTUS; just controlled Opposition:

Healing Technology of the SSP and Science of Manifestation video is well worth your viewing Time:

Human trafficking, Satanic ritual abuses, MK Ultra mind controlled sex-slaves et al; view Sum:

Entire UK government is under house arrest (Covid quarantine) as the people Arise: Habeus Corpus:

Brenda channels consistently good stuff for the ground crew to chew on as IT hits the Fan: Capice?

This is a an Illuminutty family farce of ritual abuse, lotsa drugs permanent PTSD & strange Deaths:

Major boom - Radiologic Watermarking All Legal Ballots Into Quantum Financial System Done!         

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-26-20

The Time Has Come To...


Taking flak, She's over the target and dropping a multiplicity of Boomage; behold a wrathful Sidney:

Git sum Celtic Info Goddesses stream of no-BS, rightously revolutional Sorcha Fal; kai yai yippie Yay: 

Hard core Americans will travel to friends and family; a paltry 40% of the travelers that flew last Year:

The Kraken are Clustering reigning Motions and Letters down upon the dumbstruck [CB] Goonage:

Closing with some Galactic OPSIT Intel from Lord Ashtar and a chaser of Kryon, high on Akash: 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Saul: Truly, Words Cannot Even Begin To Suggest To You The Joys That Await Your Awakening

Via John Smallman On 11/23/2020

 As governments worldwide are enforcing or attempting to enforce a new lock-down on their citizens, fear and anger is intensifying.

This is a very natural result when people feel that the ways in which they live their lives are no longer allowed to be self-determined but will, instead, be decided by various government organizations that ‘claim’ to be doing so purely for the benefit of their citizens.

These sensations are extremely unsettling because they disturb the “status quo” to which most people had become accustomed, the ‘relatively’ unchanging circumstances of their daily lives.  Change is, of course, constant, nevertheless, people resist it unless the circumstances of their lives are experienced as unacceptable, but it often remains unseen because most people follow regular daily routines which confirm for them the sense that change is not occurring.

Now, in this time of confusion and apparent chaos that appears to be largely due to the pandemic, people feel very threatened and unsettled because their normal daily routines have been closed off by authoritarian decree, and there is no indication that this unhappy state of affairs is going to end any time soon.

It is no wonder that people are feeling fear and anger, because they are totally unaccustomed to the uncertainty that has now been established, and is apparently intended in their own best interests, if they choose to believe the reasons that are being promulgated by all the mainstream media.

And, of course, fear is very divisive, so trust in one’s neighbors is collapsing as negative judgments of one another arise, and confusion over the validity of the measures being imposed leads to disagreements, sometimes fierce disagreements within neighborhoods and within families over how serious and dangerous the situation has become.

Disclosure Digest 11-25-20

May Day, May Day

Meme Bloat Afloat

Many, many mega-memes to be found on the World Wide Amphibiweb; here's a fine Sampling: 

The millennial Dark Agenda can no longer be hidden behind the LSM spin or gaslit by double-Speak:

Are you a high flight risk? Got Pending indictments? Call Hole-in-the-Wall Realty (on a burner Phone):

They’re all Turkeys in lab coats; the Spell of scientific/medical veracity has been totally Decimated:

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Prayer For The People of Earth

We can’t speak to what they say about the King, but it’s an awesome prayer that’s easy to get on board with. Suzanne M.

 Channelled Via Tracey Milne On 9/9/20


(This video is available on

Disclosure Digest 11-24-20


Welcome To The Age Of 

The Digital Warriors


Pre-existing SSP program elements are being progressively ‘laundered’ into the public Consciousness::

The Good folks at Operation Disclosure are doing yeoman's work by posting only the Best Rumors:

The Follies Highlights (Lowlights?) are too abundant to count; here are a few of the Juicy Bits:

This Thomas Victor thread is very prescient and totally groks POTUS' Endgame Strategies; git Sum:

What we need is a global dose of Merlin Magic exposing/ reversing publicly all the Satanic Inversions:

Closing out with a spot-on talking-point from the big landlord in the Sky:

Monday, November 23, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-23-20


Shift Habbens


Here's more substantiation for my Soros-Orc Theory of mutant Elves flogged on by Antifa Puppeteers:

Musical districts are sorted out by SCOTUS just in time for all the Appeals court Fun and Finagling:

Up North Young Fidel squirms as his handlers scramble to debunk being debunked; Kekfest: 

Terrece McKenna on toxic TV et al;  shamanic channel surfing is totally not Recommended:

A parting short, sharp shot from the Master of Last Words, who is Eternally ready to Oblige:

Utsava Lives! Grok On Beloved Groundcrew

Voter Fraud, New Videos and More

We previously had mentioned that there was a huge voter fraud sting operation. President Trump won by a landslide. The Democrats had a program in place that automatically switched votes to Biden. Because Trump won by a landslide, the program malfunctioned - that's when they came out with more fake ballots. They were caught in Detroit at 4:30am with a truckload full of fraudulent ballots, 100% for Biden. That is when we saw a sudden spike in votes for Biden. They stopped the counting after they realized it was a landslide win for Trump.
Biden didn't win the election. It isn't officially decided yet and will most likely go to the Supreme Court. Sydney Powell stated that there was an avalanche of evidence for voter fraud that can very easily be proven. Massive voter fraud was found in Michigan, Arizona, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Disclosure Digst 11-22-20

A Wrathful Dakini From Down South...

A lovely check-in with Magenta should flip your opinion of the clown-tag 'Conspiracy Theory' - Kek:
It's elaborate Cover for taking down the WW Cabal, minions and all, so please be patient, Frens:
They’re in a big hurry to pimp these poisons on the eve of their timely Armageddon; ponder On:

Galaxy Girl re-surfaces to bring us a new channelled Message from the Seraphim; git-sum Pilgrim:

All right, you win! I just can't contemplate ending one of my Digests without a big-Person shout-Out:

GaiaPortal: Gratitude Is Expressed And Accepted By The Hue-Beings

Channelled By ÉirePort On 11-22-20

Gratitude is expressed and accepted by the Hue-beings.

Nova Surroundings elevate the masses.

Flights of confidence are taken.


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-20-20

Get The Upside Of The 

Lowdown Right Here!

Tucker's 12 minute rip on this 'let-them-eat-cake moment' with eloquence beyond his years; git Sum: 

Wherein Young Tucker creates an Awkward Situation by being righteously indignant and Impatient:
The 5D chess-match is approaching Ludicrous Speed, hidden by the Blue Haze; players on your Marks:
The legendary Baconator is alive and in custody somewhere in Texas; whoodathunkit? Nitrite-Kek:  
Klaus is an old Nazi relic, he even has the perfect accent for promulgating World Domination; Achtung:

Pedowood rewards it’s shills lavishly before sacrificing them; Snake Plisken pulls a CYA PR Move:

And 'cause you saw the original cast in Hair on Broadway, you know all about the Age of Aquarius?

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-18-20


It's Long Past Time For

My Med Bed Tune Up


We’re in the money, da da de dum dum: welcome in positivity grokking Med beds and NESARA:

Enjoy this latest dig from Sierra NZ: Releasing the Kracken is a meme fractal with serious Legs;

Here comes the Borg nano-implants in your 'perfectly safe and effective' vaccine; this is total Bullshit:

In case you haven't noticed...we're well into a massive counter-insurgency; time for Patriots to Fight!!!

I do believe that Miles, Bird and Trane are sitting in on this Session with Gabriel: gettin' Biblical:

The Hathors: Shift All That Is Known


  The 'Team' Via Peggy Black

We are here, coming as your friends to offer support and guidance as you navigate the turbulence of these challenging times. You are experiencing the collapse of what is and has been familiar. You are experiencing the shift of the ages. You are experiencing the dark night of the collective soul. You are experiencing a major dimensional shift. You are experiencing the great awakening.

It is on every level of your reality that these shifts and these collapses are taking place. The impact of this evolution of consciousness and its effects will be felt, honored and recognized in all the coming years. 

All that has taken place in the conflicts and the polarities in your personal, political, social, physical and environmental arenas has stretched you in every possible manner. Everyone is holding on to what gives them comfort and imagined security.

We are inviting you to ride these waves with as much conscious awareness as possible. You were made for these times. You truly have the immense power to thrive during these times. Remember that you are a divine being in a physical body. It is your divine awareness that will guide and support you as you experience the seeming collapse of what you know and understand to be true about reality.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-17-20

 Keep Calm 


Jump Timelines


While we're shifting realities let's check in with Sandra - Our Lady of the Red Rocks; nanu, Nanu:

Wise words here for us all from Suzanne Maresca; taking refuge in the Stillness and Gaia will Help:

Dr. M does a number on the mindless-mask-mafia who seek ever more Control over the Sheeple;

The Trump Train keeps a rollin' down the tracks to a truly Biblical Armageddon; git sum Insight: 

James Woods tweeted a killer 'News' video clip and Jon Rappoport blows 'testing' out of the Swamp:

Lots of tongue-waggin' a-goin' on & quite a few split specimens as well; best review the Topology:

This is a bit of a thick pill to digest from The Nine and may require the attentive Ear of Listening:

Monday, November 16, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-16-20

 Goin' Galactic We Are...


The Follies Bundle today includes many of your favorite trained observers of bat-shit-crazy goings On:

Refining your Attitude of Gratitude is a wonderful way of transforming frustration into Good Fortune:

Git yer Bombshell News via Sierra (NZ) for y'alls ongoing Enlightenment; grok-a-thon in Progress:

Praying medic does these wonderful Q post de-codes for those of you who play along from Home:

We round it off now with another 'Three Witches' bundle, chock full of Cosmic tough Love:

GaiaPortal: Cosmic Energies Are Received In Full

Channelled By ÉirePort on 11-16-20 @ 16:10

Stations of the cutting edge establish.

Ferrules of complicity are broken.

Carriers of the Higher Message are recognized and followed.

Cosmic Energies are received in full.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-14-20

 Mega MAGA March Through The Swamp


Thanks to Stephanie Austin for this finely tuned Scorpio New Moon EcoAstrology Report; Grokfest:

I’m a Galacti-Bhu-Jew with no gripe against Jesus, he does make a fine ‘King’ if ya still need One:

Anons Dig...And Dig...and Dig some Moar; git sum Saucy hot-links with all the fixin's right Here:

CL Day and Suzanne Maresca merged in the refined higher vibrations to bring us this fine Message:

Saul: Not One Of You Is Here By Chance, By Force Of Circumstance

Via John Smallman On 11-14-20

We are watching humanity, from here in the spiritual, or, if you prefer, from the non-physical realms, in wonder and amazement as you continue to accelerate along the collective path of spiritual evolution toward your inevitable and imminent awakening.

I know you all keep hearing from your guides and channels that your awakening is imminent, and then you look around you at the worldwide fear and confusion and your doubts arise.  Let them go!

You all know deep within yourselves, in your heart centers, that ALL is well, that there is nothing to fear, and yet, doubts still arise within you.

They are, of course, aspects of the collective ‘stuff’ that is arising to be released, as humanity moves through the awakening process, as is also the chaos, uncertainty, confusion, disagreement, and vociferous divisive argumentation that you see reported in the news, and which is also constantly being repeated on all the social media channels.

Do not spend time there because it drains your own energy fields and adds to the collective and damaging divisiveness.   Instead, go within – even if you do not get any sense that it is meaningful or worthwhile for you to do so – because when you do you strengthen and intensify your individual energy fields so that they can integrate more fully and effectively with the Tsunami of Love.

You are all extremely powerful beings, even though you probably do not feel this, and when you individually set the intention to be only loving, whatever may arise in your own individual lives, or worldwide, it is exceedingly effective, and, of course, you incarnated to be in form precisely to do this at this moment in humanity’s evolution or, more accurately, its return to knowing itself as Reality.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-13-20


The Cloud Of Unknowing Is Dissolving 

Enjoy The Show!


Jon Rappoport sets the stage for this Digest with a masterful essay on The Great Cabal Take-Down:

Give yourself a break from the incessant storm of BS by watching this beautiful 2 minute video:

Here is the link to The video about Shenzhen: China's Hell-On-Earth future vision - super sick Shit:

What's that you say! Ya got a lotta Cosmic Ringing in your ears...Quasimodo? a Troika For You:

Creator is on a roll lately with many days of sniff-test approved 'Writings' to share with Y'all:

Archangel Michael’s November 2020 Message

 Via Ronna, Sacred Scribe On 11-2-20

A Wondrous Creation; The Physical Vessel

Beloved masters, as you move forward on the path of en-Lighten-ment, you will come to a better understanding of cosmic law and the workings of the Universe. We welcome the opportunity to, occasionally, give you a better understanding of some of the concepts of Creation and the complexity of the physical vessel. Therefore, we would like to give you an in-depth explanation of the composition of the Etheric Body and its importance in the process of Ascension.

The Etheric Body or Etheric Web, which is much finer in substance than the earthly body, refers to the invisible counterpart of the physical body. The Etheric Body is composed of the physical aura, which conveys your physical state of health via various colors, as well as the distortions, or lack thereof, within the Etheric Web pattern

The emotions of pain, suffering and resentment are thought forms which are keeping you from embracing and becoming the Bearer of Light you were meant to be. The auric field is the invisible electromagnetic force field that surrounds the physical body. It magnifies energy to you and radiates vibrational frequency patterns from you. The aura of the mental body within the Etheric Web is almost non-existent in those who are trapped in the restrictions of the Third and lower Fourth Dimensions, because they see the world and events through a filter of illusion created by their past beliefs, thoughts and actions.

When existing in a Third/Fourth-Dimensional environment, the dominating force within the emotional body is the Astral Plane. Therefore, a vast majority of people are under the influence of their base personality and the ego desire body, which is composed of unfulfilled yearnings from the past, as well as emotional imbalances and feelings of being unworthy or unloved. One of the most dramatic phases of the Ascension process is moving through the distortions of the emotional mass -consciousness belief system into the stability, freshness and harmony of the higher dimensions.

Never forget, fear takes away your power. The general mass-consciousness belief system is powered by negative, hostile thinking and a resistance to new concepts and change. The majority of the masses are frozen in a reality of pain and suffering, but are unwilling to entertain new expansive ideas, which would relieve them from their self-imposed prison of limitation.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-12-20


The Gateway Is Wide Open

Git Sum!!!


11:11 – The Four Pillars of Ascension, Praying Medic and  the latest Sierra riffs; grok on Pilgrim:

Rudolph Steiner very accurately describes the Parasitic Entities who feed off of our Negative Emotions:

X22 Report does good take on coming crazy days and dark Interweb nights (media blackout); M'kay:

Starseeds don’t respect no stinkin' veils...git sum new Internet Tools to fight like hell With:

Thanks to Suzanne @ GAoG for sourcing another spot-on Lorie Ladd video for us All:

Alright, let's get some more Ageless Wisdom in a Paragraph courtesy of The Big It: