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PC-R: Opportunities For This Moment

Via Patricia Cota-Robles On 11-28-20

As the Earth passed through the 11:11 Gateway on November 11th, our Father-Mother God Blessed Humanity with a powerful influx of Light that allowed every person’s I AM Presence to accelerate the process of Healing the residue from the painful misperceptions and distorted beliefs our fragmented and fear-based human egos have used to manipulate and control us for aeons of time. The Company of Heaven said that on a global scale for literally hundreds of millions of people this Gift from On High created a tangible shift of perception that has catapulted them into a new Heart-based perception of Reality. We are being told that this shift of consciousness has changed the course of events for this Planet in a most positive way.

In addition to those who instantaneously experienced the benefit from this influx of Light, there are those who are experiencing a more gradual Awakening. These are the precious Ones who are more entrenched in their misperceptions and are desperately clinging to their distorted beliefs due to the fear-based habits used by their egos to manipulate them in the past. The Company of Heaven is assuring us that this is a temporary situation. The I AM Presence of each of these souls is gently and lovingly enveloping them in the Flame of Illumined Truth which, at this moment, is the predominant influence being used to quicken the Awakening of these Sons and Daughters of God.


Now, our Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light serving the evolutions of Earth are sending forth a Clarion Call invoking the assistance of Lightworkers around the World for the next critical phase of Humanity’s and Mother Earth’s Ascension process.

On November 30th, we will enter the Eclipse corridor of an extremely powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. On that sacred and holy day, our Mother God and the exponents of the Divine Feminine throughout Infinity will assist Beloved Mother Mary in her Divine Mission of anchoring brand NEW frequencies of the Flame of the Immaculate Concept through the I AM Presence and within the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies of every man, woman and child on Earth.

Throughout all Creation, Mother Mary is known as the Keeper of the Flame of the Immaculate Concept. This Sacred White and Madonna Blue Flame from the very Heart of God pulsates with the Immaculate Concept for every particle and wave of Life existing in the all encompassing Divine Matrix of our Father-Mother God’s Body. The Immaculate Concept for every part of Life is literally a Blueprint of the full Divine Potential contained within that particular expression of Divinity.

In fulfillment of her Divine Responsibilities, Mother Mary perpetually assists the I AM Presence of every Son and Daughter of God to take advantage of the waves of Light and the various Celestial alignments that regularly occur in the Heavenly Realms. The intent of her Divine Intervention is to empower each of us in ways that will allow our I AM Presence to more easily out picture the Immaculate Concept of our full Divine Potential tangibly in our everyday lives.

In December 2020, several events will occur that provide Mother Mary with the opportunity to assist our I AM Presence in NEW ways that we have not previously experienced. During each of these events, Mother Mary will intensify the Flame of the Immaculate Concept through our Earthly Bodies which will greatly accelerate the Divine Alchemy that is Transfiguring our carbon-based physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies into the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies we will abide in on the New Earth. This will expand our ability to fulfill our Divine Potential in monumental ways.

Due to the incredible shifts of energy, vibration and consciousness that Lightworkers cocreated with the Company of Heaven during Mother Earth’s recent Planetary Reboot, Humanity’s I AM Presence is now able to receive and assimilate higher frequencies of the Flame of the Immaculate Concept than we have ever experienced. 

The Divine Intervention from Mother Mary that will assist every person’s I AM Presence to accomplish and sustain our full Divine Potential will begin as we enter the Eclipse corridor on November 30th. This assistance will exponentially intensify day by day as we pass through the various opportunities that will be presented in December. All of these events are Divinely Intended to pave the way for the Birth of 2021 which will be a year during which Awakening Humanity will experience a greatly enhanced ability to cocreate a NEW Heart-based Reality.

Mother Mary has revealed that on November 30th the I AM Presence of every person will be blessed with a Forcefield of Light from our Father-Mother God that will sustain and gently amplify the NEW frequencies of our own Divine Potential day by day. This Forcefield of Light will manifest within our Earthly Bodies as three scintillating Crystalline Lotus Blossoms with the White and Madonna Blue Flame of the Immaculate Concept blazing as the stamen.

The 1st Crystalline Lotus Blossom will pulsate at the base of our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Spine within the embrace of our Awakening Kundalini. This will occur under the guidance of each person’s I AM Presence in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and their highest good.

When that Lotus Blossom is complete, the Flame of the Immaculate Concept from the 1st Lotus Blossom will ascend up our 5D Spine and merge with the 2nd Crystalline Lotus Blossom which will be secured within our Heart Flame, thus ever expanding the Divine Potential of our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame.

When that Lotus Blossom is complete, the Flame of the Immaculate Concept from the 2nd Lotus Blossom will ascend up our 5D Spine and merge with the 3rd Crystalline Lotus Blossom which will be secured within our Third Eye. This Lotus Blossom will cradle our physical brain structure and enhance the Divine Potential within our brain, our pineal gland, and the rest of our spiritual brain centers.

When that Lotus Blossom is complete, the Flame of the Immaculate Concept from the 3rd Lotus Blossom will expand through our fully opened Crown Chakra forming a powerful Beacon of Light that will daily and hourly magnetize directly from the Core of Creation in the Heart of God the Sacred Knowledge and the Divine Wisdom that each of us will need in order to fulfill the Immaculate Concept of our Divine Potential as we cocreate the Heart-based patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

This Divine Intervention from our Mother God, Mother Mary and the exponents of the Divine Feminine throughout Infinity is a Gift of Grace beyond our current level of comprehension.

The next step in this Glorious Divine Intervention will occur on December 8th which is celebrated in the outer world as “The Day of Mother Mary’s Immaculate Conception.” The intent of this terminology was to indicate that Mother Mary was conceived without “original sin” or in other words she was born “karma free.” It was believed at the time that this level of purity was necessary in order for her to fulfill her facet of the Divine Plan during the Piscean Age. Now, however, we have been shown the greatly expanded Divine Mission she fulfills on behalf of all of us.

On December 8th we will still be held in the embrace of the powerful Eclipse Series that begins on November 30th. As millions of people focus their attention on the celebration of Mother Mary’s Immaculate Conception, she will once again gently amplify to new levels of vibration the Flame of the Immaculate Concept pulsating within the three Crystalline Lotus Blossoms that will be secured in every person’s Earthly Bodies. This will move us forward in the Light according to our individual and collective Divine Plans.

Humanity’s focus of attention will turn to Mother Mary once again on December 12th, 12:12. This is the day that has been celebrated in the outer world by millions of people for over 500 years. It is the Celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe who is an aspect of Mother Mary. On December 12th in 2019, we experienced a very powerful Full Moon and a multidimensional celestial alignment that opened a Portal of Light that had been building in momentum for five centuries. As the collective and rhythmic focus of attention on the Virgin of Guadalupe built in momentum year after year, a mighty Portal of Light was created that extends from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God into the Center of the Earth.

12:12 is a sacred geometric code that was imprinted within the DNA of Humanity by our I AM Presence after our fall from Grace. The Divine Intent of this code was to serve as a catalyst for Humanity’s accelerated Awakening once we Ascended into a frequency of Light that would allow our I AM Presence to reactivate our Twelve Strands of DNA which became fragmented and dormant after the fall. Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth that miraculous event was God Victoriously accomplished in August of 2019.

The success of the activation of Humanity’s Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA cleared the way for the activation of the 12:12 catalyst code within the DNA of every person. This activation has been building in momentum for a year now and on December 12, 2020, Mother Mary will empower Humanity’s 12:12 catalyst codes to the highest possible level for the next phase of our Awakening process.

On December 14th we will experience the final phase of the current Eclipse Series with an extremely powerful Total New Moon Solar Eclipse. During that time, all of the amazing and seemingly miraculous Activities of Light that have taken place since the Birth of this New Decade on January 1, 2020 will be calibrated, through the NEW frequencies of Mother Mary’s Flame of the Immaculate Concept, to the highest possible frequencies of our Divine Potential that Cosmic Law will allow. This will be the final step of preparation for the monumental events that will occur during the December 21st Solstice and the Birth of 2021.

Precious Heart, pay attention and BE here NOW. Your I AM Presence will guide you unerringly through these incredible opportunities and Activities of Light. You are ready and you have everything you need to succeed God Victoriously already pulsating within the Divinity of your Heart Flame.

God Bless You,
Patricia Cota-Robles

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