Monday, November 23, 2020

Utsava Lives! Grok On Beloved Groundcrew

Voter Fraud, New Videos and More

We previously had mentioned that there was a huge voter fraud sting operation. President Trump won by a landslide. The Democrats had a program in place that automatically switched votes to Biden. Because Trump won by a landslide, the program malfunctioned - that's when they came out with more fake ballots. They were caught in Detroit at 4:30am with a truckload full of fraudulent ballots, 100% for Biden. That is when we saw a sudden spike in votes for Biden. They stopped the counting after they realized it was a landslide win for Trump.
Biden didn't win the election. It isn't officially decided yet and will most likely go to the Supreme Court. Sydney Powell stated that there was an avalanche of evidence for voter fraud that can very easily be proven. Massive voter fraud was found in Michigan, Arizona, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.
Trump just tweeted that "it's an open and shut case" - this is a code meaning that these people are going to be shot for treason. Many are being arrested now and will be tried for treason.
We're looking at 10 million fraudulent ballots. 7 million of these fake votes have been removed. This is a massive voter fraud sting operation that has been accounted for. 
Joe Biden was executed last year, the clone of Joe Biden was arrested on November 2 and Hunter Biden was arrested at the end of November.
Just as I have been saying for months, Trump is running against NOTHING and there is NOTHING to worry about. This entire charade was accounted for.
The emergency broadcast is most likely coming. This process of voter fraud discovery that will find Trump to be the winner will take approximately
until the end of December.
There is a whole beautiful new world that will be coming next year starting in January. What we are facing today is the cabal's last stand before completely losing power.
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