Sunday, November 1, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-1-20


Git Sum Rants-R-Us


James Gilliland serves up a hot 'n spicy Galactic Rant from his Folks-In-The-Rafters; grok Sum:

Jen sez - huge shifts taking place energetically for everyone as we hit the Blue Moon Samhain Portal:

They cast him as an MI6 hit-man named Bond...James Bond; true Alpha Males, few and far Between;

 If your rants are getting shadow-banned and censored you might take a good look at the Gab Platform:

A triplet of trippy transmissions for ya from some of the best Space-Cases in the realm of Channelling:

We close with another scintillating dialog between Blossom down Under and the Folks Upstairs:

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