Thursday, May 30, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-30-19

Back On The Reservation..

It's high time to save Chaco Canyon from fracked-up Big Oil greed-heads; send 'em some Love:

Apparently KP is also somewhat of a Sorcha Fal fan; here's his treatment of her latest posting:

Dr. Mercola eloquently lays it all out about vaccine censorship; who, what, where, when and WHY:

It's become impossible to sell the old vaccine lies to an increasingly 'woke' population; pass it on:

The Dep't of Injustice rounding up the sheeple into forced labor camps, just like the 3Rd Reich did:

Sadly, these stats don't lie; with critical cognitive skills are in decline it's time to trust your 'gut':

Hillary 2.0 shifts to ludicrous speed; my barefoot diagnosis is Mad Cow Disease:

Folks, there is a war going on in the heavens with crashing ships (not asteroids); Incoming!:

Just a reminder from the folks at GAoG that we are getting a lot of galactic help at this time:

The Slavick Psychic Outs The Alien Group Behind The Patriots

Here's the battlefield status on planet Earth with special attention to: Oprah-Pelosi - JFK junior - Trump - the Gates'- the Royals and The Alien group behind the Patriots. Utsava is IMHO one of the best sources of current going's on 'behind the curtain'. You can follow her on GAB and support her on Patreon. GIT SUM!

Posted By Utsava On 5-30-19

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-29-19

Atlantis Redux

This time as the Atlantean Fall Fractal looms large, Hue-manity makes the right choice: grokfest:

Ben is back at it and the good news is he sees the Light at the end of all the world-wide BS:

Major Hidden Hand players are being ‘suicided’ as the panic spreads; too little too late:

I must admit that I ain't got a dog in this race but I do know this truth; Happy wife = Happy life:

Unhappy women seem to be grist for the Hollywierd, pulp mill cinema machine; truly sad:

Things are moving quite fast these days; power to the people - right arm:

Many thanks to Bro Beckow for putting this informative little essay together; cosmic reality check:

Terrible Twos Anyone?


By Brenda Hoffman On 5-25-19

Dear Ones, How you start your day is most likely how your day will end. Words of wisdom, perhaps or perhaps not. For such words indicate that there is little to be salvaged once you become angry, frightened, or any emotion other than joy.

So it is you are in a belief pattern that has little to do with your reality. For you have been taught that you MUST feel, express, and therefore, experience ‘niceness.’

Is it not true that once you declare that you are or will be a nice person, you feel guilty when a snarky remark escapes? Not because you are a terrible person, but because you negated your niceness creed. Are such snarky statements, not your truth? And are your inner urgings now not about honesty?

At first, your honesty might go beyond what you expect. You might find yourself blurting something you are ashamed of or surprised about. Such is not terrible, but instead a clearing process to end your 3D need to sift your words through social shoulds and have tos.

Do you not expect some calibrations when you change the ink in your printer? Perhaps you find the color is too light or dark on your first attempt to print after the new cartridge is inserted. Do you not then adjust until the color or ink meets your needs? So it is for your new inner honesty.

You are not used to being honest while of the earth – even with yourself. For you have honed your words and actions to your social role.

Your anger, depression, fears, and emotional suppressions are the result of trying to fit in – verbally and physically. You have 3D roles as spouse, parent, child, community member, supervisor, leader, etc. And in the past, you performed as expected even though you did not always agree or find doing so easy.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-27-19

This Just In From The Planet's Surface...

The Maestro Fights the Deep State With His Own White Hat Ninja Deep State; you've been Q'd:

“Ratf**ker Spy” Meets “Honeypot” Avenger Backed By President Trump; Sorcha's gettin' hot:

Ain't synchronicity grand; Neon backs up Sorcha Fal with this, his newest deep decode to date:

Since Guttenburg started the Information Age the Cabal nastieness went full stealth mode:

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the CME-like interplanetary shock wave that just slammed Earth:

As the cleansing cosmic rays ramp up; all skeletons come out of their closets - no exceptions:

More partial disclosure of highly advanced bio-tech that we already have, think Dubya Clones:

For desert we join Blossom Goodchild as she attempts to grok the Quantumness of it all: