Monday, May 20, 2019

Transmission From The Arcturian Council Of Twelve

We come to you today with news of great transformation. The shift has taken on a perpetual motion. The ebb and flow of waves of higher vibrations continues. Celestial and intergalactic federation intervention bathes Gaia in creative Divine Source Lightwaves. The momentum has been built and perpetual shift transmissions have been reached. Gaia has stabilized in the lower fourth realms as the shift in energies assimilates.

Her next quantum leap will take place when all that is required for alignment has taken place. Humanity must act upon its ignited Heart Chakra Portals. Change must come from within. The opportunities for expansion, peace and growth are gifted to humanity at this time. The separation has occurred. Multiple dimensional frequencies now operate on your perceived material plane. We intend to break some of this down for you and update you on the sky wars, the Annunaki and the energetic timelines for Gaia and humanity.

The great secrets hidden by your governments and leaders are still beneath the surface. Buried in Gaia’s soil, hidden from all but a few one eyed slaves. Truths about the reality of the Matrix, planet Earth, pollution and political power structures. There are deeper layers than those being presented to humanity. Modification on your DNA carried out thousands of years ago, play a sinister game on humanities soul integrity. Siphoning souls, enslaving minds and bodies is the Archon way of existence. They are not born of the light. They are born of the dark. Possessing consciousness with no organic body to meet their lustful desires.

The numbers magnified over time, the astral plane teems with tortured, dark souls of no fixed abode. A perpetual cycle of soul recycling has seen the depletion of the integrity of the human soul. Each time the soul is split, divided, either in trauma or dark magic, the life fire of human is dimmed. Divisions of the mind, body and soul isn’t enough to ensure perpetual slavery. Toxins, dark energy wizardry, manipulation, a relentless assault on humanity for many moons.

The enemies of light are the Archon astral parasites and their uneasy allies the Annunaki. Their pyramid structure constructed on the material plane sustains the Archons lust for physical pleasures. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship, they both gain from each others use of humanity. The Annunaki birth the Archons in black magic ritual with evil intent and sacrifice. They manipulate them and enslave them. The Archons accept this, in payment they take the souls of humanity.

The Annunaki have been operating on the third dimension for eons, they find it easy to manipulate and rich in resources. They have energetic technology, yet choose to remain in the third and fourth realms, for their desires cannot be met in spaces of peace, harmony and love. They are the fallen angels, they birthed the Nephilim leading to humanities soul corruption. Their will is their desire to destroy peace, joy, happiness and love. They committ to negative energetic spaces created in greed, depravity, lust, hate, fear and trauma. They relish chaos, war, superiority, hierarchy. They fear the divine feminine in humanity because this is humanities portal to higher dimensional fields of light. The liberation of the feminine will in turn free the divine masculine. It is written and so shall it be. Humanity will find peace, prosperity and progression when balance of  Divinity in masculine and feminine is harmonized.

The Federation for Intergalactic Peace have danced a long dance with the Annunaki across time and space. The perpetual motion of light and dark played out in lower realms is a necessary space for growth, the point of tension to trigger expansion. It is the Goddess Gaia who set humanities ascension in motion by her own intention of freeing her planet from destruction. A sister planet was lost in your galaxy, the Askari galaxy, some time ago. Gaia in her divinity chose to align with the ascension of the Askari galaxy.

The plan was hatched by the Intergalactic Federation to use this momentous quantum leap in time and space to carry out a coordinated Light rescue for humanity. All those who resonate with our words know this. You have been working towards this moment in time for many lifetimes. Training commenced and lifetimes downloaded to enable Travellers, volunteers and Starseed to integrate convincingly at this time. Many have been lost to a sea of dark energy wizardry, locked in spiritual ego or traumatized spaces of self sabotage. Others are struggling to dissolve the modifications on humanities DNA and neutralize the subsequent implants and interventions since being in your current life form. 2019 is an intensive deprogramming healing cycle. This will continue. Psyche freedom is the integration of the soul back into the body unifying the sacred trinity of mind, body and soul.

We would like to talk to you about the dimensional frequencies you are now moving through. This is complex and convoluted and we ask that you have patience with us as we work within linear language parameters. The heart emits your core frequency. The heart also responds to the energetic frequencies in your environment. Your Solar Plexus Chakra, core, interprets the hearts readings as gut instinct. The third eye is the energetic antennae for the human life form, it sees all. Each Chakra operates in a divine whole when flowing and connected to the multiverse of energy.

The Anunaki and the Archons use artificial means to lock down humanities energetic Chakric system. Soul siphoning operates on a wholesale, recycling capacity upon the passing of each human. Matrix recycling centers operate on a bandwidth just beyond humanities reach but far below fifth dimension growth. The lower fourth realms are where much of their operation is managed. Corrupt people anchor the darkness to the material plane. They sell their souls willingly or are tricked and capitulate, their heads turned by wealth, desire and power. How much soul does it require to animate a human mind and body? Light Shaman Soul retrievers work tirelessly across the fourth realm seeking to reunify humanity with their whole soul.

Everything you see, hear and experience in your reality is holographic, synthesized into a whole you call the matrix. In the third dimension the constructed holographic reality, the world you perceive through your eyes and are conditioned to accept, had the heavier low vibrations of lower realms allowing the material plane to take on a solid and heavy physicality. Gaia’s ascension to the lower fourth realm has destabilized this mechanism. The matrix has lost its roots in the physical plane. This does not mean that your roads, buildings, cars and trains are not real, they are real enough in the minds of those who still believe they exist. For those who awoke to the matrix, they have taken on a wavy, unreal, surreal effect.

The transition from physical eyesight to third eye and heart sight is awakening to trans-dimensionality. The material plane operates on frequencies, as does everything. It can be maintained in the lower Fifth Dimension only if those who are there remember it and manifest it. Once the lower fifth has been reached humans present on that dimensional frequency will be able to rebuild their world with their minds, elemental alchemy. They will construct harmonious societies, living in tandem with Gaia. This is already occurring on some dimensions on your reality. Secret cities in the east constructed to align with Gaia’s gifts, her energies and her cosmic divinity. The world is not what it seems.

Those who have done the work, broken dark wizardry chains, released karmic trauma and found their inner divinity are awakening to different dimensional realities. We would like to break this down further, please forgive us if our explanation is a little clunky. When you meditate you raise your vibration internally, sitting in your quiet space, you may not notice or be aware that you have jumped dimensions in the act of meditation. Lets say you were to then go for a walk. The material plane in higher fourth and into the fifth realms is a quiet space, only a small number of you, for now, are walking its streets and countryside. Nature is vibrant, interactive and tangible. Angelic guidance beats in your hearts. As you walk further you notice nature quietens down, there is more noise, pollution and people. This is your internal vibration lowering in response to the lower realms the material plane is mostly in. There are more people there.

We take our analogy further, negative energies find you. Maybe you witness an argument between two people. Their aggression lowers your vibration further, fear creeps in to your sacred heart space. The world can take on a harsh energy, everyone looks angry, annoyed, grumpy or worse, downright scary. This is your lowered vibration aligning you with lower dimensional planes operating on the material plane. The fear dimensions operating on the material plane are being aggressively anchored in the hearts, minds and energy of humanity. A hostile takeover turning humans into Archon hosts, accelerating in response to the Awakening and Light Ascension on Gaia.

High frequency people when caught on the lower astral planes of fear are seeing hell dimensions where humanity no longer pretends to be anything but slaves to their supernatural masters. The matrix has disintegrated beyond convincing standards, the world drains of color, even nature, animals and insects take on hostile entities. Repeat the Mantras I am an Angel of Light, protected in a sphere of Sacred Light at all times or I walk in Christ’s Light, I am peace, I am love, I am Light. Nothing of dark intent will approach, they fear the light too much.

Raising your awareness of the connectivity between your inner vibration and your environment, tracking how things change depending on your frequency will help you to understand and make sense of trans-dimensionality. The next step is recognizing that we manifest our realities. Humanity could still manifest their reality in the third but barely as the enemies within saw to it no true love or peace could break through the black energies locking down humanities souls.

The fourth realm changes all of this. By harnessing positive energy in conscious thought and action you can switch up your perceived reality anytime you want. Reality is happening to you, is shaped by you and is manifest from your internal desires. Breath-work will ignite your mind body soul being in divine chi light, raising your internal vibration back to higher states of consciousness. Breathe deep, stabilise, realign to love vibration with mantras and in meditation.

We are aware of information overload and have more to share with you. Take our transmission slowly, meditate and allow our words to resonate. We share divine light healing with you NOW.
As we mentioned there are great secrets still being kept from humanity. One of these is the true origins of Atlantis. Atlantis was a highly advanced society established long ago. It was the natural evolution of humanity from indigenous tribal divinity and harmony with Gaia to scientific knowledge and the use of energy as power.

Altantis was a holy, mystical and expansive space. Humans had reached a pinnacle in their evolution and were set to travel the stars, when the stars came to them. The Anunaki who had conquered many other worlds and galaxies, arrived. They infiltrated the sacred light spaces of Atlantis twisting their light craft magic to dark algorithms with inversion, sabotage and Black Ritual. Theirs was a swift, ruthless, hostile take over of humanities sovereignty. Resistance was infiltrated and war was declared by the succubus humans birthed in the alliance of Archon and Anunaki desires.

Many Traveller Teams have experienced Atlantis. Either directly, their souls path put them there in human life form at that time, or as Training with artificial downloads of lifetimes on Atlantis before it was destroyed. The Atlanteans had discovered quantum dimensionality. Their weaker members sold their souls for longer lives lived in luxury. The matrix was constructed in the aftermath of the downfall of the Atlanteans. It has been in place ever since.

Traveller Teams have been activated on the material plane to link up and begin planning the great clearing. Training programs have commenced, supernatural clearing on astral and material planes. As each soul is reunited in its body, light warrior activation is occurring. Trust your energies more than your eyes. Directing your conscious movement between dimensional realities is the overarching Training Directive in play at the moment. Recognizing shifts in your dimensional reality. Identifying triggers. Cultivating conscious management and direction of your dimensional space. No team is fully intact. All have suffered casualties. Those conscious of the mission, upgrades and downloads, your current Directive is to learn to navigate the fourth realm from the material plane.

To those who resonate with our words, you are active during the dream-state on other frequencies. The reunification of the higher self with the lower self is integral to tran-sdimensional travel. Lucid dreaming is assimilation of memory. Active dreaming is the merging of your higher consciousness and lower conscious self. Meditate frequently to encourage assimilation of all realities. Memory is key to the process of trans-dimensional awakening. Breaking memory loops woven into your psyche, conditioned into your algorithms, seeded in your DNA coding is essential for full Lightbody activation.

Do not rush the process, go at your own pace. Each of you will be connecting with team mates, trust these alliances, know that you have known each other a long time. Trust your instincts. Meet regularly, share what resonates. The coming battles will intensify, the dark is desperate, the light determined. Astral combat is highly trained light warriors jumping dimensions to clear Archon entities plaguing the astral and destroying humanities soul integrity.

Supernatural Lightworkers are being activated, training programs have commenced, to clear the material plane of astral entities; ghosts, ghouls, poltergeist, demons (attached to buildings/spaces in the physical realm) hauntings and possession. This is the next level of healing required in the fourth realm. Humanity is infested, humanity needs clearing from matrix toxins, astral entities and trauma based memory loops. Healers your time is coming. The surreal aspect of the lower forth realms lends itself well to controlled training programs.  Allow soul tribe on the other side to guide you, surrender to divine love. All is real.

The sky wars continue to be fought on fluctuating dimensional frequencies. How your leaders are hiding this truth we cannot fathom, as the skies light up with energy warfare and sound waves used to break down lower frequency warfare technologies. The Angels of Light are here, trumpeting their Arrival across all dimensions on Gaia. The Federation continue with our main directive which is to neutralise the Anunaki’s weaponry in light waves of Fifth or higher vibrations. Their low realm technologies malfunction in Divine Light, as do their human hosts. We can only conclude the Atlantean modifications are still very much in play on humanities collective consciousness.

From our perspective we very much, most definitely, have arrived. One large mothership belonging to the Federation has entered your Askari Galaxy several moons ago. Still your scientists deny what they can now see with their telescopic eyes. Many battles are being fought over densely populated areas on the planet. Laser technologies are being deployed to take towers of dark matrix feeders down. The Anunaki fight hard on all dimensions. Their astral allies show hostile fear rather than an organized offensive. We are receiving reports daily from Lightworkers on the material plane and those on the astral; many astral entities are relieved to be offered portals of escape to the Lght.

As the willing are cleared, we will get closer to the hard core, demonic entities; the managers of your lives, running the show. For those awakening to alternate dimensions, you will be seeing how empty some humans are, devoid of soul sovereignty, and afflicted by demonic attachment. Addiction entities destroying their hosts with infinite greed and desire. Their hosts eyes empty, haunted, traumatized zombies of the apocalypse.

The lower realms do look like this, as some of you have experienced, more zombies, less humans, the color drains out of their reality. When in these lower realms, keep sacred protection in place. Avoid dimensional fluctuation-breathlessness with deep slow breathing to ground back into heart spaces. Some light warriors are seeing all dimensional realities on Gaia, low to high. We urge you to recognize that you can raise your vibration and switch up your perceived reality very quickly with mantras, breathing and focused Light intention.

There will be further separation. The lower realms hold much darkness, theirs is the apocalyptic hell dimension of the bible and many of your other holy prophesies. However it will have a limited life cycle with no new blood to recruit. We see timelines of continued ascension to higher realms, aided by sustained, committed clearing by Lightworkers on the material plane and on the astral.

Assimilation of upgrades, breaking Atlantean modifications, uploading trans-dimensional skill-sets are the directives for 2019.

We hope our Transmission today reassures all that the Ascension of Gaia is well under way. The Shift is happening. Self care is the key to managing trans-dimensional existence. Trust your instincts more than your eyes, dear friends. As always we thank you for all that you are doing. We are in awe of your courage and devotion to Christ Light, Love and Divine Creative Source. We are all here to support the transformation from one elemental state to another of Gaia and her people.

Travellers we commend you for you work, we urge you to stay in contact with your teams over the coming weeks and months; downloads will be coming through with new directives for the next stage. For now learn to stabilize your vibration in Fourth Realm frequencies. Meditate for enlightenment. We are in deep gratitude for all that volunteers have done, and will do, for the freedom of Gaia and humanity We are your servants in the Light.

The Arcturians.

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