Monday, May 13, 2019

A Message From The 'Team': The Hologame of Time

"It is from the present moment of Now that you are allowed and welcomed to dance between the dimensions. You are multidimensional; time is only a breath, it is only a thought."  
The Hathors

Via Peggy Black On 5-13-19 

We are here offering you another opportunity to stretch your known reality. You are so comfortable with all that is familiar, with all your preconceived ideas and beliefs that allow you to participate in your daily activities without questions such as what dimension am I focused on now, how am I relating to time and what are my beliefs about time?

We have been offering the idea and inviting you to be aware of the magnetic and solar activities that are stirring up the collective consciousness. There is a shift of energy being offered that continues to increase. This increasing energy shift is being felt in and through your nervous system and your body's electrical fields body.

Be aware of how your physical body is feeling, notice when you are feeling out of balance, or even a bit dizzy. Pause and take a deep breath. This simple action will assist you to reset. Your physical body is adjusting to this increase in energy and vibration, which is part of the process of illumination and advanced consciousness.

These stimulating vibrations and frequencies are opening several channels within the energy field of the human being. This is a part of the ascension process of which you have been aware, part of the awakening of humanity, the shift into the higher dimensions.

The first aspect of this transmutation is to realize your understanding of time needs to shift. Each and every person without fail lives in a different time reality governed by their perception of the learned/programmed concept of this time matrix. We realize we are exposing one of your most sacred belief systems and we understand your resistance and your confusion. Time does not exist on the higher dimensions.

So as you continue to welcome and expand your consciousness, time as you know it will begin to waffle. It will become irregular, elusive and baffling. Time is shifting which creates the sense that it is speeding up. This is one aspect of your hologame that you can begin to recognize and monitor. Remember you are consciously bigger than time.

Let’s just explore the concept of time. Time that exists in your belief systems, time that is a part of this third dimensional construct does not exist in the other dimensions. So each individual is confronted with their old third dimensional time beliefs and what they are now experiencing as they move in consciousness to the other dimensions.

We understand that you still will need the construct of time in order to function in your daily life right now. Humanity has recorded time, with history, past events, clocks, calendars and all manner and methods of measure. So there is no need to eliminate all the ways to keep track of time. We are just encouraging you to become more aware of how fluid, flexible and manageable your experience of time is. This is important because it will show you how you utilize time in your dimension.

We would like to offer you a suggestion that the references you make about time keep you locked into a limited reality. Time is a concept here on your planet. All your words about time continue to keep you in a mind-set of restrictions. Some examples common in your reality are: not enough time, time is short, time is running out, rush time, time is moving too fast, losing time, wishing for more time, wish time would hurry up, time is moving so slowly and where did time go?

We believe you are getting the idea. These are beliefs about time. Time, like everything else, responds to your attitudes, your beliefs, your statements, your words, your vibrations.

Time is one of the fabrics of your earthy game. It is a veil. It keeps you in the illusion. It is wise to realize that time is created only to serve a certain aspect of physical reality.

We continue touching one of your planet’s sacred beliefs. We don’t expect this information to change the laws of the game. We would desire that your awareness would shift. In that shifting of your beliefs about time there is much freedom to begin to move between the dimensions with greater awareness and ease. As you transform your time beliefs, it will be reflected in your physical reality and beyond.

Once you can recognize that time is an abstract, that it doesn’t really exist, that it is just part of the hologame and everyone has given it much importance, this will free you.

The essence of who you are is beyond time. The essence of who you are sees time as an imaginary game much like ones that children play. We know that you do live here in this game with time. We understand you can honor time with its limited concepts and still know the freedom of "NO TIME." It is in the space of "NO TIME" that you will travel between all dimensions.

We invite you to play a little with this thing called time. Pretend that you can stretch it, expand it, mold it in ways that support your day and your projects. Make time your friend; remember it is very elastic, it is very flexible. Play with it in a new way today. Relax into your tasks, laugh, lighten up. Allow yourself to step into the stream of time from many different levels, from many different vantage points. Remember that your breath can shift your perception of your experience of time. Be aware that you are experiencing a tremendous shift in evolution.

Live in each moment, bring your consciousness to each NOW. This will offer you the most expanded viewpoint of time in this realignment that is taking place between your planet and the entire solar system. It is from the present moment of now that you are allowed and welcomed to dance between the dimensions. You are multidimensional; time is only a breath, it is only a thought.

We are complete in this remembering. You are a magnificent multidimensional Starhuman playing in the hologame of time. Allow yourself to stretch into this awesome expanded energy that is being offered. Invite us and other divine beings to show you how to travel time. the 'team'

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