Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-7-19

Family Reunion Time

Blossom connects to the FOL for this latest progress report on ascending hue-manity; krikey:

Saul, my favorite Galacti-Jew, seems to think that Earthly experience is becoming harmonious; really:

Denise wears her Ascension Symptoms as a badge of honor yet will soon need to let them go:

Lightlover1964 is experiencing very interesting times down in Flori-lantis; git yer dragon on:

Jim Self shares with us one of his periodic messages received from Archangel Michael; Let It Be:

Brenda is spot on with this assessment: You’re Rewriting Earth History; that explains my headache:

Using Brad Johnson as his human telephone Adronis shares a very positive Update for May; grokfest:

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