Sunday, May 19, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-19-19

Let Light And Love And Power 

Restore The Plan On Earth

Mike Adams continues to push the disclosure envelope, to the great chagrin of Team Dark:

FYI, a Jordan omnibus chat on ongoing [DS] Disclosure topics; got him banned again by YouTube:

 These are the known black ops/Satanic programs used to create MPS Manchurians:

This is my mental equivalent of bubble-gum...straight from Uncle Vlad to me; Spaciba:

This rolling take-down of the incredibly evil pharmaceutical industry has been a long time coming:

Occasional Cortex, she’s a pistol, this one; a thorn in every-ones side inside the beltway:

Multiple Mike is continually drawn to the vast well of Kryon downloads; props to Lee Carroll:

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