Friday, May 24, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-24-19

Fabulous Friday Follies

A timely Law of One rant by Gregg Prescott over at In5D; Law of One = Blue Avians = RA: git sum:

Public opinion is finally swinging towards compassion for the world's abused animals; Go Canada:

Non judgement day is near! So sayeth Creator; probably got sum 'insider' info: 

Some insightful backstory to contemplate as European nations start restoring their sovereignty:

Bannon is spot on in his assessment; the truth of Hidden Hand lock-down strategy:

As usual with Ben's Reports, please use discretion; take what resonates and leave the rest: Sayonara:

The Feds putting DUI arrest records to good use - catching illegal aliens released by Sanctuary Cities:

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