Saturday, May 11, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-11-19

Time to Round Up

The Usual Suspects

 These are the public puppets of The Cabal who front for their masters while screwing us all; so over:

Jim Jordan is a White Hat, front line bad ass telling it just like it is; this is good public discourse:

Here's a handy little Red Pill video for the Q-challenged; the Orange Man Good Meme:

Nice dig Hedgman! Plenty of nasty eugenics sauce in this genetic expose´:

We're starting to reject the business model of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex; good riddance:

The folks at Pine ridge are having a really difficult time; any help ($) and support would be Yuge:

Creator rings us out today with some pertinent and pro-bono Ascension Coaching; git sum:

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