Friday, May 3, 2019

Astro-Insight: May 2019, Outer Planets Kicking Butt

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By Denny Robertson

"Distant in a literal sense, the outer planets also give us distance in a philosophical sense: Their cycles cover enough historical ground to help us see the big picture." "Seeing the Big Picture", Mountain Astrologer Dec.'18.

USA birth chart for 1776, has Pluto (deconstruction) in Capricorn, a masculine sign, ruling business, the father, and old age. Capricorn, is ruled by Saturn, and represents long-standing authority and stability. November 2008 - November 2024 is the first time Pluto has returned to Capricorn since the USA founding. Pluto's current long visit to Capricorn represents a deconstruction of Capricorn stability. Business-as-usual is due for some deconstruction, again. USA was born with the Sun in Cancer (July 4th), sign of the family, the mother, and opposite Capricorn. The country's natal tension between the mamas and the papas is heightened by this Pluto return to Capricorn.

Neptune, the next slowest moving planet, is powerfully transiting through its home-rule sign, Pisces. It rules spirituality, imagination, meditation, surrender, drugs and medicine, mystery of all kinds. Pisces is in favorable relationship to Capricorn, so more mystery supports more deconstruction of the long-standing stabilities.

Uranus, next closest to Earth, represents revolution. Its passage through the fresh-start sign of Aires (2011 -2018) seasoned this period with many global attempts at fresh start. Uranus' travels through Aires brought it to an upsetting square to Pluto in Capricorn, beginning in 2015, bringing revolution and upset upon the institutions and philosophies of stability, including Capricorn-favored capitalism. In 2019, Uranus entered the passionate sign of Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus, for an eight-year revolution in Venus-ruled activities, including love and passion, wealth, nature, fashion, and human bodily experiences.

In May 2019, Saturn (next closest planet to Earth) is in its home-rule sign, Capricorn, strengthening the Capricorn sternness, intensity, strength and power to drain the swamp. It supports form, discipline, and gives authority to Pluto's intention to deconstruct, clear the ground.

In January 2020, Saturn catches up with Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn, for an exact conjunction, though the influence has already begun. This births a new 33-year cycle until their next meeting. This is the story of traditional institutions (Saturn) being gutted and reshuffled (Pluto). This influence continues while they share the sign of Capricorn, through December 2020, when Saturn moves into the next sign of Aquarius. Saturn in Capricorn started opposing the 1776 natal USA Sun cluster in the sign of Cancer in January 2018, making this deconstruction very personal to the US.

Next closest to Earth, Jupiter (expansion) is now in home-rule Sagittarius (travel, philosophy, the BIG picture) expanding its power to exaggerate whatever it touches. Sagittarius squares Pisces, so a big-view expansion is challenging the mystery, the medicine, religions, spirituality, and imagination.

Throughout 2020, Jupiter/expansion, with a 12-year cycle - one year in each sign, will travel closely with Pluto in Capricorn, separating in December 2020. This will generously expand Pluto's influence to deconstruct at will.

Summary: Saturn (form,) Neptune (formlessness,) and Jupiter (expansion) are each in their home-ruled signs, enhancing their powers to influence human affairs. Pluto's slow travels through Saturn-ruled Capricorn powers the deconstruction of many forms as we have known them.

Uranus is now changing what it means "to have."

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