Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-1-19

Cheerful May Day Comrades

May 1St is celebrated as Aloha Day in Hawaii

Bro Beckow may just have his teeth into something here, eh; git sum UBI baby:

Right Now we are experiencing Orwellian and planet-wide levels of propaganda and group think:

We haven't heard from Jesse in a while ; here he points out more of war's unpleasantness nee insanity:

This text was posted by Magenta Pixie in February yet remains relevant today; git sum:

Still suffering from Caput Rectus Insertus; Meathead contracts Hoof-In Mouth to boot:

The KM is panicking as their precious Holocost Cloak (Princess Bride lore) looses it's power:

Trump Administration begins paving the way for WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to get his freedom:

The Serial Brain 2 decodes are must viewing in these quite confusing times; always trust your 'gut'

These pre-eminent Buddhist teachers explore the realms of our emotions; TDS is case in point:

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