Friday, May 3, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-2-19

Trust The Plan, Stan!

Let's kick it off with some Archangelic input from Gabriel via lovely Shanta; Trust the Plan:

Teri Wade from North Carolina offers us some very pertinent and lighted advice; Git sum:

Finally the White House designates the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization;'Bout time:

The whole ugly truth of the Obama Administration is coming out; Interdasting...

This just in from Neon Revolt's Gab channel; this Crystal kid is a real paradigm-buster:

My Jedi senses grok the end of Chemtrails (et al) is just around the corner; Make It So:

Yo, Rothschild puppet Macron - The jig is up and the peasants are at the gates; Sayonarra:

How the 4D elimination of the Draco left TD adrift in a sea of their own offal...or something like that:

Kryon takes us to the Cosmic Fun-House Mirror for a good look at our real reflections; Grokfest:

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