Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-20-19

 No, It's Not Easy Being Blue

Please enjoy this Blue Ray re-post from Shekina Rose as we pursue our intrinsic Bluishness:

The Wesak Full Blue Moon is still re-arranging all of our multi-dimensional furniture, so to speak:

An 'imminent immigration emergency' may find POTUS invoking the Insurrection Act; git sum:

Oceania = EU, Orwell was spot on; time to blow this unholy house of cards; Interdasting:

An indignant Red Dragon warily eyes the menacing Orange Man with his Magic Wand; stay tuned:

As if we needed any more reasons to avoid Big Pharma's poisonous chemical concoctions; grokfest:

Now that we've blown your old 3Rd 'mind' allow us to offer you a more spacious accommodation:

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